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Reviewing 10 Best Motorcycle Boots

Which Motorcycle Boot Is The Best For You?

Best Overall Choice
Alpinestars SMX 6 V2 Motorcycle Boots

Alpinestars SMX 6 V2 Motorcycle Boots

Best Premium Choice
Sidi Adventure 2 Gore-Tex Boots

Sidi Adventure 2 Gore-Tex Boots

Best Budget Choice
Joe Rocket Meteor FX Boot

Joe Rocket Meteor FX Boot

Alpinestars SMX 6 V2 Motorcycle Boots

Buying new motorcycle boots can be an unnecessarily complicated procedure. There are too many styles to choose from, different levels of protection, different levels of practicality and comfort, and to make things even more complicated: sizing variations from one brand to the next! Having the right pair of boots is essential, and the right pair will drastically improve your riding experience. The wrong pair, on the other hand, will make riding a chore. The wrong sized boots will make you uncomfortable, which will take your attention away from the road and put you in danger. A pair of boots that aren’t designed for the kind of riding that you’re doing could leave you unprotected and more vulnerable in a crash. And cheap no-name brand boots could let the rain and cold in at best, or fall apart at the slightest bit of contact with the asphalt at worst.

To make like a little bit easier for you we’ve put together a list of 10 of the best motorcycle boots on the market in our opinion, with a short buying guide to help you make sure that you’re buying the right motorcycle boot for your needs too. So without further ado, here are the top motorcycle boots for all riders!

Best Overall Choice

1. Alpinestars SMX 6 V2 Motorcycle Boots

Alpinestars SMX 6 V2 Motorcycle Boots

When it comes to motorcycle boots and protective riding gear, Alpinestars know what they are doing. The Alpinestars SMX 6 boots are some of our favorite motorcycle boots on the market. They’re specially designed to offer outstanding comfort and protection without compromising your riding performance or adding unnecessary weight and bulk. These boots hug your feet and ankles carefully and use stretch panelling that offers a close and flexible fit. If you’re looking for a tough and durable motorcycle boot for the street or on the race track, then these versatile boots from Alpinestars are exactly what you need on your feet.

What makes these boots better than many other similar products on the market is the use of cutting-edge materials and construction techniques, and the close attention to anatomical detail. These innovative boots are constructed from a strong abrasion resistant fabric in tandem with smart TPU injected materials, formed to create a protective lateral ankle brace, a high modulus shin guard, calf protector, toe slider, heel counter, and shifter pad, on each boot that protects against impact shocks, and increases abrasion resistance. Each boot also boasts double density ankle protection, breathable textile linings with anti-slide suede, EVA and Lycra foot beds, air vents, and Alpinestars’ very own exclusive rubber soles. If you want a weatherproof, highly protective, and incredibly comfortable motorcycle boot then consider buying a pair of these.

Top Features:

  • Innovative TPU protection that offers abrasion resistance and flex support
  • Clever design to add greater motorcycle control
  • Tough armor that will protect your shin, calf, ankle and foot
  • Removable Lycra and EVA constructed inner soles
  • CE Certified motorcycle protection
Best Premium Choice

2. Sidi Adventure 2 Gore-Tex Boots

Sidi Adventure 2 Gore-Tex Boots

Gore-Tex boots. This is the second generation of an already well-respected boot, and the next generation doesn’t disappoint. These tall riding boots feature 14-inch Gore-Tex gaiters that provide unparalleled waterproofing, comfortable stretch panels for the back of the calf that increase flexibility and provide a better fit for a wider range of calf sizes, and split grain leather in sections to improve feel and foot control. The boots also boast Thermoplastic Polyurethane parts, including a TPU ankle flex system with an Achilles protector, shin guard, and toe armor.

Though these boots look like they’d be bulky, they actually have quite a slim profile and huge your foot and calf very closely. Thanks to the use of a number of cleverly-placed stretch and flex zones, these boots are very flexible and allow you to be as dexterous as you need to be. The added flexibility doesn’t compromise your protection though: strong full-grain microfiber materials, Cordura, and split grain leather work together to keep your foot and ankle protected against shock and abrasion, while the TPU armor protects against heavy impacts. These boots are almost perfect, but some riders have complained that parts of the boot can squeak while you wear them – but Sidi has addressed this problem with this new generation of Sidi boots, using a smart flex system to eliminate squeaks!

