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Colby Valve Ultimate Valve Stem is a Worthy Upgrade [Review]

Sturdy Valve Stems Are Often Overlooked, Until You Need Them And Don’t Have Them. Colby Valve Can Keep You Rolling Happy.

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Off-road enthusiasts oftentimes pack tons of gear when traveling off the pavement. Tools, clothing, food and drink, camp accessories, and even twinkling lights. But, what they may be missing are replacement or emergency valve stems. Slashing a stock rubber valve stem can mean the end of a fun trail run if you don’t have an adequate spare tire or means to replace the stem. Colby Valve has the answer, and we tested it.


Colby Valve showcases a multitude of premium valve stems to change out rubber ones. Based in Arkansas, it produces sturdy, low-profile brass components. We reviewed Colby’s patented Ultimate Valve System permanent valve stems to see if they hold up to trail-side obstacles.

Why Choose Colby Valve Stems?

Using shorter heavy-duty valve stems made from durable materials is a quick and easy upgrade. They won’t rip as their stock OE counterparts can. Colby Valve Ultimate valve stems incorporate a shorter length—allowing them to more easily avoid snagging on rocks and other trail obstacles.

These replacement stems are a cinch to install. You stick them in from the outside of the wheel, not the inside. Installation takes about one minute per stem. The Ultimate series work with standard .453 wheel openings (fitting most SUVs and trucks). These stems also boasts the same standard valve core as stock rubber stems.

How Do You Install Colby Valve Ultimate Valve Stems?

1. Remove old valve stem with vice grips or needle-nose pliers

2. If needed, push the rest of the ripped valve stem into hole

3. Place the replacement Colby Valve stem into hole

4. Tighten valve stem nut with 7/16″ wrench or socket. Tip: do not overtighten nut as the rubber gasket may pinch.

5. Add air into the tire (keep checking its pressure to ensure proper tire inflation)

6. Screw the Colby Valve cap onto the new valve stem

(Photo: Ben Allread)

Worth The Money?

Colby Replacement Valve Stems hold air effortlessly and were easy to use when airing tires up or down. They work on virtually any wheel design, as evidenced by tens of thousands of units sold. But, the Ultimates stuck out farther than expected with the fifteen52 Analog HD wheels on our 4×4 vehicle. This could be caused by the wheel’s flat shape and lip design. However, once properly secured, the valve stems were seated as they should be. They were ready for off-tarmac action or highway fun after the tires were inflated.

Stashing Colby Valves in your glovebox or tire patch kit can give adventurers peace of mind should a slashed valve stem be in their future. In addition to the Ultimate Replacement Valve Stems, Colby offers other valve stem solutions as well. They also make an Emergency Tire Valve System, Permanent Tire Valve System, and XL Emergency Tire Valve. Not only are they a great upgrade, but a great backup for trailside repairs no matter which valve stems you run daily.

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