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AutoWise Best of Show: The SEMA Show 2021

Top 10 New Automotive Aftermarket Products

The SEMA Show 2021

We searched high and low through the thousand plus vendors at The SEMA Show 2021 for the best new gear. Below are the top 10 products we found that you might want to consider for your next automotive adventure.

Best In Show The SEMA Show 2021


RescueWinchThe RescueWinch isn’t a new idea, but it does look like a quality execution of creating a heavy-duty manual vehicle recovery winch. It is rated to 10K-pounds, weights in at 30-pounds (WAY less than an electric winch), and has 100-feet of synthetic line. It also packs down to the size of a Jerry Can.

You can get your own RescueWinch in early 2022 for $799.

Warn Bronco Parts

Warn Bronco PartsWarn continues to offer high-quality off-road parts and accessories, many built in the USA. The new Ford Bronco was of course the hot ticket at SEMA this year, and Warn stepped up to offer a full lineup of off-road parts for the SUV.

Warn now offers front and rear bumpers, sliders, and wheels for the Ford Bronco.

Factor55 Hitchlink Pro

Factor55 Hitchlink ProI’ve used the quality Factor55 Hitchlink for years, but the new Hitchlink Pro looks like a great refinement of an impressive product. The improvements are designed to work even better with a soft shackle, while still being able to use a steel shackle.

The big improvements are that the radius of the hole in the recovery point is larger to put less point load on soft shackles and a cross-drilled hole in the shank, so the Hitchlink Pro can be rotated in either orientation.

The Hitchlink Pro 2.0 works with 2-inch receivers, will be available in January 2022, and will cost $120.

Comeup Solo Series Winch

Comeup Solo Series WinchComeup continues to be a top-quality off-road recovery winch company and has just released its latest premium winch. The Comeup Solo Series offers a detachable celluloid pack, comes with wired and wireless remotes, only has a max draw of 350 amps mid-draw, and comes with an impressive 8-year warranty.

The Comeup Solo Series winches will be available in January 2022. Pricing on the 12.5rs model, a 12,000 lb winch, is $1,200.

Dometic GLO-A500 Area Light

Dometic GLO-A500 Area LightDometic continues to innovate and offer everything you need for the best overland/car-camping/van life/RV life. The latest product is an impressive LED globe lantern. This little RGB LED light packs a 560-lumen punch, can be controlled through a Bluetooth app, is USB rechargeable, and has a yellow bug mode (so as to not attract bugs to the light).

Dometic GLO-A500 Area LightThe light module is attached to the globe via magnets, and the globe can be used to store small things. This also means that you can use the light without the globe as a video and/or photography light.

The Dometic GLO-A500 Area Light will be available in Spring 2022 and cost $99.99.

iKamper Hybrid Tent

iKamper Hybrid TentiKamper has a ton of new products, and product refinements, coming in 2022. One that caught our eye is their new Hybrid RTT (doesn’t have a formal name yet). The RTT is made of fiberglass with an aluminum framework. The idea is to keep the tent slim and lightweight while offering an easy and versatile way to carry gear and mount accessories.

The iKamper Hybrid Tent will be available in late 2022.

Cooper Discoverer Snow Claw

Cooper Discoverer Snow ClawThe winter weather is upon us and good snow tires are a must in many places around the globe. The latest extreme winter conditions tire from Cooper is the Discoverer Snow Claw, which was just named a Runner-Up in the 2021 SEMA New Product Awards in the Tire and Related Product category. The tire features patented Snow Groove Technology, which allows for greater traction, handling, and stopping power.

For more snow tire options be sure to check out our snow tires buyers guide.

Swiss Linx Wool Blanket

Swiss Linx Wool BlanketsYep, just another blanket. The key here is that the Swiss Linx Wool Blanket is inexpensive ($44.99) and high quality (80% wool). It is available in 5 different plaid patterns, weights 3.7 lbs, and is 88×60-inches. This is the perfect blanket to add to your winter vehicle emergency kit.

American Adventure Lab Spare Tire Platform

American Adventure Lab Spare Tire PlatformIf you need even more room to strap things onto your vehicle and have a rear spare tire carrier, the American Adventure Lab Spare Tire Platform is a great option. The aluminum platform offers a huge amount of versatility to carry a range of products, and mounts on any spare tire from 33- to 40-inches in size.

The Spare Tire Platform was just released and is available now. The basic rack costs $400, and the base rack with the side accessory brackets (as seen in photo) will set you back $500.

Silverado ZR2 Spec Multimatic DSSV Damper Kit

Silverado ZR2 Spec Multimatic DSSV Damper KitNot only can you now buy a Chevrolet Silverado ZR2, but you can buy the impressive Multimatic DSSV dampers that make it so great. The Colorado ZR2 proved how amazing this shock technology can be, both on and off-road, and now we can add it to a full-sized truck with full OEM support.

The Silverado ZR2 Spec Multimatic DSSV Damper Kit will set you back $3,995. It offers up to 2-inches more suspension travel up front and up to one additional inch in the rear.

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