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How Trump’s Auto Tariff Will Shake the Industry

A look at the President’s proposed 25% car tariff on imported vehicles and car parts

Donald Trump has recently made big news with his proposed 25% tariff on all imported cars and car parts in the hopes of securing fairer trading terms for the U.S. with foreign parties.

While many would assume this tariff would only impact those interested in purchasing vehicles from foreign manufacturers, even domestic giants like Ford and GM use a large percentage of imported parts in their vehicles.

Apart from vehicles costing more, the proposed tariff is also a huge threat to hundreds of thousands of U.S. dealership and manufacturing jobs in the auto industry as limited production leads to limited profits and limited job availability, according to experts.

Read on to find out how President Trump’s proposed auto tariffs will affect ten of the best-selling vehicles on the market.

Donald Trump proposes 25% automotive tariff that could hike the price of most vehicles on the market

(Data gathered from the NHTSA, U.S. News and World Report, and Kelley Blue Book)

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