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TruckHouse BCT: $300K Tacoma Overland Camper

New Mid-Sized Backcountry RV Is About To Hit The U.S. Market

TruckHouse BCT Tacoma Overland Camper

The modern SunRader of our dreams has arrived, but it comes at a steep price, $285,000+. This new overland camper is more rugged, capable, and comfortable in every way than a SunRader ever was, and is based on the beloved Toyota Tacoma TRD Pro. This latest compact backcountry RV is called the TruckHouse BCT, and you’re likely to see the first one rolling around the backgrounds around Reno, Nevada very soon.

Inspiration: The 1980’s Toyota SunRader RV

“We selected the Toyota Tacoma for its modest size, maneuverability, and proven longevity. We then built a carbon fiber reinforced composite house to match everything we love about the truck and its utility. Toyota builds special vehicles, especially the Tacoma, so it made sense to start with that as our foundation. Every key structural component of the chassis has been reinforced to make a vehicle rugged enough for true backcountry adventure.” – Nicolo Monforte, COO and co-founder.

Toyota Tacoma TRD Pro Based

The Toyota Tacoma is a well-proven off-road and overland adventure truck, especially in TRD Pro form. What the Tacoma isn’t great at though is carrying much weight or getting anywhere all that quickly with its 3.5L V6 engine. The first hurdle TruckHouse had to tackle was a load capacity of only 1,155-pounds. With a full load of fuel (126 lbs), two adults (350 lbs), and some basic camping gear (150 lbs) you’re only left with about 529-pounds of capacity to work with. There is no chance that the off-road upgrades, camper, and provisions for a trip will come in under that weight. This means that the manufacturer GVWR will be exceeded.

TruckHouse tackles this issue head-on by reinforcing the frame, upgrading the rear axle (custom Currie S9), upgrading to drilled and slotted disk brakes at all 4-corners, and a full overhaul of the suspension. To handle the increased load, and provide optimal off-road comfort and capability, the suspension has been upgraded to a combo of a Total Chaos long-travel kit up front, custom leaf spring packs in the rear and specially tuned Fox 2.5 Series shocks all around.

To handle the inevitable power issues the truck will be re-geared for better low-end torque. This should help move the extra weight and better conquer off-road obstacles. While we’d like to see a supercharger on this beast, the only engine upgrade at this time is a high output alternator, to charge up the house batteries with ease while on the go.

As with any Tacoma, the truck upgrade options are nearly limitless. TruckHouse has announced that they will offer such upgrades as; front and rear Warn Zeon 12-S Platinum winches, a high clearance front bumper, up to 35-inch tires on off-road wheels, a larger fuel tank, auxiliary lighting, sand ladders, a Safari Snorkel, and even secondary external bypass front shocks. A rear bumper with a swing-away spare tire carrier and storage box is also available.

An intriguing option is the addition of captain’s chairs in the rear of the cab, versus the factory bench seat. This seating setup will not only look cool but provide easy access to the camper pass-through. The pass-through offers the benefits of a van layout with the capabilities of the factory 4×4 truck.

Composite Luxury Tacoma Camper

Atop the Tacoma chassis is built a composite camper, which is built with a one-piece carbon fiber reinforced foam-core composite shell. The naked shell is expected to weigh just over 500-pounds, but final camper and vehicle weights aren’t known just yet. The idea is as light and strong as possible, but those two things are conflicting most of the time and require compromise.

Inside this Tacoma camper, the 7-windows and massive skylight offer a ton of natural light and make it feel a lot roomier than its compact dimensions would suggest. The floorplan layout is tried and true, as there are only so many ways to chop up and utilize such a small space. A rear U-shaped dinette converts to a Full-sized bed. A galley kitchen and wet bath with cassette toilet are between the dinette and the cab-over queen-sized bed.

This adventure rig is designed to carry four people with ease. Do note that interior standing height is just 6-foot 3.5-inches height, which would be quite snug for me at 6-foot 3-inches tall, or anyone taller.

Sustained off-grid adventures are what the TruckHouse BCT was created for. In order to accomplish that task, it offers up a big freshwater tank (30-gallons), plenty of greywater capacity (20-gallons), and up to a 500 amp-hour lithium-ion battery system powered by up to a 600-watt roof-mounted solar array.

Besides the necessities, the BCT also offers plenty of luxury options. Who doesn’t want heated floors and AC in their advneturemobile? Powered steps, powered awning, outdoor speakers, and even a 32-inch TV on an articulated arm are on offer.  These are built-to-order campers, so each TruckHouse BCT will be a custom reflection of its owner’s personal taste.

TruckHouse BCT

While smaller than most truck campers and RVs, the TruckHouse BCT Tacoma camper isn’t all that small. It is 21-foot 11-inches long, 7-foot 1-inch wide, and 9-foot 11-inches tall. From the renderings, this means it will need some extended or after-market side mirrors to see past the camper. It also means it will fit in a standard parking space, just.

You’re going to want to get your order in soon for one of these custom campers, as there will be very limited build slots for 2021 as this small Sparks, NV based company ramps up production. Getting in line for one of these campers is quite a commitment, however, as a $50,000 non-refundable deposit is required. That is only a small percentage of the overall $285,000 to $380,000 you’ll have to shell out for one of these impressive machines.

These builds come with a TruckHouse limited 36,000 mile/3 year warranty. This is important, as it is unclear what all the modifications to the chassis and no doubt over GVWR final weight of this build will do to the Toyota factory warranty.

Check out the TruckHouse.co to find out more about this cool rig.

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