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2019 Toyota Diesel Hilux For U.S. Market

Nothing I want to see more than the Toyota Hilux on U.S. Streets

Americans dislike the fact that we can’t obtain certain vehicles. This is especially true when said vehicle is a solid and reliable Toyota Hilux diesel. Toyota has for years maintained solid Tacoma sales and the Tacoma reigns king in the mid-size truck sector. Toyota plans to add another engine option (separate sources)for the 2019-2020  model year and this may well get us the full-fledged Hilux badged diesel for the U.S. Market.

3rd-Gen Toyota Diesel At EPA For Certification

Sources have reported that the EPA NVFEL facility has multiple new 3rd-Gen sets of engines. Coded engines have been sent to the NVFEL facility labeled as Toyota 2.8 L 3KD-FTV and 2.4 L 3GD-FTV shipped from the company’s Toyota, Aichi engine facility.

2019 Toyota Diesel Hilux Emissions

We are told that the diesel will indeed pass emissions and efficiency testing as the engines adhere to all federal guidelines. Toyota has planned a California-specific model that will have a separate tank for diesel exhaust fluid to further lower emissions. This will clear the vehicle for California sales.

2019 Toyota Diesel Hilux Specs

Horsepower/Torque ratings are still undetermined but sources told us that the engines are high compression common-rail direct injection with a VNT (variable nozzle) (air intercooler) turbo diesel engine. We are told that “the engines will offer overall improvements in efficiency and power”.

2019 Tacoma Diesel Or Hilux Diesel

We are still unable to get a firm yes or no on the actual model name of the Toyota truck. We have heard conflicting reports from various sources. Some state that Toyota wants to keep the Tacoma badge with the diesel option in order to continue the Tacoma’s stateside legacy for dependability. Conflicting reports state that Toyota wants to simply ship the already left-hand drive Hilux’s from Toyota’s Zárate facility in Argentina. We will update upon the arrival of news.

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