Top Features:

  • Waterproof motorcycle boots with a Gore-Tex membrane
  • Adjustable cam-lock buckle system with retention straps
  • Pull-tab buckles make these east to put on and take off
  • Nylon inner soles with a removable pad for arch support
  • Reflective panels for increased visibility at night

3. Fly Racing Dirt Maverik Dirt Bike Boots

Fly Racing Dirt Maverik Dirt Bike Boots

Next up, we’ve got these amazing motocross boots from Fly Racing. If you’re looking for some excellent dirt bike boots for an incredibly affordable price then look no further: the Fly Racing Dirt Maverik motorcycle boots are the ones for you. Constructed from a combination of leather, 3D molded protective segments, and steel, these boots are long lasting, hard wearing, very protective, and incredibly comfortable. The boot’s leather is treated with a heat shield to prevent any burning, and the plastic features guard against premature wear and tear. Lastly, the steel parts protect the boot and the rider from any nasty injuries. A smart 4-buckle quick lock arrangement keeps them secured to your feet, whilst keeping the elements, mud, and other debris out. Add in a special elastic gaiter that wraps around the rim of the calf, you can guarantee that your feet will be well and truly protected from elements!

In terms of physical protection, these riding boots offer a serious of nice features. Firstly, the boots include 3D shin protection in the form of pre-molded plastic that’s designed to bolster impact protection and improve comfort at the same time. The boot also features excellent inner ankle protection; a flexible plastic panel that allows you to keep your feet close to your motorcycle without risk of it getting injured. Steel fittings are also present to provide rigid strength in the event of an impact. Also, this off-road boot comes equipped with a series of grooves on the toe section. This additional layer of texture allows your tows to grab the gear shifter without any risk of slipping – even in wet and muddy situations!

Top Features:

  • Budget-friendly but top quality motocross boot
  • Heat shielded leather construction
  • 3D molder plastic armor to protect against impacts
  • Elastic gaiters to keep the elements out
  • 4 buckle quick lock fastenings for easy access
Best Budget Choice

4. Joe Rocket Meteor FX Boot

Joe Rocket Meteor FX Boot

Joe Rocket products are often included in lists of the best motorcycle apparel, and they’re usually listed as the best budget option for whatever is being reviewed. And for good reason. There’s no denying that Joe Rocket products aren’t going to measure up to the quality you’d expect from top shelf brand names like Dainese, but in terms of value for money you really can’t go wrong with Joe Rocket products. The Meteor FX boots are an absolute bargain. These versatile boots can be worn for a wide variety of riding, from urban commuting to sport touring. What’s more, they’re also available in a number of styles, including tall and mid-boot sizes.

The Joe Rocket Meteor FX is built from a sturdy split-grain leather, reinforced with a strong double stitched construction, with reinforced ankle, toe, and heel sections. The exterior of the boot boasts a rubber gear shifter protection panel, fully flexible “Full-Flex” ankle articulation points, heavy duty zippers with a zipper cover, and reflective striping. On the inside, the boots feature a waterproof Dry Tech membrane, a padded upper cuff, and reinforced protection. They’re comfortable, strong, and extremely durable. If you need versatile boots that you can wear for a range of riding experiences, all for a price that won’t bankrupt you, then you’re going to want a pair of these.

Top Features:

  • Budget-friendly motorcycle boots
  • Dry Tech waterproofing technology
  • Strong crash protection
  • Available in tall or mid-boot sizes
  • Non-slip soles for better motorcycle control

5. Speed & Strength Black 9 Moto Shoes

Speed & Strength Black 9 Moto Shoes

If you’re looking for motorcycle boots that don’t look like conventional motorcycle riding boots, then these Moto Shoes from Speed and Strength may be the thing for you. Speed & Strength is one of the top brands out there when it comes to fusing heavy-duty protection with modern fashion trends. These riding shoes aren’t your traditional boots, and of course, they don’t offer the same kind of protection that your regular plastic and leather boots will, and you certainly can’t wear them on a race track, but they’re great for urban riding. They offer decent protection in a form that you can really wear on a day to day basis. They’re casual wear that will protect you in a crash – which is great for city riders who don’t want to wear traditional biker boots.

