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Winching Made Easy: WARN HUB System Wireless Smartphone Winch Remote

Control And Monitor Your Winch Through Your Smartphone With The WARN Hub Receiver And App

HUB Receiver and App with Jeep

Warn Industries recently unveiled a new wireless smartphone winch remote system called HUB Receiver and App. The system works great with most Warn winches, and can also control a variety of winches from another manufacturer. Out are separate wired or wireless remotes, in is an innovative new approach to operate your truck and powersport winches through your smartphone. The WARN HUB Receiver and App was even just recognized by the automotive industry with a SEMA 2020 Best Off-Road 4WD Products Award.

Warn Industries, based in Clackamas Oregon, created this high-tech and innovative wireless winch remote. The WARN HUB Receiver and App allows users to control their winch using Bluetooth connectivity and their smartphone. Simply connect the WARN HUB Receiver to your winch and pair it with Warn’s iOS or Android App (available for free at respective app stores).

No more stresses of accounting for your winch remote during a recovery. Here is the dawn of the smartphone-controlled winch remote; the WARN HUB Receiver and App. If you have your smartphone with you and the HUB Receiver is connected to your winch, you’re good to go. Your winch remote will be ready when you need it.

WARN HUB Receiver


The IP68 waterproof WARN HUB Receiver is a state-of-the-art wireless winch remote that allows users to operate their winch by their smart device via Bluetooth. Simply connect the HUB Receiver into your winch using the existing winch remote socket or included wiring (this will depend on the model).

WARN HUB Receiver and App

After the WARN HUB Receiver is connected to your winch, the uniquely developed app talks to the receiver via Bluetooth. Your smartphone or device will operate the winch from up to an impressive 100’ away. The WARN HUB App will also monitor critical features like battery voltage in all applications.

Perfect For All Your Off-Road Adventures

The HUB Receiver works with a variety of truck and powersport winches. If you own a truck or Jeep winch, the new HUB wireless winch remote will work with any WARN winch (as long as it has a contactor). This means that HUB will work with all new WARN winches, with the exception of the ZEON Platinum series.

HUB also offers a variant that works with other winch brands. This allows non-WARN owners (like those that own the Smittybilt Gen 2, XRC, and Gen 2 X2O winches) to use this new and innovative system.

Powersports winch owners can also rejoice. Warn offers a HUB wireless winch remote that connects with the WARN VRX, ProVantage, and Vantage winches. It also offers a HUB system that works specifically with WARN AXON products.

AXON winch owners enjoy more robust app features. The AXON HUB App will display battery voltage but also winch load information and motor temperature data. This is due to the AXON winch having more sensors than other WARN winches, as it’s one of the newest models.

Simple Installation and Usage

The waterproof HUB Receiver can be installed on tubular or flat surfaces using supplied zip ties. The receiver boasts a multi-color LED that indicates its status for connectivity info. After installation is complete, HUB users can either plug the harness (with a six-foot cord) into the winch’s remote socket or wire the receiver to the winch in select powersports applications. After that, the pairing sequence on the smart device begins. Once pairing is done, you’re ready to winch in and out. The wireless winch remote plugs in, powers on, and connects.

FYI – Warn included a lock-out sequence that prevents accidental power-ups. Oversized easy-to-see buttons offer no delay in control.

WARN HUB Receiver and App

The WARN HUB Receiver and App was just awarded the 2020 Best New Off-Road / 4-Wheel Drive Product from SEMA (Specialty Equipment Market Association). The WARN HUB Receiver and App is a modern and innovative approach to using your winch. Always at the forefront of creativity, Warn Industries continues to be a leader in winch design and accessories.

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