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Top 10 Motorcycle Rain Gear Outfits That Will Keep You Dry!

Everything You Need To Know About Buying Rain Suits

Best Premium Choice
REV'IT! Pacific 2 H2O Rain Suit

REV’IT! Pacific 2 H2O Rain Suit

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Best Overall Choice
Nelson-Rigg Stormrider Rain Suit

Nelson-Rigg Stormrider Rain Suit

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Best Budget Choice
Joe Rocket RS-2 Men's Motorcycle Rain Suit

Joe Rocket RS-2 Wet Weather Suit

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Alpinestars Hurricane Rain Suit

With the right motorcycle rain gear, you can ride in the wet without a fuss – but what products are the best? There are plenty of products out there, some that look waterproof but aren’t, others that claim to keep the water out, but end up letting more in, and there are those that genuinely are waterproof, but aren’t breathable in the slightest! To take the headache out of shopping for motorcycle rain gear, we’ve put together a list of the best products out there that will keep you dry and comfortable when you’re out riding and get hit by an unexpected downpour.

Thanks to new textiles and technologies, staying dry has never been easier. If you’re armed with the right gear and you’re wearing it properly, you can keep the rain out better than ever. Gone are the days of water dripping down your back from the exposed neck gap between your helmet and jacket, or that uncomfortable wet, sticky feeling you get when your jacket and pants can’t breathe. You don’t need to cover yourself in WD-40 either, or resort to other home-waterproofing ideas like oiling your jeans, or waxing everything you own. Here are 10 of the best motorcycle rain gear outfits you can buy, and for a reasonable price too.

Best Premium Choice

1. REV’IT! Pacific 2 H2O Rain Suit

REV'IT! Pacific 2 H2O Rain Suit

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In first place, we have this comprehensive all-in-one suit for REV’IT. It’s not one of the cheapest offerings on our list but if you want to stay dry then you should consider this product. It has “Pacific” in its name, and it certainly can handle the weather from the Pacific Northwest. This one-piece rain suit makes for great motorcycle rain gear: it has a super light in construction, can pack down small into a highly portably package, and it really is waterproof. Manufactured from a PVC-free polyester Oxford material with a polyurethane coating, it’s both highly waterproof and extremely breathable at the same time. The all-in-one suit also features 3M Scotchlite reflectors on the shoulders, with other reflective prints on the arms, chest and calves, to make you more visible to other road users too.

The main fastening for the suit is a long zip that stretches from the neck to the knee at a slant, which makes it easy to get in and out of, without a struggle or tearing anything. Other cool features of this motorcycle rain gear include adjustable tabs on the cuffs and ankles, as well as on the collar and upper arm portions of the sleeves. The waist line also has an adjustable strap. Finally, REV’IT! treated the suit with a pair of boot stirrups sewn onto the bottom of the trouser legs, added an exterior stash pocket on the left leg, and included a transport bag as part of the bargain.

Top Features:

  • PVC-free polyester Oxford construction
  • Polyurethane coated for added water resistance
  • Reflective laminated prints for higher visibility
  • Adjustable straps and cuffs for a closer fit
  • Comes with boot stirrups, an external pocket, and a transport bag
Best Overall Choice

2. Nelson-Rigg Stormrider Rain Suit

Nelson-Rigg Stormrider Rain Suit

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Nelson-Rigg is a brand name that you can trust when it comes to motorcycle-related apparel and accessories. The brand’s Stormrider rain suit is a highly recommended wet weather set that features a thick outer layer of soft polyester that resists rain and keeps you warm at the same time, twinned with a secondary PVC layer underneath. The jacket part of the ensemble features bold high-visibility coloration to keep you nice and visible when the weather takes a turn for the worse. There’s more to the jacket than a waterproof shell though: it boasts an inner corduroy collar for added comfort, a strong full-length zipper that’s protected by a sturdy Velcro storm flap, adjustable cuffs, an elasticated waist, cooling vents for added breathability, and two really useful outer pockets.