These boots are built from a strong leather with molded ankle, heel, and toe reinforcements for added protection. On the inside, they’re comfortable to wear with enough padding inside to let you wear them all day without feeling like you’re wearing motorcycle boots. The boots are lace-ups, so they don’t feature anything fancy in that department. In terms of waterproofing, they’re not advertised as waterproof but the boots will hold up against a light shower, but anything heavier then these vented boots will get wet. Still, if you want adequate motorcycle protection in casual shoe form, you’ve got to accept a few compromises. However, these shoes are great for what they are, and if you’re not interested in this shape, the brand has a wide selection of both men’s and women’s motorcycle boots – and shoes, of course!

Top Features:

  • Casual looking shoes with motorcycle-spec protection
  • Molded reinforcements on the heel, toe, and ankles
  • Heavy duty leather construction with strong stitching
  • Anti-slip rubber sole on the bottom
  • Affordable price tag

6. Tour Master Solution WP Air Boots

Tour Master Solution WP Air Boots

Tour Master’s Solution WP Air Road Boots are a hugely versatile pair of boots that are ideally suited to road riding, particularly in hot climates. These boots are a variation on another pair of men’s motorcycle riding boots from Tour Master, but they’re fitted with clever mesh panels that promote air flow and ventilation, letting your feet breathe when you’re out riding under the hot sun. Mesh sections are great from increased air flow, but they’re not exactly ideal for keeping any water out, right? Wrong! In fact, these mesh sections work with a clever waterproof HiPora air membrane that let’s warm escape, without letting water in. If you need breathable, waterproof, and protective boots, these are worth considering.

While the breathability and waterproofing might be the focus of these black motorcycle boots, they also offer excellent protection. These boots feature molded nylon ankle and shin guards with special thermoplastic formed toe caps. What’s more, they feature cool orthopaedic insoles for added comfort, partnered with stretch panels for a really close but comfortable fit. Each boot also comes equipped with a VR single-density compound sole, reflective panels for added visibility, and auto lock zippers that are protected by Velcro-branded closures. All in all, these are excellent all ‘rounder boots, ideally suited for street riding – whatever the weather.

Top Features:

  • Water-repellent leather construction with Polyurethane upper
  • HiPora waterproofing air membrane that promotes air circulation
  • Velcro branded fastenings with auto lock zipper
  • Reflective panels for increased visibility in the dark
  • High quality motorcycle boot for an affordable price

7. TCX Fuel WP Boots

TCX Fuel WP Boots

Motorcycle boots don’t have to be covered in plastic armor, Velcro tabs, and reflective strips. If you’re looking for something a little more refined, or even a little more traditional, then the Fuel Waterproof Boots from TCX might be something for you. They’re ideal for street riding or cruising around the countryside. They’re good Harley Davidson motorcycle boots too, if cruisers are your thing. What we like best about them is the fact that they’re strong and sturdy, highly protective and weatherproof, but comfortable and stylish enough that you can wear them when you’re not on two-wheels without looking like you’re trying too hard to be “cool.”

Designed like old-school engineer boots, which originally used a single piece of leather and as few exposed seams and stitches as possible, TCX have refined this old boot design and reinvented it for real motorcycle protection. Using a full grain leather upper that has been upgraded with waterproof lining, with reinforced protective panels on the toes and heels, these boots offer plenty of protection and element-proofing. They’ve also been equipped with extra padding in all the right places, a practical leather shifter pad, a durable and grippy sole, and a series of steel buckles and a zipper for ultra-tight fastening. Waterproof, protective, comfortable, and stylish too – all for a very attractive price tag.

Top Features:

  • Full grain leather motorcycle boots with a classic look
  • Fully waterproof, and road grime resistant cruiser boots
  • Modern protective functions in a vintage package
  • Adjustable buckles and fastenings
  • Strong sole with a grippy tread

8. Daytona Lady Pilot GTX Motorcycle Boots

Daytona Lady Pilot GTX Motorcycle Boots

There are plenty of lists stuffed full of the best motorcycle boots for men, but what about women’s motorcycle boots? In our list, we’ve mainly focused on men’s apparel or unisex products, but how about our favorite waterproof motorcycle boots for women? If we had to choose, we’d go for the Daytona Lady Pilot Gore-Tex Boots. They’re not cheap, but they’re worth every penny. Based on the existing and incredibly popular best selling Daytona Lady Star boots, the Lady Pilot boots feature a boosted heel section that adds stability and boosts ground control, giving shorter riders positive footing from the get-go. But there’s more to this boot than a simple heel boost.

