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I have been wrecking cars for as long as I've been driving them but I keep coming back for more. Two wheels or four, I'm all in. gives me a chance to give something back to the automobile community.

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Starman Game

  If you are on mobile and would like to watch a video of the game it can be viewed below:

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5 Mystery Muscle Motors of the 1960s that Detroit Never Sold in a Car

Overhead camshaft engines are commonplace today, but Detroit has been tinkering with OHC V8s since the '60s. While some of the most iconic engines of all time were those that made their way into production cars of the '60s, it's highly likely that you've never heard of any of these high-horsepower beasts. From experimental designs…

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The 8 Most Challenging Drivers’ Roads in the US

Automotive enthusiasts live for twisty roads that challenge driver and car alike. The sensations they deliver are universal: The feeling of g forces as they rise when you begin your braking as you approach the turn, the subtle yet irresistible shift of forces as you draw back on the braking and begin the turn-in, the…

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The Worst Cars Sold in America Ever

When people think of worst car ever, they often imagine something like a Pontiac Aztek, which while a little odd looking, was actually a good vehicle. Overinflated pricing had more to do with its demise than its looks, performance or functionality. Now let's look at some cars that are true dogs. No, make that dogs…

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7 Things Every Gearhead Should Know about Superchargers

Superchargers are one of the easiest and most effective ways to increase horsepower. Here are a few facts about superchargers you may just find interesting. While many people associate superchargers with their first appearances in drag racing in the 1950s, the process is actually quite a bit older than that. Those drag racers were using…

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10 Best Engines of the 20th Century

The ending of a century is a noteworthy event. It takes 100 years to reach that point and so much has occurred during those years that have in some way advanced mankind. So news and trade magazines always include an article during the first year of the new century identifying the best things, the most…

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American Cars That Got Weird When Built Overseas

We all act a little differently when we travel outside the country, but these American cars went way off the deep end when built in a different region. Truth be told, each of these cars represent the ingenuity of the local sales and manufacturing arms of the big car companies. Hardly ever given enough budget…

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The 10 Most Groundbreaking Cars in Automotive History

The cars of today owe much to the vehicles that came before them. While it's easy to look at a modern car and complain about something as simple as it not having power windows or locks, there's a long history of discovery and innovation that led to you being able to complain about such a…

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Top 5 street-legal race cars under $10k

Movies like the Fast & Furious franchise have fueled many people’s desire to build a super-fast car and challenge the other guys to a race. I’m not promoting it or even condoning street racing, but facts show it’s more popular today than it has ever been and that may be due to the increasing craze…

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Top 10 Hemi Powered Mopars Of All Times

Hemi represents 3 generations of among the most powerful engines made over 65 years, and we've dared to the pick the 10 best Hemi powered cars and trucks. While the concept had already existed for decades, Chrysler further developed the hemispherical cylinder head (half a sphere) as part of a new aircraft engine design for…

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The Most Reliable SUVs in America (and the Worst, too)

The well-known research firm of JDPower surveyed owners of three-year-old vehicles that were purchased new. Their premise was to help predict the reliability of a current models. In their Dependability Ratings they determine their overall rankings of the Most Reliable SUVs through four categories. Overall dependability reflects on the number of reported malfunctions and analyzing…

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A Guide to Every Small Block Ever Offered in a Car by Chevy

Designed by a talented group of engineer led by the late Ed Cole, the engine that started the small block legacy, the 265, was Chevrolet's first foray into affordable V8 performance in an entry-level sedan, and in doing so created an almost ideal platform to build that basic engine into versions unimaginable in 1954. Today,…

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Nine Japanese Engines with the Worst Engineering Failures

Most of the time everyone wants to talk about the GOATs (Greatest of All Time) and debate which engine they’d swap into their favorite ride if money was no object. Would it be a Nissan RB-series from the famed Skyline GT-R? What about the Toyota 2JZ from the iconic Supra? Both are probably on everyone’s…

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Nissan Maxima Front 3/4 - Used Cars Under $2,000

Top 9 Best Used Cars Under $2000

Finding used cars under $2000 can be a bit of a minefield because, let’s be honest, their best years are going to be behind them now. That doesn’t necessarily mean you’re going to get burned the moment you hand over your cash though, and there are definitely some hidden gems out there. A number of…

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10 All-Time Best JDM Motors

Motors for the Japanese domestic market (JDM) often differed from those that were used in the same car models made for other world markets. Regardless of what the market was producing, these JDM motors are still known for their high endurance and power. We present you the top 10 JDM engines: 1.) Toyota 2JZ-GTE In…

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The Top 6 Biggest Cars in the World

Writing a list of the top 6 biggest cars in the world would be very boring if we stuck to current production models – basically, think of a Rolls-Royce or Bentley and they’re it. In fact, the top seven of the biggest cars in the world are just that. Rather than focusing on modern production…

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F1 Simulator

3D Car Tuning: What You Should Know

Technology has brought many wonderful things to our lives and in fact, pretty much anything you can think of that’s man-made has happened thanks to technology. But 3D car tuning? For those of you that don’t (yet) know what 3D car tuning is, we’re going to try and explain it, why there’s a need for…

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Top 7 AWD Sports Cars

Some people will tell you that an AWD sports car is really only for when the weather takes a turn for the worse, while others will tell you that any AWD sports car is the thing to have for maximizing performance come rain, snow or, ‘shine. Honestly, as much as we love the big power…

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The Best 6 Ford Crate Motors Ever Created

If you’re on the lookout for some Ford crate motors, chances are that you’re looking for something a little extra over your current ride, or you’ve tried pioneering the external combustion engine and thrown a rod through the block. Either scenario is going to cost you some dollars, but depending on exactly what you want,…

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Subaru Impreza WRX STI Convertible front

A Subaru Impreza WRX STI Convertible You Ask? No Problem

A Subaru dealership in Manchester, New Hampshire, offered for sale a car that no one asked for - A Subaru Impreza WRX STI convertible. Subaru never offered the Impreza in convertible guise, although a wagon, sedan and coupe has been offered over the years.  The Car had been professionally converted by Newport Specialty Cars in…

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Now You Can Dream of Owning an Off-Road Subaru BRZ

Yet another artist's rendition of a sports car jacked up on off-road tires has popped up online. This time it is not a million dollar Chiron or Off-Road Model X. No, it is something more subtle in the tune of a Subaru BRZ. The BRZ is a rival to the Mazda MX-5 and Porsche Boxster…

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