The pants half of the suit also boasts some cool features. Again, it’s made from a thick layered outer shell which resists water, and it also features some high-visibility design elements – but what we really like about the pants of this motorcycle rain suit are the little details like the elasticated boot stirrups. These stirrups make these pants far more comfortable to wear and provide good boot protection too. If that wasn’t enough, the Stormrider motorcycle rain gear also comes with a 2-year warranty, which should give you an indication of how effective this rain protection should be. Is it as 100% waterproof as it boasts? Well, no gear is truly 100% waterproof, but the amount of protection you get for your dollar is quite impressive.

Top Features:

  • Polyester shell with PVC backing construction
  • High-visibility design points
  • Elasticated features: waist, cuffs, boot stirrups
  • Strong sturdy zippers, with Velcro fastenings
  • Suit ships with a 2-year warranty
Best Budget Choice

3. Joe Rocket RS-2 Wet Weather Suit

Joe Rocket RS-2 Men's Motorcycle Rain Suit

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The Joe Rocket brand name is becoming synonymous with affordable high-quality motorcycle apparel lately, and while the brand’s products are more at the budget-friendly end of the spectrum, you’ll be pleasantly surprised by just how good their products are. There are actually a number of decent rain suits from Joe Rocket that could be worthy of this list, but we’ve decided that the RS-2 Suit is our favorite. It’s a versatile 2-piece rain suit made from a PVC backed polyester, with a nylon liner for added weather protection. There’s more to it than comfortable wet weather protection though.

This thoughtfully designed jacket and pants combo takes into account a lot of things that other motorcycle rain gear products often forget. For example, the bottom portion of the pant-legs are made from a melt-resistant fabric to protect them from the heat of the engine. High-visibility piping details help to keep you safe. And lastly, this suit combo comes with useful pockets – a detail that many other rain gear manufacturers forget to include altogether. What’s more, this cool suit features Velcro and sturdy zipper fastenings, a storm collar, and ventilation to keep you from overheating. Plus, it’s available in a number of color combinations, including black with orange, red, yellow or with high-visibility reflectors.

Top Features:

  • Strong Velcro and sturdy zipper fastenings
  • Nylon comfort liner with corduroy inner collar
  • Melt-resistant sections on the trouser legs
  • Zippered leg gussets that make the pants easy to put on with boots on
  • Sized to accommodate regular motorcycle apparel underneath

4. Milwaukee Motorcycle Rain Gear

Milwaukee Motorcycle Rain Gear

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Next up, we’ve got this excellent rain suit from Milwaukee. If you’re not familiar with the brand, Milwaukee specializes in developing low-cost but high-quality motorcycle apparel, boots, gear, and accessories. Though the company focuses on delivering top notch leather goods, their rain gear is pretty good too. This rain suit in particular is well worth your time. It’s heavy-duty in nature and should resist even the fiercest of downpours: manufactured from a heavy nylon, with a full interior lining, secure elastic cuffs, and sturdy zipper with Velcro fastenings.

Since it’s a two-piece outfit, it’s a versatile product. The jacket portion is comfortable and breathable and comes with a nice raised neck guard that can be fastened with Velcro closures to keep the wet and cold out. The pants also have some nice surprises, such as a very nice fitting cut around the waist which has strong elastic, but not the kind that cuts into you uncomfortably. There’s also a doubled up layer of fabric on the leg sections to stop your rain pants melting against the heat of the engine too. What’s more, both the jacket and pants have great mobility, and you get plenty of freedom of movement, with hardly any restrictions. All in all, this is a great bit of motorcycle rain gear for those looking for hardy rain protection at an affordable price.

Top Features:

  • Fully lined 2 piece rain suit
  • Strong elasticated cuffs and waistband
  • Heavy-duty zipper and Velcro fastenings
  • Sturdy Velcro-fastened neck collar to keep the element out
  • High-visibility strips as part of the design

5. Alpinestars Hurricane One-Piece Rain Suit

Alpinestars Hurricane Rain Suit

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Next up, we’ve got another premium product from one the biggest names in the motorcycle apparel and accessories game: Alpinestars. This one-piece rain suit has been constructed using a lightweight polyurethane coated, poly-nylon fabric that’s 100% waterproof. What’s more, that same fabric has been treated with an interior coating that prevents sticking to any protective garments underneath. This means you can wear your regular leathers without feeling trapped by a claustrophobic and tight outer layer – which is a neat touch. Underneath the main layer Alpinestars have included a light poly-mesh lining for added air-circulation, breathability, and riding comfort. The suit is also adorned with reflective details to increase the visibility of the rider in bad weather.