The actual boot is manufactured from a strong and specially treated hydrophobic cowhide, partnered with a watertight and breathable climatic membrane from Gore-Tex, and a comfortable padded textile lining. Inside, the boot features elastic inserts that expand to ensure a perfect fit, and the calf section can be adjusted to fit almost any size thanks to the use of Velcro fastenings. The inner sole is made of plastic with a steel inlay, and the outer sole is made from a mixture of Polyurethane and rubber, complete with a non-slip tread. Extra protection comes in the form of Polyurethane reinforced ankles, shins, and a reinforced gear change pad on the toes. These motorcycle boots also come equipped with 3M-Scotchlite reflective panels for increased visibility.

Top Features:

  • Specially designed women’s boots
  • Feature a 2.36” heel for positive footing
  • Velcro fastenings that adjust for calf sizing
  • Gore-Tex waterproof motorcycle boots
  • 3M-Scotchlite reflectors on the heels

9. Dainese Street Biker D-WP Shoes

Dainese Street Biker D-WP Shoes

Motorcycle footwear doesn’t have to be boring. Other types of riding gear has evolved over the years to blend hardcore protection seamlessly into regular casual wear. We’ve seen other moto shoes before, but these awesome Dainese Street Biker D-WP short boots are the best casual bike boots you can buy. They’re not racing boots. They’re not sport boots. And they’re certainly not dirt bike boots either. However, they’re excellent for urban dwelling commuters who need to wear one pair of boots for a variety of occasions: commuting, wearing at work, at social occasions, and the inevitable ride home. If you need a versatile motorcycle boot that doesn’t look like a conventional motorcycle boot, these are a sensible choice.

They might look like casual items of motorcycle clothing but these boots will protect you. They’re CE certified, and meet all the relevant safety criteria to keep your feet safe. Fashioned from a strong cowhide suede upper that are bolstered with strong fabric inserts, the boot has a nice balance of fashion focused design fused with strong ankle support, abrasion resistance and foot protection. The boots also include strong and sturdy Nylon heel protectors, reflective inserts for added rider visibility, a durable rubber sole, and Dainese’s very own and well-respected waterproofing technology in the form of the D-WP liner. There’s no fancy closures and fastenings here though, just good old fashioned laces. While other boots offer greater protection, these offer plenty but with a fashionable form too.

Top Features:

  • Fashionable motorcycle boots
  • Strong cowhide suede construction
  • Very flexible, with great toe dexterity for foot controls
  • Waterproof motorcycle boots with a Dainese D-WP liner
  • Available in a range of detail colors

10. Forma Adventure Boots

Forma Adventure Boots

Adventure riders, dual sport riders, street riders, and off-road motocross riders will all benefit from owning a pair of these excellent motorcycle boots from Forma. Though they’re specifically designed as adventure touring boots, they can be used for a wide variety of applications. Constructed from a tough full grain oil treated leather and bolstered with injection molded plastic protectors, these boots are tough, waterproof, element-proof, and almost indestructible. Built on top of a double density rubber sole, these boots have excellent grip and will make you feel secure on your motorcycle, no matter what terrain you’re traversing.

On the inside, the boots boast a Drytex waterproof and breathable lining, shin and ankle protective inserts, and an insole that’s a dream to wear. The insole features a special nylon midsole with anti-shock EVA technology, extra soft memory foam padding, and an anti-bacterial footbed that can be replaced over time. The fastenings include fully adjustable GH plastic buckles that won’t slip undone in the event of an accident, with adjustable Velcro closures for added safety. These boots will certainly protect you if you find yourself in a bad situation, they’ll also keep the weather out and keep you comfortable while you’re riding. If that wasn’t enough, they’re also easy to look at and not at all overpriced either. If you need adventure motorcycle riding boots, these are the ones for you.

Top Features:

  • Vintage looking oiled full-grain leather upper
  • Waterproof Drytex breathable inner lining
  • Injection molded armor on the shin, ankle, and heel
  • Unbreakable GH plastic buckles
  • Extra comfortable memory foam inner sole

Motorcycle Boots Buying Guide & FAQ

Sidi Motorcycle Boots

Are Motorcycle Boots Necessary?

