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Patty Moise

10 Best Female NASCAR Drivers of All Time

According to Simmons, 29% of women are NASCAR fans, so it only makes sense the motorsport would have females interested in getting behind the wheel. That doesn’t mean every woman who has ever tried to race in NASCAR has been good. In fact, some have been downright awful. With that said, it takes a lot…

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Custom One-of-a-kind 1969 Ford Torino GT

David Pearson, a talented Nascar driver from the late 1960’s, took the Holman Moody’s No. 17 Ford Torino to two victories. As a tribute to honor his role in the successful back-to-back NASCAR Grand National championships, Ford and Holman Moody worked together to design Pearson a custom Cobra Torino of his own. Since 1970, David…

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Every Single Chrysler Hemi Engine Ever Made

Hemi is now inexorably linked to Chrysler's combustion chamber design, despite not being the first company to use it. Here's a brief history of the Hemi. A development P-47 Thunderbolt powered by the first Chrysler Hemi. Reportedly capable of over 500 mph, it was doomed by the advent of jet aircraft. The first Chrysler Hemi…

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The Absolute Best 5 Muscle Car Motors of the 1960s

In only the last few year have engineers been able to leapfrog the performance of engines built 50 years ago, engines that have long since become legend, their presence in a restored muscle car not only bringing extra dollars on the auction block but plenty of oohs and aahs from onlookers poking their heads under…

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A Love Of Cars Into The Afterlife

There are car nuts, and there are car nuts. The more extreme end who want to memorialize their car on their tombstone. Now while that may seem odd to some of us, it occurs much more frequently than you think. And as the technology for carving gravestones has improved over the years (sorry, no one…

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Fusion NASCAR 2013 Ford

The 2013 NASCAR Ford Fusion. Racing for the Green.

Good Afternoon folks, and welcome to another edition of Today we're going to highlight one of the Big Three's newest designs to hit the NASCAR circuit. Ford has revealed it's latest design changes to the 2013 NASCAR Ford Fusion this year, and press has been clamoring all over it. The 2013 NASCAR Ford Fusion's engine, and…

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