Extra weather protection comes in the form of tape-sealed seams that stop water from leaking in through the usual places, plus the suit also boasts elasticated collars, cuffs, and lower leg hems to keep water and wind out, with Velcro fastenings on the arms to ensure a close fit. A twin slider zip makes it easy for you to get in and out of the suit without a fuss, and zippered lower leg portions allow you to get your feet into the trousers without taking your boots off. This motorcycle rain gear comes with a waterproof inside pocket on the chest, and a storage bag for easy transportation.

Top Features:

  • 100% waterproof poly-nylon construction
  • Lightweight poly-mesh inner lining
  • Non-stick interior coating for added comfort and mobility
  • Elasticated collars, cuffs, and lower leg hems
  • Available in black, or in high-visibility fluorescent yellow

6. BMW Genuine Unisex ProRain Rain Overall

BMW Genuine Unisex ProRain Rain Overall

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This genuine BMW motorcycle rain gear is an excellent choice for riders who want to stay dry. This will keep the rain out and let you enjoy your ride. However, there’s one problem: it’s not breathable. We’ll get to that in a minute. First, since it’s a BMW product you can rely on the manufacturing quality. Like many other manufacturer’s “own-brand” gear – like Harley Davidson products – you can trust that you’re getting a decent product. This BMW-branded garb is no different: it’s waterproof, windproof, and does everything you’d expect. It’s manufactured from a Nylon fabric that has been coated with polyurethane, with anti-slip materials and heat-resistant guards installed in all the right places. There are reflective strips too, and other cool little features.

What prevents this excellent unisex all-in-one suit from being ranked higher is the fact that it’s not breathable. The breathability of a garment greatly affects its comfort levels. It’s all very well being waterproof, but if you’re sweating inside a plastic bag, you’re going to get wet with sweat and condensation instead. Which isn’t great. It’s fine, on shorter journeys – but you won’t want to be wearing something like this on long stints. It’s a shame, because everything else on this suit is awesome, from the adjustable straps, elastic cuffs, and pockets, to the integrated balaclava and ergonomic zipping system. In short: this is an excellent product for short trips in less humid climates, but not so good for long rides in damp and sticky environments!

Top Features:

  • Waterproof and windproof one-piece rain suit
  • Polyurethane-coated Nylon fabric construction
  • Anti-slip panelling on the seat, heat-proof material on leg sections
  • Elasticated cuffs with Velcro fastenings
  • High-visibility motorcycle rain gear

7. Frogg Toggs Bull Frog 2-Piece Motorcycle Rain Gear

Frogg Toggs Bull Frogg 2 Piece

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Frogg Toggs is one of the most well-respected brands in the wet weather gear department, and while you mainly hear about their excellent fishing, hunting, hiking, and work gear, the brand makes excellent motorcycle apparel too. The Frogg Toggs Bull Frog outfit is a two-piece set, and you generally have to buy both parts of it separately. While ordering two items might be a pain, you’ll be pleased to know that they’re both incredibly cheap, and in terms of bang for your buck, you’ll get a lot out of these purchases. The rain jacket part of the ensemble is manufactured from a high-density 75 gram polypropylene fabric that’s 100% waterproof, windproof, breathable, and puncture resistant too.

The jacket uses a strong zipper with a snap down storm flap to keep out any moisture. Each sleeve has wide elastic openings with hook and loop closures for a secure fit. Other fastenings include molded polymer zippers, shock cord and barrel lock waist adjustment, and more. The pants feature the same construction materials, and feature an elastic waistband, zippered hand pockets, and zippered leg openings near the ankles for putting on over boots. Hook and loop ankle closures keep the pants secured over your boots too. As a combo, these two garments work incredibly well to keep the wet weather out whilst maintaining excellent breathability and comfort. They are more than worth the price tags.

