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McLaren Artura Supercar: Electrified Without Weight Gain

Lightweight, Powerful, Stunning, & Hybrid Supercar For Street & Track

McLaren Artura

The Artura is very much a McLaren in all ways; low, big nose, deep-set cabin, and full of technological advances that are focused on performance and the driving experience. The flying buttresses in the rear and gills on the top of the front fenders are striking design elements that really separate the Artura from McLarens we’ve seen before.

It’s hard not to appreciate a mid-engine rear-wheel-drive hybrid supercar that offers no weight penalty over a traditional dino-fueled car. Building upon the McLaren P1 hybrid hypercar legacy the McLaren Artura is the first series-production hybrid supercar. It weighs in at only 3,075-pounds dry and is built upon the new MCLA (McLaren Carbon Lightweight Architecture), which will no doubt underpin the next few McLaren cars.

2022 McLaren Artura sunset

“The new McLaren Carbon Lightweight Architecture (MCLA) is quite literally at the core of the super-lightweight engineering philosophy that is inherent throughout the Artura. We developed this all-new, High-Performance Hybrid supercar with all of our learnings from decades of working with advanced composite and other lightweight materials, using world-first processes and techniques to deliver weight savings that offset heavier hybrid powertrains, ensuring greater energy efficiency and maintaining the outstanding agility and dynamic performance our customers expect.”
Jamie Corstorphine, Director of Product Strategy, McLaren Automotive

McLaren Artura Powertrain

2022 McLaren Artura twin-turbo V6A mid-mounted 3.0L twin-turbo V6 direct-injection dry-sump aluminum engine is what makes all the glorious noises that come out of the Artura. This engine also only weighs 353-pounds, which is 110-pounds lighter than the McLaren V8. The engine is backed by an 8-speed automatic transmission with a new e-differential, and connected to the electric hybrid components. You will not be rowing your own gears or stabbing a third pedal in the Artura, but the paddle shifters will no doubt offer more crisp shifts than ever possible with a manual gearbox.

2022 McLaren Artura hybrid powertrainThe hybrid system is composed of five lithium-ion modules that combine to offer a 7.4 kWh battery pack. This battery pack drives a new super lightweight and energy-dense axial flux E-motor, which is located within the transmission bell housing. The E-motor alone creates/adds 95 hp and 166 lb.-ft. of torque. The electric system also offers up to 19-miles of electric-only range. The McLaren Atura might be the perfect commuter car (you know I’m kidding).

Artura Performance

2022 McLaren Artura on racetrackWhat are no doubt epic new suspension, steering, and drive train computer calibrations combine to create one impressive car, that lays down some serious performance numbers.  With just a 3,303-pound curb weight to move the McLaren Artura puts down a combined (ICE and Electric power) 671 hp and 531 lb.-ft. of torque.

That substantial power and low weight are good for a 205 mph electronically limited top-speed and a 3-second flat 0-60 mph time. What’s maybe even more impressive is the Artura’s carbon-ceramic brakes can bring it to a stop from 60 mph in about 2 car lengths, or 30-ish feet. Think about those decel Gs! The quarter-mile is dispensed of, from a standstill, in just 10.7-seconds.

Over-the-air updates should unlock even more performance and features in the future as McLaren learns how to further optimize its latest hybrid powertrain.

McLaren Driving Experience

2022 McLaren Artura interiorAs expected the driver is the focus inside the McLaren Artura. One of the cool new features is the driving binnacle and dynamic driving controls are both now mounted on the steering column. This means that they are perfectly aligned for easy view and reach, no matter how you have the wheel adjusted. It also means that the steering wheel is very simple and has less distracting buttons, while still keeping key controls within finger reach with your hands still on the wheel.

The Artura comes with four powertrain modes; E-mode, Comfort, Sport, and Track. E-mode offers electric-only driving. Comfort mode maximizes range and efficiency. Sport and Track modes use the electric part of the powertrain to allow for increasingly aggressive low-end response and acceleration. Separate from these powertrain modes is the ability to adjust suspension and stability control to suit your preference and the road/weather conditions.

The McLaren interior is a clean and spartan place, with performance driving being the focus, but it doesn’t have to be harsh. Two-seat options are on offer, along with three interior configurations; Performance (clean with bright accents), Tech Look (detailed accents and mellow colors), and Vision (modern with fresh colors and materials).

McLaren also knows its buyers use their cars on the open road, and like the modern features that we expect in cars. The Artura gest adaptive cruise, power-folding mirrors, soft close doors, Homelink, and even Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. If speced appropriately the Artura could for sure be set up as a grand touring supercar. Each Artura comes standard with nose lift as well, which is important when driving a car like this in the real world.

2022 McLaren Artura

McLaren is taking orders now and offering four specifications of the Artura. U.S. pricing start at $225,000.

To find your local dealer and find out even more about the McLaren Artura click HERE.

2022 McLaren Artura

2022 McLaren Artura

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