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12 Awesome 50cc Scooters For Sale In The USA!

There are a surprising amount of decent 50cc scooters for sale in the USA, and it’s not hard to see why. Sometimes owning a big motorcycle isn’t necessary, and you just need a small, reliable, scooter to take you from A to B in a comfortable and economical way. But which one do you buy?…

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Electric Ducati

An Electric Ducati And A Ducati Scooter On The Cards?

An electric Ducati is one thing, but an electric Ducati AND a Ducati scooter seems like too much for the mind to take – but they’re both coming, a Ducati executive confirms. Despite how bizarre the idea of an electric Ducati sounds, it’s not completely beyond the realms of possible – it might be out…

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Man Drives into Sinkhole While Playing on His Phone (Video)

Think you’ve had a bad day? Not compared to a man who recently drove into a gigantic sinkhole – while staring at his phone, of course. Fortunately for the man, he escaped unscathed, according to Chinese reporters. As for the scooter he was riding on, it disappeared into the grimy abyss. The pit could easily…

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The Quadro 4 – Is it a quad or a scooter?

You’ve already seen the next generation of scooters: they’re the three wheeled little numbers that you usually see zipping through Italian traffic in all of the ad campaigns, but this offering is a little different. Rather than displaying the now usual two wheels up front and one wheel at the rear configuration, the Quadro 4…

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