Yes. There’s no way around it: a good pair of motorcycle boots will make your motorcycle riding experience a whole lot better. The road is a dangerous place, and it’s filled with hazards, some obvious, others not. Your boots are what connects you to the road when you’re not in motion, they’re close to the road when you’re moving forward, and of course, in the event of an accident – no matter how great or small – they’re going to be hitting that ground HARD. Crash protection is the obvious reason for wearing proper motorcycle boots, but there are some other reasons why you should wear good footwear, here are some that you might have overlooked!

To Keep Your Feet At The Right Temperature

Your boots will keep your feet from getting too cold. Riding around at speed even in a hot country can leave your feet feeling cold if they’re not properly protected. The wind can cool you down pretty quickly, especially when you’re traveling fast. Similarly, a good pair of boots will stop your feet from overheating too! Strategically placed vents will stop your feet from sweating and getting wet and horrible. They’re designed to cope with a range of weather conditions, unlike regular boots which aren’t really designed to handle anything useful.

To Keep The Rain Out

A proper pair of motorcycle boots will provide some rain protection. Regular boots generally do not. Riding in the rain isn’t fun, even when you’re wearing all of the right rain gear. But if you get caught out in a rain shower without your wet weather jacket and pants, most riders can usually count on their feet staying relatively dry thanks to the base level waterproofing properties of their riding shoes. Getting wet feet isn’t nice. Motorcycle boots help prevent that happening!

To Protect Your Feet & Legs When You’re Riding

Good boots will also protect your feet and legs when you’re just riding around. The road is full of nasty debris and grime, and it’s not unusual for a stone or a bit of grit to get kicked up and hit you in the shin or something like that. Good boots will deflect those annoying little pieces of stone and keep your legs safe. Similarly, good boots will also stop you from burning your leg on your exhaust pipe. Most seasoned riders won’t let this happen anyway, but if you’ve ever been to South East Asia, you’ll see hundreds of exposed backpacker legs with nice burn scars on their calves. The ol’ Thailand Tattoo. If they were wearing proper riding boots and riding gear, they wouldn’t have such a rookie scar on their legs…

Crash Protection

And of course, motorcycle boots will protect you in the event of an accident. They’re superior to other boots in this respect because they designed and built to provide protection in the most common trauma areas. Proper riding boots have substantial ankle and calf support which prevents your ankle from being twisted in an accident, which could lead to a horrific breakage. Similarly, these boots are also designed to resist abrasion, lessen impacts, and stay on your foot in an accident. Regular boots and flimsy sneakers don’t offer any of that, and in an accident, you’ll want the best protection available, not the most stylish.

What Makes A Good Motorcycle Boot?

Motorcycle Riding Boot Diagram

The properties of a good motorcycle boot largely depend on what you’re using it for. For example, a Harley-Davidson rider may not require the same kind of sports performance design than a track racer would, and an off-road rider would have very different needs to that of a Monday to Friday city commuter. However, there are a few things they should all have in common:

They should be fully enclosed, covering every part of your foot and ankle. Motorcycle boots should also be made out of a strong, abrasion resistant material, such as strong leather or synthetic materials that have been developed to withstand heavy abuse.

Each boot should also be reinforced with sturdy but comfortable padding that can comfortably grip on to your foot and ankle whilst being comfortable at the same time. Additional protection should come in the form of reinforced paneling on the exterior of the boot to add extra protection in known trouble spots. Some boots will use advanced materials for additional armor on the shin, toe, and heel.

The sole should also be very strong. Ideally, it will be able to resist gasoline and oil, improving your grip and extending your boot’s working life.

Also, they need to have strong closures. A boot that flies off after an impact is no good to anyone. Strong zips, tight clasps, and Velcro fastenings are popular choices for modern motorcycle boots. Laces aren’t recommended these days, unless you’re wearing a moto shoe or more casual riding boot.

Finally, they need to fit correctly. Any boot that is too small will cause the rider discomfort which will develop into an unwanted distraction. A boot that’s too large may hinder their access to their motorcycle’s foot controls, putting themselves and other road users in danger. Proper fit is essential. Luckily, we’ve got a good sizing guide a little further down. First, let’s look at the styles of motorcycle boots available.

Styles Of Motorcycle Boots


Street style motorcycle boots are arguably the most popular style. They appeal the broadest cross-section of riders and they’re quite versatile in nature. These boots are designed with a healthy balance of safety, comfort, and practicality in mind, and they’re often designed with aesthetics in mind too. They come in a wide range of shapes and styles, including short boots and tall boots, with buckle-up closures, zippers, or Velcro. They’re almost always waterproof to some degree, and usable in both hot and cold climates. These boots do offer a lot of protection, but not the same as you’d get with dedicated sports, off-road, or adventure boots. What they lack in overall protection they make up for in everyday practicality. You can wear these on and off the bike, and very few people would ever know that you’re wearing dedicated motorcycle boots without having a very close look.

