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Two-Door Dodge Charger? Yes Please!

Who In Their Right Mind Would Say No To A 2 Door Charger?!

The Dodge Charger is one of the few universally recognized American muscle cars from the yesteryear. Just look at the General Lee, an American icon that has become an endangered species.

Dodge went ahead and resuscitated the ‘Charger’ name, and slapped it on a four-door sedan that didn’t deserve the moniker. It didn’t even remotely resemble the former glory that bolstered American muscle for a generation. The sucked-out family car was little more than a disappointment to the name.

Enter the REAL Two-Door Dodge Charger.

Fantasy Collision and Customs out of Warren, MI has revived an old soul. They’ve taken a 2013 Dodge Charger R/T and completely revamped it. Not only revamped it. First they hacked it in half.

A large chunk of the center section of the car has been cut out and disposed of. The rear doors are a thing of the past thankfully, and the front doors have been elongated in a fashion quite becoming a sports coupe. The roof has been replaced with panoramic glass, but most obvious from the transformation is the rear wheels. The extra-widebody mod looks villainous and may be a little over the top.  Maybe not.

The customized car is wrapped in new front and back bumpers and has LED headlights and fog lights. The wheels are also one-off and quite pleasing on the eyes. ‘Fantasy’ adorns the white lip on the rear tubbed-out wheels. Inside, the whole interior is wrapped in white leather in a diamond pattern stitching. Dynamat sound deadening was a must. Why?

The exhaust, that’s why. A showcar without a raspy growl from a free-breathing exhaust just wouldn’t do. And breathe it must. The Charger is blessed with the 5.7L HEMI V8 that as become synonymous with Dodge.

This bad boy is available if you want it. Not as a production car; alas, that ship may never come in again. To the tune of $120,000 you can have your very own from the masters over at Fantasy Collision and Customs.

I’m going to check my piggy bank now.

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