Top Features:

  • Waterproof, windproof, breathable 2-piece motorcycle rain gear
  • Secure molded polymer zippers
  • Elasticated cuffs, waistband, with hook and loop fastenings
  • High-density 75 gram polypropylene fabric construction
  • Excellent value for money

8. IXS Orca Evo Rain Suit

IXS Orca Evo Rain Suit

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Good and effective rain gear that comes at an affordable price is hard to find. Many products promise the world but ultimately fail to deliver – the IXS Orca Evo Rain Suit isn’t one of them. In fact, it’s an excellent wet weather suit that will keep the elements out with ease, whilst keeping your comfortable and dry. All for an affordable price tag. This one-piece rain suit is manufactured from a heavy duty polyurethane coated nylon material that’s fully water resistant and very breathable. The top half of the suit features a nylon mesh lining to increase air circulation and rider comfort too.

The lower half of the suit features nothing more than part of the sturdy and weatherproof neck-to-knee entry zipper, and zippered trouser legs to facilitate easy putting-on with your boots on. Plus, the bottom of each trouser leg is fitted with Velcro boot strap for a more comfortable fit. Other cool features of this one-piece include an elasticated collar and cuffs, an easy pack-down size, and light overall weight of 1.2 lbs. The only real complaint that many riders have with this motorcycle rain gear is the fact that it doesn’t have enough reflective panels on it. It has the reflective piping, but more would be a welcome addition. Apart from that minor complaint, you’re looking at an excellent and effective budget rain overall.

Top Features:

  • 100% Polyamide shell, 100% Polyurethane coating, 100% Polyester lining
  • Nylon mesh inner lining
  • Reflective cording and laminate details
  • Elasticated collar and cuffs, with Velcro fastenings on the ankles
  • Lightweight and easy to store

9. Frogg Toggs Women’s All Purpose Motorcycle Rain Gear

Frogg Toggs All Purpose Rain Suit

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While we’ve mainly focused on unisex or male-focused rain suits, here’s one that’s specifically designed for the female form. This wet weather gear is effective, comfortable, and inexpensive. Unlike other entries on this list, this ensemble wasn’t created especially for motorcycle riding. It’s a versatile outfit that can be worn for a wide range of outdoor pursuits – but it just happens to make for excellent motorcycle rain gear too. The secret to the success of this jacket and pants combo is the material used in the multiple layers. Using DriPore Gen 2 technology, an exclusive Frogg Togg specialist fabric blend, the three layered textile keeps out the rain, wind, and cold, whilst providing excellent breathability, mobility, and durability.

Both the jacket and pants are incredibly lightweight, weighing in at around five pounds all together. It might be light, but it’s not flimsy or weak. It’s very strong and highly durable. The fastenings used include a sturdy front zip on the jacket that’s protected by a snap down storm flap, adjustable elastic waist and leg openings on the trousers, and E-Z push cord barrel locks on the jacket’s collar. Both the jacket and pants have also been designed to fit over your normal everyday clothes or riding gear. The Frogg Toggs Women’s All Purpose Rain Suit is available in three color options: black, cherry, and camo print. In terms of value for money, you will struggle to find a better deal than this one.

Top Features:

  • Unique DriPore Gen 2 technology
  • Multi-layered fabric for excellent weatherproofing and durability
  • Highly breathable and comfortable to wear
  • Lightweight and easy to stow
  • Available in three color choices: black, cherry, and camo

10. Viking Cycle Motorcycle Rain Gear

Viking Cycle Motorcycle Rain Gear

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Lastly, we have this two-piece outfit from Viking Cycle. Viking Cycle has a good reputation for producing affordable and effective motorcycle apparel, and they’ve succeeded again with this rain gear. It’s waterproof, windproof, incredibly versatile, and comfortable to wear. Manufactured from a waterproof material, the jacket and pants have been given nice elastic touches, adjustable zippered parts, and Velcro cuffs to give you a comfortable, secure, and personalized fit. Both the jacket and pants feature reflective details, such as piping and logos, to improve your visibility at night and in gloomy weather. The jacket also features two large external pockets, and all important air-cooling vents to improve air circulation and breathability.

