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10 Forgotten Classic Chevrolet Cars That Probably Deserved Better

Unjustly forgotten Chevrolet models that deserved more credit

As GM’s volume brand, Chevrolet has produced more cars than any other American automaker. This means most Chevrolets are widely known and often acclaimed vehicles with almost cult-like following. Certain Corvettes, Camaros, Tri Fives, El Caminos, Novas, and Chevelles certainly fit this description. But not all classic Chevrolet models were good. It’s understandable that Bow Tie brand has had a few strikeouts here and there, since they marketed myriad of models in their history spanning across more than 100 years. More than a few, actually. Some Chevrolet Cars like Chevette, Vega, Citation, and Corvair were far from sound. But people still remember them. Even for their shortcomings.

We won’t be explaining why these aforementioned Chevy models are considered black sheep of the family for the hundredth time. Instead, we’ll focus on Chevrolet cars that weren’t that bad, but ended up being forgotten. For some reason, the following models never got a fair chance. They came, they saw, and they quickly went off the stage. Had they arrived at different time and place, they might have fared much better. Guess we’ll never know.

A side note: I won’t be listing limited special edition models like the ones populating these here part I and part II lists of rarest and coolest special Chevrolet cars.

One more thing. If you think you know Chevys, you might want to test your knowledge on our Chevy trivia quiz here.


Nikola Potrebić
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