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15 Must Have Accessories for your Man Cave Garage

Are These The Perfect Man Cave Accessories?

The Ultimate Garage Man Cave Accessories

A Mancave Garage is not simply a place, but a state of mind. Each is required to be properly equipped to meet the needs of its owners. Here are our picks:

Cobra Sofa by Corbin

Cobra Sofa by Corbin

What better way to relax than to sit down into this sofa styled after the classic Cobra roadster rear body, and imagine that it’s 1963 and you’re traveling 140 mph backwards without a seat belt. Fun stuff!

Oil Filter Canister Lighting

Oil Filter Lamp

Good lighting is important in most man caves (I mean, shop) so here’s a spotlight that uses an oil filter canister to really give you the shop look (doesn’t every professional garage use light made of oil filters?). If re-using hard-to-recycle automotive parts is your thing, you could try making your decor man cave ready by crafting chairs and coffee tables out of old car tires – the article linked there has tons of man cave accessory ideas.

Valve Cover Desk Lamp

Upcycled Valve Cover Desk Lamp

For those of you who would prefer to have your lights come without a corporate label, here’s an interesting DIY idea: a desk lamp comprised of a valve cover and a water pump, connected by a fittings. Think of the all the possibilities: early Chevy big-block scalloped valve covers, original Hemi valve covers (how about DeSoto FireDome?), or even Datsun L series. Almost too many choices. If upcycled home decor is your thing, then we’ve got some excellent automotive suggestions for you to look at here!

Car Pool Tables

Sports Car Pool Table

According to the manufacturer these car-shaped pool tables, they’re made with only real car parts, chrome, decals, rims, tires, and working lights, on bodies molded from real collectors cars, and painted and finished to showroom quality with real automotive paint, clear-coat, wet-sanded, and polish. Models available included the ’69 Z/28 above, ’65 Mustang, Shelby GT-350, and a ’59 Corvette. If you want a pool table or billiards table for your game room, surely this is the ultimate piece of man cave furniture?

Super-Massive Slot Car Track

Professional Slot Car Track

Pool not your game? How about a highly-detailed, ultra-realistic track that’ll eat up most of your garage or basement. This set-up is even wired up for an old school Le Mans start. I wonder if little electrified drivers run across the track at the start of the race.

A More Realistic Slot Car Option

Slot Car Track

Here’s a track that’s easily stored up against your man cave wall or in a closet and removed for playtime (I mean, serious racing – this is a garage and not your kids room after all!). The other advantage this track has over the larger track above is there’s no strange guy standing in the middle.

Professional Beer Pong Table

Professional Beer Pong Table

If you need me to explain anything about this item you’re reading the wrong website.

The Space Maker

Car Lift

You justify the purchase of a dual scissor lift for your Mancave on the basis of money saved on oil changes, tire rotations, brake jobs, and other straightforward maintenance. The reality is that, based on our calculations, the Beer Pong table (above) with fit between the lifts, moving the car out of the way so you can play.

Wrench Clock

Spanner Clock

When I looked at this I thought perhaps you could make a wrench clock that’s double-duty: the base is magnetic and it’s by the force of magnetism that the wrenches are held in place. Then when you need, say, an 11 mm, you pull it off the clock (at 11 pm location, perhaps?), use it, and then return it to the clock base for safe storage. Hey, there have been plenty of worse ideas. If you can’t put it in your garage, how about a home office instead?

Handmade Wrench Knifes

Spanner Knife

Logan Pierce is a third-generation knifemaker living in De Queen, AR. Among other common steel objects, Logan fashions these incredible knives out of wrenches, rebar and tire irons. My birthday is in October and before then I’ll let Logan know which knife I prefer, in case you care. Do you do gift cards, Logan?

Piston and Connecting Rod Door Handle

Piston and Con Rod Handles

When I first saw this image I thought a better use for a discarded piston and road assembly was a door knocker. The piston would be fastened to the door and you’d use the rod to strike to door, so you would have real “rod knock”. Okay, they can’t all be gems.

Gas Hose – Tire Sinks

Tire Sinks

A couple of gas hose and two tire, some plumbing, and you’ve got a pretty unique sink set-up. It appears that the trigger on the gas hose is disabled and the flow of hot and cold water is controlled by valves along the side of the side. It’s probably too much to wish for that the sink bowls are upcycled hubcaps from an old Pontiac.

Urinal + Sink Combination

Sink and Urinal Combo

Men are always looking for ways to improve the process, reduce the number of steps required, simplify, simplify, simplify. Here’s a great solution for the man on a mission: a combination urinal and sink. No steps or time lost walking from the urinal to the sink – you can handle it all in one location. Brilliant!

Update Your Man Cave Walls With Signage!

Car Signs Are Great Man Cave Accessories

If you’re looking for cool man cave ideas, then think about your wall decor. Exposed bricks are cool, but you’ve got to break up that monotony somehow. The best way to do that on the cheap is to put a few man cave signs, like car nameplate tin sign, a pressed metal sign of a car or motorcycle brand, and if you can afford the expense,  some cool neon signs too. If you’re on a budget, quality wall decals can look great too. Sure, the wall decoration is hardly at the top of the list of the best man cave ideas, but you want your space to have a nice lived-in feel, and the best way to stamp some individuality onto it without splashing out is with some signage. They’re also good man cave gift ideas for other people to buy you: signs are easy to find, and cheap enough for your family members to buy you.

High Speed Toilet Seat

Racing Car Toilet Seat

I suspect this to be the work of a PhotoShop artist, but nonetheless it does bring up a interesting topic. If a Mancave Garage exists to “get away from it all” then the bathroom in a Mancave should be doubly so.  What the Mancave world needs is an ergonomic toilet seat, scientifically-shaped for long-term occupation, perhaps made of carbon fiber and attached with aircraft grade hardware.

Refrigerated Beer Vault

A Beer Storage Locker

For only about eight grand, you can have a cold keg tapped, another keg cold and ready, plus plenty of room for the bottled beer choice of each of your friends — and for the weird guy down the street who only insists on drinking cider, there’s room for that too. It can be ordered with an alarm that sounds should someone try to slip a diet soda into the beer vault (I made up that last part).

Man Cave Decor Ideas: A Bar!

Portable Man Cave Bar

Having a home bar might seem like an unnecessary luxury when a case of beer and a fridge will do just fine – but there are times when a proper bar will come in handy. Something like this cool portably bar are perfect man cave accessories. You can set it up in a flash and it provided plenty of serving space and useful areas for preparing drinks. It won’t be as good as a proper wet bar, but it’s a fraction of the price. Plus, having functioning bar in your man cave opens you up to a wide range of gift ideas from relatives who struggle to buy for you. Home bar accessories like a cool bottle opener, bar signs, neon signs, glasses, bar stool covers, drinks coasters, and other bar decor make perfect gifts for men who are tricky to buy for. So, get a bar garage setup: because you can’t have the best man cave in the neighborhood without one.


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