The pants have some cool features too, including a Velcro trouser front, and heat shielding on the calves to stop your new pants from melting! One other thing that we really like about this motorcycle rain gear is the fact that it comes with removable stirrups. Stirrups are great! They keep your pants in place and make your ride more comfortable, but they can be annoying if you want to use these rain pants for other purposes, so having a removable option is really useful. Apart from that though, this jacket doesn’t come with many extra practical features that some of the others listed above have: there’s no arm straps and other fastenings that could make it more comfortable or streamlined, and there’s also no special transport bag for them to roll up in to. These are only minor complaints – for the price, you get a lot of quality motorcycle rain gear!

Top Features:

  • Waterproof 2–piece jacket and pants combo
  • Wrinkle-free, non-sagging, water and wind resistant material
  • Removable stirrups on each trouser leg
  • Heat shield on calves to prevent melting
  • A very affordable price point

Motorcycle Rain Gear Buying Guide

What You Need To Know About Motorcycle Rain Gear

Good motorcycle rain gear can make the difference between an awesome wet weather ride and a miserable, soggy experience. Good rain gear will keep water out, keep the wind out, fit nicely over the top of your regular protective gear, and it should breathe nicely so you don’t feel like you’re riding in a sauna. There are lots of different kinds of wet weather gear available, all boasting that they’re the best motorcycle rain gear ever made – but before we have a look at what to look for when you’re shopping for new weather protection, here are some things to take into consideration:

Is Anything Truly Waterproof?

Even the best rain gear can still let the water in. Modern waterproof riding gear is great, but at the end of the day, if the rain’s really coming down and you’re driving into it at speed, water will find a way inside. What’s more, really waterproof materials can make you sweat, which means you can get soaked underneath your waterproof layer thanks to sweat, condensation, and evaporating water. That doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t give up on rainproof gear altogether. Good quality products will reasonably keep the rain out, and a good rain jacket and pants combo will have breathable vents that stop you from sweating, and circulate any moisture right out from underneath that waterproof layer. Almost every item on the list above will keep you dry through a light to mid-strength downpour. Heavy downpours though? Well that depends on the product.

For the best results, make sure you put your rain gear on before it starts raining. That little tip will go a long way.

Why You Should Wear Rain Gear

It’s important that you wear the best motorcycle rain gear that you can afford. While shopping for rain gear isn’t as fun as buying a new full face helmet or a new set of motorcycle boots, it’s a necessary evil if you’re a serious motorcyclist that rides in all weathers. Riding in the rain is dangerous for motorcyclists. The roads become slippery, other motorists can’t see you as well (if they’re even bothering to look in the first place), and the cold and wet can seriously hamper your riding abilities.

If you’re getting wet, you’re probably getting cold, and if you’re getting cold your reaction times won’t be as fast, your concentration won’t be as sharp, and your overall vehicle control won’t be as good as it normally is. Wearing good quality rain gear that keeps your dry and warm, keeping you and other road users safe. Plus, the right rain gear will also have nice highly visible details on it which will make your more visible to other traffic.

Even if you’re not getting cold and losing your concentration, you don’t want to arrive at your destination soaked to the bone. Nobody looks cool with a nice wet patch around their crotch and ass regions. That’s a fact.

What Else You Should Use To Keep The Rain Out?

We’ve focused on a basic outer layer for the purposes of this list, but if you truly want to have an enjoyable ride experience in the wet, you’re going to need more than a jacket and pants combination. Luckily, there’s no shortage of specialist motorcycle gear that you can throw your hard earned cash on to keep the rain out. There are special motorcycle gloves, or “over gloves” that go over the top of your regular gloves to stop you from getting wet hands. You can invest in special boot covers that can be fastened over the top of your boots to keep the rain from soaking your feet. If you want to be hard-core, you can even get specialist rain boots that have been designed and constructed to keep your feet dry, even in the wettest conditions. Of course, proper full face motorcycle helmets are the best way to keep your face protected and your head dry. If you team all of those things up with a good motorcycle riding rain suit, then you’ll be as waterproof as humanly possible! And if you live in a colder climate, heated gear won’t hurt either!

