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10 Things That Make A Scrambler Motorcycle A Scrambler Motorcycle

Another day, another scrambler motorcycle on the market, but what makes a scrambler a true scrambler motorcycle? Are these modern models built for real off-roading or are they merely aesthetic? Here are 10 things that define a real scrambler motorcycle, and they’re important things to consider if you ever feel like building your own. But…

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Scrambler Motorcycle - Triumph Street Scrambler

10 Modern Takes On The Classic Scrambler Motorcycle

Over the past few years we’ve seen the re-emergence of a few old school styles, like café racers and flat trackers, but none of them have made as big a splash as the scrambler motorcycle. The scrambler style has literally revived itself from obscurity and is now growing from strength to strength as more and…

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Small Motorcycles - Aprilia Tuono 125

Top 10 Small Motorcycles With Big Personalities!

Small motorcycles are taking over, and they’re nothing like they used to be. Cheap quality boneshakers are things of the past – because small motorcycles just got serious. With the Western market making slow growth at best, it’s the Asian market that’s appealing to most manufacturer’s R&D departments and Asia is the spiritual home of…

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Lifan Hunter 125 3

The Lifan Hunter Is The Discount Ducati Scrambler You Can Actually Afford

Want a piece of the Scrambler action but don’t have Ducati money? Don’t worry, because Chinese brand Lifan have got you covered. In what can only be described as a blatant copy, Lifan have introduced their Hunter scrambler to the world – and to be honest, it’s probably one of the best and most sensible…

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Vespa Custom 1

This Is Probably The Coolest Vespa Custom You’ll Ever See!

You might not guess it straight away, but this is a Vespa custom – and it’s a hell of a lot more impressive than having a few extra mirrors bolted on to the front and giving it a "we are the mods" inspired paint job. This one is a scrambler…and unlike a lot of modern…

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Suzuki Releases The SV650 Scrambler For 2017…

…But only in France. That’s right, this beautiful motorcycle will only be available to the French…for now. Despite a series of recent interviews where Suzuki’s Tohihiro Suzuki explained that Suzuki were in no particular rush to follow the same trends as the other leading manufacturers, it seems he was keeping a few cards close to…

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Ducati Reveals Their INTERMOT Line Up: Introducing the SuperSport!

We were going to continue the theme of “Trade Show Speculation” but Ducati have jumped the gun and have already “pre-announced” what they’re going to be showcasing at INTERMOT. They won’t be showing off everything though, as the Italian manufacturer is keeping a few aces up its sleeve for their home show in Milan, but…

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Kawasaki Ninja 650 “Urban X” Scrambler Custom

This might only be a custom, but if Kawasaki are looking to jump on board the Scrambler wagon, we think they should follow Nicko Eigert of Indonesia’s Smoked Garage Custom Motorcycles design aesthetic. When Indonesia’s largest dealership got in touch with Smoked Garage for a custom of their own, who knew it would be so…

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Yamaha’s Brand New SCR950 Scrambler: US Only!

Yamaha has announced their plans to release a special model, exclusive to the USA, just in time for summer. If you want to get your hands on the brand new SCR950 Yamaha Scrambler, contact your local Yamaha dealership from the beginning of July. We’ve learned that it’s going to retail here in the States at…

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Bryan Fuller’s ‘Dirty Duc’: A Proper Scrambler

As far as interesting builds go, this one is well worth having a look at. It’s not your average café racer or faux-scrambler. It actually looks like and awesome motorcycle and - let’s go one step further – it actually looks like it can do all of the things that it boasts it can. Forgive…

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The Husqvarna 401 Concepts: What We’ve Been Waiting For!

Since these amazing Husqvarna concept models were unveiled at EICMA last year, the motorcycling world has been excited. There has been a lot of talk about whether or not these things would ever make it to the production line and by the sounds of things, it looks like it’s going to happen. How About A…

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