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Lambo Hooning & Paragliding Combine To Showcase Urus SUV’s All-Terrain Chops

Apparently The Lamborghini Urus Is Good Fun On & Off-Road

Lamborghini Urus Paraglider commercial

Italian supercar brand and Italian superstar paraglider join forces to promote the Urus SUV. While you’re much more likely to see the Lamborghini Urus on Hollywood Blvd, it apparently also has some off-pavement capability as well. Whether you’d be willing to take your $218,000 SUV off-road, well, is up to you, however.

In Lamborgini’s most recent advertising video the Urus is put through its paces on and off-road while professional paraglider Aaron Durogati circles overhead. Have a look, as it’s quite entertaining!

Urus Sideways Fun

We have little doubt that the Urus would be insanely good fun on the loose gravel roads shown in this video. With 650 hp (4.0L V8 twin-turbo engine), AWD, and four-wheel-steering to work with four-wheel drifting would be quite easy. Listening to the 4.0L twin-turbo V8 engine noises ricochet off canyon walls would also up the fun factor considerably.

The Lamborgini Urus sprints to 60 mph in about 3.5-seconds, which should keep the heart pounding in step with the growling exhaust note. I don’t think I’d try to hit the 189 mph top-speed while off-pavement, however!

The ‘Terra’ driving mode optimizes the 4WD system for off-road fun. This includes raising the Urus with the adaptive air suspension for better ground clearance. Active torque vectoring to all four wheels and active roll stabilization help keep you safe and in control. The huge ceramic brakes should help this snarling beast come to a stop with ease.

Italian Paragliding Royalty

Aaron Durogati is a superstar in the paragliding world, as he is extremely versatile in his accomplishments. He started when he was just 15 and now competes in XC, speed flying, and even adventure racing (like X-Alps). Durogati is a Red Bull sponsored athlete and not only paraglides, but skis and is generally a badass in the mountains.

In this Lamborghini Urus promotional video, Durogati shows off his paragliding skills, both XC and with tight acrobatic maneuvers. While the Urus is fast, we have little doubt that Durogati can outpace the twin-turbo SUV when traversing rough mountainous terrain.

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