The Best Motorcycle Rain Gear: Features To Look Out For

When you’re shopping for a new rain suit, there are a number of things you should look out for and keep in mind. Here are a few handy hints about what to look for when buying new wet weather riding gear:

Waterproofing Capability

First things first, it’s essential that you make sure that you’re buying a waterproof product that can actually keep the water out! While most wet weather gear is typically made out of genuinely waterproof materials, some are more waterproof than others. Some may only be water-resistant. There is a difference between waterproof and water resistant!

The terms are often used interchangeably, but the fact of the matter is that you want something that describes itself as waterproof if you want the best level of protection possible. Start your search looking for that word, and from there you can delve into the different materials used, and whether they come with PVC or none-PVC backings, and special waterproof coatings. The best kind of waterproof garment is the kind that offers excellent waterproofing whilst simultaneously offering exceptional breathability. The right combination of those two things makes for the most comfortable and dry ride experiences possible in wet weather conditions.


Since a lot of waterproof products are made entirely out of impermeable PVC and plastics to stop water from getting in, without adequate ventilation and air circulation, they won’t be able to let any water or moisture out! Any moisture that’s trapped underneath a waterproof barrier needs to be able to escape, or you’ll get really hot, sweaty, and uncomfortable really fast. It’s not a pleasant feeling. It’s tolerable over short distances, but if you’re planning on covering any significant distances, you’re going to want good vents, air-circulation, and breathability.

While breathability isn’t necessarily essential, it’s something you should seriously consider when you’re buying motorcycle rain gear. Riding around soaked isn’t ideal, but riding around in your own mobile sauna isn’t much fun either.


Sizing is another very important thing to consider when buying new motorcycle rain gear. Once you’ve found a suit or 2-piece that you like the look of, try and locate the manufacturers sizing charts and instructions and follow them exactly. Similarly, make sure you read any online reviews and find out how real life customers found the sizing guide to be, and how they recommend you choose a size. Why do this? Because getting the size wrong isn’t just a matter of looking silly.

If you buy a suit that’s too small, and it doesn’t fit over the top of your regular riding gear, then it’s completely useless to you. Even if it’s a little bit too small: if you can’t get in and out of your new suit with ease, it’s going to be a nightmare to use.

If you buy a suit that’s too big, it will catch the wind as you ride, inflating in awkward places that could limit your field of vision, or even pull you in directions that you don’t want to be pulled in. While having your rain gear acting as a sail isn’t likely to happen, having some plastic blowing around uncontrollably while you’re trying to ride is going to take your focus off of the road. That’s not ideal in dry and clear conditions, so you certainly don’t want to be distracted in wet and miserable ones either. Choosing the right size is imperative.


Visibility is another thing that you need to consider when shopping for the best motorcycle rain gear. We all know that plain black riding gear is obviously the coolest, but we also know that other motorists aren’t particularly good at properly paying attention to the road at the best of times, let alone in poor weather conditions. High-visibility details on your rain gear can make you more visible to other road users, and a bit of fluorescent piping will go a long, long way.

Luckily, the vast majority of modern rain gear comes with high-visibility details as standard. When you’re searching for rain gear, make sure the suit that you’re looking at has enough fluorescent features to make you feel comfortable riding in poor conditions.


The price is probably the most important thing to look out for. Just because something is the most expensive doesn’t always mean that it’s the best, and something that’s outrageously cheap can also be outrageously good, too. It doesn’t really matter what the price of a garment is, providing that you’re buying something that actually does the job, is useful to you, and fits like it should. There’s no point dropping a stack of cash on something so expensive that you’re never going to use it. Rain gear is your first defense against the weather, and it will be facing some punishment. You want to buy something that can withstand a beating…but you don’t want to spend the world buying something you’re too afraid to ruin. If you can find something that will keep you dry, that breathes nicely, and won’t break the bank, consider it a win and make the purchase immediately.

