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The Badger Is Dead: Nikola Cancels The Badger Electric Pickup

Deal With General Motors Fails And the Nikola Badger EV Truck Won’t See The Light of Day

Nikola Badger

In a press release today Nikola announced that they have a new non-binding Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with General Motors. This new understanding specifically pertains to “… a global supply agreement related to the integration of GM’s Hydrotec fuel-cell system into Nikola’s commercial semi-trucks.” It supersedes the MOU from September which included the Badger pickup and other partnerships between the companies. What does this mean for us? It means the Nikola Badger is dead.

American EV Pickup Truck Race

While the American electric pickup race is heating up between Tesla, Hummer, Ford, Rivian, Lordstown, Atlis, Bollinger, and others, the Nikola Badger is officially out of the race. In the end, the Badger would have been a repackaged and badged GM/Hummer EV pickup, so maybe we’re not actually losing all that much here.

The stats were impressive on the vapor wear that is the Nikola Badger; 906 hp, 980 lb.-ft. of torque, and up to 600-mile range. Hopefully, we’ll see these types of numbers come to fruition in vehicles like GM’s Hummer EV and the Tesla Cybertruck.

Nikola Badger

The good news is that anyone who put down a deposit for a Nikola Badger will be getting a full refund. The bad news is that Nikola stock is plummeting with the news.

More good news is that Nikola is still moving forward with its plans to bring hydrogen and ev tech to the heavy truck market. Innovation stems from competition and Nikola has it from Tesla, Daimler, and others in the electrified heavy commercial truck market.

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