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What’s Hot And What’s Not in the 2019 Jeep Lineup

What to Buy and What to Stay Away From When it Comes to Jeep in 2019

The iconic automotive division that’s changed hands more times than they probably care to admit has recorded a surge in sales during 2014 and they’ve been building on that result ever since. From 490,000 units sold in the U.S. during 2013, their sales soared to 690,000 models the following year. Despite a limited vehicle offering, the SUV craze has really helped Jeep to position itself as one of the largest automakers on the U.S. market. More recently, however, its sales have taken a sharp turn for the worse. After recording its best-ever year in 2016 when they marketed as many as 926,376 vehicles, their 2017 sales stopped at 828,522 units. Discontinuation of the Jeep Patriot had a lot to do with that as the compact accounted for 121,926 units in 2016 and only 40,735 units in 2017. With the new Wrangler no longer under wraps, however, it’s expected that the 2018 and 2019 Jeep lineups will take another step toward the magical 1 million units.

Another driving force behind Jeep’s success in recent years is their loyalty rate that’s sitting in the mid 40 percent zone. Although GM, Ford, Toyota, and even Jeep’s mother company FCA boast loyalty rates higher than 65 percent, Jeep’s loyalty rate simply doesn’t compare. Other manufacturers offer complete lineups whereas Jeep’s portfolio consists exclusively of SUVs. In other words, a Jeep customer that wants to switch to a car instead of an SUV has no choice but to abandon ship. Nevertheless, a number of iconic nameplates and a smart addition of in-demand models should see to the brand’s success in the future. With that in mind, here’s what to buy and what to stay away from when it comes to the 2019 Jeep lineup.

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