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Invoxia GPS Tracker Keep Tabs On Your Toys

A Painless and Inexpensive Way to Safeguard Your Vehicles, Motos, and Other Gear

Invoxia GPS Tracker with Ducati

The Invoxia GPS Tracker is a 4G LTE-enabled device that can report its location anywhere in the world. Fully self-contained, it can power itself for a month or more and offers a simple and easy app interface. We put one to the test on our AutoWise fleet and came back impressed.

Invoxia GPS Tracker Review

2020 was a tough year for everyone. On top of a global pandemic, wildfires, and mass protests, Portland, Oregon also saw a big uptick in theft. I had a motorcycle stolen right out of my driveway in broad daylight! The police asked if I had any tracking system on it — something that had never occurred to me. I’d assumed most trackers were too big or expensive for use with a moto. So when Invoxia invited me to try their tiny GPS tracker, my answer was an enthusiastic YES.

Big Tech in a Tidy Package

Thanks to the cell phone industry, GPS receivers and accelerometers have become miniaturized and inexpensive. The Invoxia GPS Tracker is thinner than a pencil, weighs about the same, and only costs MSRP $129.00. It’s comically easy to hide on any motorcycle, scooter, or even a bicycle. Invoxia’s tracking service is free for the first year and then MSRP $39.90 annually.

Setup was quick and painless. There was no contract to sign or sim-card to insert. Everything was self-contained. The Invoxia has a micro-USB for charging — and I found charging to be very important depending on your usage. Once I paired the tracker with the Invoxia app, I could then create an account and register the device. You can also add multiple trackers to one account.

The Invoxia app is the main interface. From the app, I could adjust how often the tracker updated its location and set alerts. The built-in accelerometer would immediately notify me if my bike was moved or tilted — potentially stopping thieves before they even crack the ignition. I could also tell if my bike or vehicle left home by setting a “safe zone” area. And you can check anywhere the tracker has been, thanks to its location history.

As part of an up-and-coming AutoWise project, I purchased a vehicle in Austin, Texas, and drove it back to Oregon. Nothing like a 2,800-mile road trip to test out a new product! As I was packing my bags, I realized what a great travel companion the Invoxia GPS Tracker is. Since it works worldwide, I would also consider keeping it in my luggage just in case someone tried to swipe my bags. It’s also a great mapping tool to see where you’ve been — I put it to use on the Glorieta mountain bike trails near Santa Fe.

Battery Life and Location Updates

I started by setting the update rate — the frequency at which the tracker reports location — to the maximum of every five minutes. I learned this isn’t always a good idea as that rate sapped the battery after about 10 days on the road.

Even if you lower the update rate to once every 30 minutes, you won’t get more than seven weeks of reporting. This is probably the biggest shortcoming of the Invoxia GPS Tracker. In the case of a motorcycle or car, this may not be as much of a concern if you can keep the device powered on a USB socket.

After re-charging in Colorado Springs and reverting to a slower update rate, I was easily able to record my progress all the way home. I now have the tracker more permanently installed on my Ducati for theft prevention. When parked, the Invoxia only updates daily, and the battery should last for months.

Invoxia GPS Tracker: Simple, Effective, and Worthwhile

Invoxia really nails it in value and simplicity with this device, and it’s easy to recommend. There are battery limitations, and you should be aware that you cannot export your data out of the app.

And though there is the monthly fee, for anyone who’s experienced a vehicle theft, $39.90 per year sounds really cheap. It will also appeal to fleet operators who need to manage company vehicles.

You might even find it pays for itself as many insurance companies offer discounts for tracking-equipped vehicles. Grab one yourself and protect your toys!

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