Other Features To Consider

While the above mentioned details are the most important, while you’re shopping around you might want to keep an eye out for a few bonus features that could really influence your purchasing decision. Firstly, you should think about what kind of motorcycle you ride, and what kind of motorcycle riding you do. If you ride a dirt bike, the position of the exhaust pipe might mean you need rain gear that has special melt-proof material installed. If you’re a sport rider, you might want a streamlined sport rain suit with grippy seat pads that keep you glued into your seat instead of an aerodynamically challenged piece of plastic that’ll make you slide out of your seat at the first corner. If you’re into dual sport riding, rain should be a regular menace, so you’ll probably want something that does all of the above!

The bottom line is this: do your research, find the best item for the job, buy it, make sure it fits, and remember that even the most waterproof riding gear can’t resist the power of Mother Nature completely.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What to wear when riding a motorcycle in the rain?

A: The only way to stay dry in wet weather is to wear appropriate waterproof and breathable motorcycle rain gear, which includes a full face helmet, waterproof over-gloves, waterproof boot covers, and either a one-piece or two-piece motorcycle rain suit. These motorcycle rains suits are designed to cover your entire body and keep the rain out. They come in a variety of shapes and sizes, and they’re manufactured from a wide range of materials. Whatever you wear, make sure you put your rain gear on before any rain starts to fall. If you put your gear on after you’ve already gotten a bit wet, you won’t be completely dry underneath your rainproof later.

Q: What materials are really waterproof?

A:  There are many man-made waterproof fabrics, but the vast majority of motorcycle rain gear rely on a combination of Nylon and PVC materials. Gore-tex is also another popular waterproofing material, and Gore-Tex motorcycle rain gear is probably the best stuff you can buy. Leather jackets and pants that have been treated properly are quite good at keeping the rain out. Waxed cotton and leathers are also quite good, but they’re not nearly as good as man-made fabrics at keeping the elements out – they’re not very breathable either. For the best results, stick with man-made fibers and fabrics. Even then, a man-made waterproof fabric is only as good as the quality of the stitching and fastenings that hold it together. Before you buy a product, try and take a look at the stitching, gluing, and what protection the joins have.

Q: Where to buy motorcycle rain gear?

A: If you’re looking for the best deals on rain gear, then buying online is the way forward. There’s no shortage of products for sale on sites like Amazon or Revzilla. There are risks to buying online though: it’s hard to gauge the quality of a product, so we recommend that you read the reviews before hitting the buy button. When reading the reviews, it’s also a good idea to read a broad selection of them. Some people unfairly give bad feedback to an otherwise great product for reasons totally unrelated to the product, or they use the product incorrectly and refuse to take responsibility for their actions. Similarly, some products are just…plain awful. The reviews should also give you a good idea on the fit and sizing of a product too – use other people’s experiences to give you a good idea of what to buy, and in what size.

Q: Where should I store my gear when riding?

A: Under you seat. In your saddlebags. In a storage box. If you can fit is somewhere that you can reach easily, then that’s the place to put it. Luckily, modern motorcycle rain gear is lightweight, compact, and stores down into a small transport bag or something similar. There’s always room for it somewhere if you’re inventive enough. If in doubt, a good bungee cord can secure it down tightly on to the back of your seat or on a luggage rack. If in doubt, you can always carry it around in a special backpack if there’s rain forecast, and leave it at home if the weatherman says it’s going to be clear all day. It’s always good to have you rain gear on your bike, just in case you get caught out by an unexpected downpour.

Q: How do you clean and maintain motorcycle rain gear?

A: Follow the manufacturer’s washing instructions! This is essential because your rain gear isn’t like ordinary clothing. You can’t just stick it in your washing machine and hope for the best; most rain gear features special waterproof agents like Gore-Tex and other special fabrics that can easily get damaged. Damaged rain gear is useless rain gear. If in doubt, hand wash all of your rain gear to ensure that the waterproof integrity of the garment isn’t compromised. Air dry your rain gear too. Hot dryers can also damage the waterproofing features, and direct heat from other sources can also unstick joining compounds and glues that also work to keep the water out. Hand washing and natural air drying are the safest ways to care for your waterproof motorcycle rain gear.

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