Racing Boots

For those who enjoy riding sports bikes on the road and those who enjoy letting loose on the track, there’s nothing better than a specifically designed sport boot. These track boots are very similar to what professional racers wear in professional road racing competitions, and they’re designed to offer the best protection possible, with a high focus on abrasion resistance, impact suppression, hyperextension, and protecting from twisting joints. They’re also designed to stay attached to your foot in the event of a high speed crash. These boots are quite flexible, despite all of their armor, and they offer excellent dexterity to the rider. It has to be said that they’re not particularly fashionable, they’re not terribly comfortable when you’re off the bike either. These are best reserved for sports riders and real track racers.

Off-Road Boots

Dirt biker boots are the only thing you want to be wearing when you’re tearing up the trails off-road. They’re designed to offer the best protection against a wide range of off-road injuries, including everything from flying debris, sharp tree branches, and jagged stones, to hot exhausts, heavy impacts, and gravel rash. The vast majority of these boots are tall and extend up the rider’s calves, offering the most protection possible. Like all off-road apparel, these boots typically come in vibrant colors, though there are some restrained color options if you prefer. These boots aren’t the most comfortable to wear when you’re not riding off-road. They’re not very waterproof, they’re not great for walking around in, and the color options usually make them poor choices for refined commuters.

Cruiser Boots

Typical cruiser boots or Harley-Davidson riding boots are very similar to regular urban, street boots. The only difference is that they traditionally shun any fancy thermoplastic adornment or over-the-top design. These boots can come in tall or short configurations, and they’re almost always made of leather, reinforced with more leather, or with steel refinements. In terms of practicality, they’re usually quite safe to wear though they’re not as protective as more dedicated riding boots, but they’re generally quite comfortable, and wearable in a wide range of situations and not just when you’re riding. They’re old school in nature, but they do the job just fine.

Adventure Boots & Touring Boots

There are two very interesting types of dual-natured boots on the market: touring boots and adventure boots. Touring boots are designed specifically for long distance riders who need boots that are very comfortable, weatherproof, and incredibly protective. They’re an evolution of the street boot but with additional water-proofing, and a more padded interior. An adventure boot, however, is more like a mash-up of a dirt-bike boot and a touring boot. They’re comfortable to wear, since they’re designed for long-haul riding trips, but they have the added off-road protection for when the road gets a little bumpy. They’re also weather resistant, and very protective. Adventure motorcycle boots are incredible popular for these reasons.

Female Motorcycle Boots

Women’s motorcycle boots come in the same shapes and styles as their male and unisex counterparts, but women’s boots are actually designed differently to men’s boots. Since female anatomy is different to men’s, it’s only right that their boots are specifically designed to protect and fit their form. For example, a man’s foot is typically larger with slightly different shapes. Women’s boots cater for the narrower foot shape and smaller volume. Similarly, men’s boots are often heavier, and women’s boots are designed to eliminate the unnecessary weight without compromising protection. Another interesting point is that women’s boots are usually equipped with thicker soles or a heel to help give shorter women a bit more ground stability. This can drastically improve a rider’s confidence. Big time.

Sizing Motorcycle Boots

Brannock Foot Measuring Device

The right pair of motorcycle boots will fit your feet perfectly. You should be able to get your foot in and out without a struggle, and there shouldn’t be any uncomfortable pinching or unnecessary unused space inside. They should support your feet in all the right places, particularly around the heel and ankle, with additional comfort around the toes. Unfortunately, unless you’re sitting in a motorcycle apparel shop, the chances are that you don’t have the pair of boots in front of you or on your feet to help you make the right decision about a purchase.

Buying boots blindly can be a struggle, especially when it comes to choosing a size. The most comprehensive way to size your feet is to use one of those sliding measurement things that they have in shoe stores. For those interested, it’s called a Brannock device. These aren’t household items, so you’d be forgiven for not owning one. However, we recommend that you head down to your nearest shoe store and get measured properly.

