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GFC SuperLite 50 RTT: The World’s First Racing Tent?

At Only 80 Pounds and 6-Inches Thick This Rooftop Tent is Sure to Impress

GFC Race Truck with SuperLite 50 RTT

Extremely lightweight, durable, and “huckable.” These are the claims of GFC (Go Fast Campers) about their latest RTT (rooftop tent). The GFC SuperLite looks great on paper, so let’s dive in and see what we know so far.

GFC Plans To Race Test The SuperLite 50

We’re not sure anyone has race tested a RTT before, but GFC plans to this November. Coinciding with the release fo the first batch of SuperLite 50 RTTs GFC will be entering the NORRA Mexican 1000. The NORRA race is an off-road stage race down the Baja peninsula, where the GFC team will be sleeping atop their race truck each night. This should be a truly impressive durability test for this latest super lightweight RTT. Most race trucks are worked on much of the night in preparation for the next days racing, however. So we’re not sure how much sleep the crew will really be getting atop the vehicle.

GFC SuperLite 50 RTT

GFC is best known for their truck topper camper systems, but has also been making RTTs for years. Their latest RTT looks to disrupt the space again with its minimal design and by being super lightweight. The GFC SuperLite is expected to come in at only about 80lbs. This would make it the lightest RTT on the market, by a good margin. It will be a full 55lbs lighter than GFC’s Platform RTT.

This lightweight and thin stowed size, only from 4 to 6-inches, will both help with keeping the vehicle’s center of gravity low and with aerodynamics and fuel economy. Most RTT greatly impacts both vehicle handling, because of being top-heavy, and fuel economy, because of their boxy thick shape.

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The Devil’s in The Details

One way this tent stays so light is by being frameless. There is no built-in frame system that holds the tent up when its deployed. Instead tent poles fold down in each of the rear corners to tension the tent and support the roof. This basic system will add a few seconds to set up and breakdown times, but should otherwise not have any drawbacks.

For sleeping comfort, you can either buy the optional GFC SuperLite mattress or use the camp mattresses you likely already own. The GFC mattress is a 3-inch air-foam hybrid and will set you back $275. You should be able to leave some bedding in the SuperLight when stowed as well, a really nice feature to have.

GFC SuperLite 50 RTT Specs:

  • Weight: 80lbs
  • Dimmensions: 90″x50″
  • Thickness: 4″-6″ (when closed, depending on bedding)
  • Height Open: 40″
  • Features: Windows on 3 Sides & Bugscreens on Two
  • Optional Accessories: Ladder, Mattress, Quick-Release Clamp System, Inductive Charging Pocket, Surfboard Rack
  • Price: $1,199 for RTT plus $100 for Ladder & $279 for Mattress ($1,578 total)

Order your SuperLite 50 Today

GFC is taking preorders now for the SuperLight 50, with early order fulfillment expected in November. While not inexpensive, at $1,578 plus shipping, this latest RTT does offer a great value. We look forward to hopefully seeing one in person later this year.

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