Once you know your shoe size, it should be easy to find boots, right? Well, not always. While most manufacturers are fairly uniform when it comes to boot sizing, some come up with tighter or looser fits for a certain size. We recommend that you try out a boot before you buy it, or at least check the sizing advice from any online forums or comment sections. If a size comes in a little small or a little large, someone will mention it somewhere. Also, if you’re buying online especially, read up on the returns policy. Most places offer great returns policies, sometimes with free shipping too, on the condition that the apparel in question wasn’t used whilst riding.

As soon as you’ve worn an item out on a ride, most retailers will be reluctant to take them back. They won’t be able to guarantee that an item is still as protective as the moment they shipped it if it’s been worn out on a ride. This is understandable, so keep it in mind before you by!

Things To Consider When Sizing Your Motorcycle Boots

Boot buying can still be a pain even when you know what your shoe size is. Here are a few things to keep in mind when you’re buying boots to ensure that you’re really getting the best motorcycle boots for your needs.

Like with buying wet weather gear, sizing slightly larger could be in your best interests. With rain gear, it’s wise to buy a strategically oversized outfit that will fit better over the top of your regular riding gear. Your boots might need to be a little bit bigger to accommodate thicker socks that many of us wear when we’re out riding. This is particularly true in areas with a colder climate.

When your desired boots arrive, try them on with the rest of your gear and wear them. Don’t just try them on for a minute and call the job done. Really wear them for a good 10 minutes, whilst walking around the house. You can wear boots for a moment or two without any uncomfortable pinches developing, but after a good 15 minutes whilst walking around, and problems will begin to make themselves known.

During this “walking in trial period” pay close attention to the level of support that you’re getting in the ankle, heel, and calf region. If it’s too little or too much, try and play with the adjustments on the boot (if there are any). If the support and padding is in all the wrong places and there’s no adjustment available, you’ll want to send these back and buy a different pair.

Lastly, you’ll want to look at how easy it is to get your socked feet in and out of these boots. They should slide in and out without a fuss. If they don’t, you might want to consider a different shaped boot. Similarly, you should look at how easy the fastenings are to do up. If they have fiddly zippers, or awkward buckles, then another boot might be a better idea.

Keep these things in mind and you should be well on the way to finding the best boot for your needs!

Motorcycle Riding Boots FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How to buy motorcycle boots?

A: It doesn’t matter whether you’re buying leather motorcycle boots, heavy suede moto shoes, full on racing motorcycle boots, or adventure boots, the physical act of buying them is the same. You should find a pair that suits your style of riding and taste, ensure that they have all the relevant safety features that you need, and most importantly, they should fit correctly. Boots that don’t fit well will be uncomfortable. Uncomfortable boots can be an unwelcome distraction that takes your concentration away from the road, and you don’t want that.

Q: Where to buy motorcycle boots?

A: The best place to buy motorcycle boots are from legitimate motorcycle apparel vendors. These can be physical shops that stock other riding gear like full face helmets, top of the range racing suits, and motorcycle gloves, or dedicated online selling platform like Revzilla and Amazon. You should take care to search for these specific places because there are a lot of places that claim to sell motorcycle boots, but they’re only talking about fashion boots that mimic real motorcycle boots – and you don’t want those. If you’re looking at a pair of cheap motorcycle boots from a shop that doesn’t look like a motorcycle apparel specialist, then you’re probably not buying real motorcycle boots.

Q: Are cowboy boots good motorcycle boots?

A: No. While it might be tempting to throw on a pair of cowboy boots, they’re not going to be all that useful in a crash. Their leather nature may be abrasion resistant, but there’s just not enough protection in other places to make them real motorcycle boots. They don’t have adequate ankle support or ankle protection, and their soles aren’t grippy enough to handle the conditions. There’s no replacement for specially designed motorcycle boots, and while some other boots can work in a pinch, it’s not worth taking the risk.

Q: Can you wear steel toe boots on a motorcycle?

A: The value of steel toe caps has always been hotly debated. Some riders say that the extra steel on the toes helps to protect the foot in the event of a crash. Others insist that having the steel can actually cause more damage, even severing toes in a hard landing. That debate won’t settle down anytime soon. However, it is true that steel toe caps aren’t flexible, and they’re not well insulated either, which can be quite uncomfortable. It’s a matter of personal preference whether you want steel toe caps on or not, but always ask yourself: “what do the pros wear?” and the answer is: boots without steel toe caps. And professional attire should help to inform your decision making process.

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