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Funny Road Signs That’ll Make You Laugh

What to Do When Street Signs Are Misspelled or Flat Out Ridiculous?

Funny road signs redefined

When I see hysterical street signs, I can’t help but wonder if it’s that no one cared to change it or if the crew installing them thought it was funny too? It’s probably a bit of both, so we have an overall idea who to thank for the numerous funny road signs in the U.S. and around the globe alike. You would at least expect that before a traffic sign is placed alongside a road, the sign maker would double-check his or her spelling. Apparently, that’s too much to hope for but we’re not complaining. Not when the results are as hilarious as this.

In any event we’ve searched the country for the very best road signs that mean something different to you and me than they did to the person who made them. And thank goodness, because whether they knew what they were doing or they were just plain oblivious, we’re the ones who get the last laugh. Check out the funny signs we’ve dug out and try not to laugh out too loud.

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Let’s start with hysterically inappropriate town names from across the U.S. and Canada, shall we:

Dick Lick Springs, Arkansas

Dick Lick Springs speaks for itself

I don’t know, 13 miles is a long way to drive. Are you sure it’s worth it?

Dildo, Newfoundland – Canada

Dildo. Really?

Hmm, I wonder what they’ll have at the yard sale?

Intercourse, Pennsylvania

Bet it's nice and warm in Intercourse

Not only is it a real place, but it’s right in the middle of Amish country.

Boring, Oregon

Boring, Oregon - officially paired with Dull in Scotland

My understanding is that you encounter this sign as you enter every city in Oregon. Joking aside, Boring has a sister city in Scotland, named Dull. I kid you not!

Climax, Georgia, Michigan, and Minnesota

Climax - approach slowly

That’s right… take it nice and slow. Climax can be reached in Georgia, Michigan, or Minnesota. Or wherever’s most comfortable for you.

I could go on like this whole day, but let’s move on abroad for a moment. Getting to know some foreign cultural heritage can’t hurt, right?

Anus, France

Anus, France

Do I need to say anything?

Pussy, France

Pussy is one of the most lewd town names in the world

French are obviously so lewd that we could easily fill the remainder of this article with their town name signs. They also got Brest, Condom, Bitche, Arse (twinned with Twatt, U.K.), etc.

Bitchfield, U.K.

Bitchfield in England

My ex was born here.

Horní Police, Czech Republic

Horni Police, Czechia

They must have got a nice deal going on with the local “night ladies.”

Cocking Fuckborough, U.K.

Cocking Fuckborough must be one of the funniest town names in the world

Well, at least they’re well aware of the problem.

Fucking, Austria

Fucking must be the funniest town name in the world

This must be the world champion for the funniest town name.

Let’s move on to a more local level with these funny street signs.

street sign Inyo Butte

Two very typical words used in street signs in the desert portions of California. One is a geological formation, Inyo is the name of a County in California in which the Death Valley national park is located. How could putting those two word together make people laugh?

Weiner Cutoff Road

Not a wrong turn you’d want to make. Scarier than most horror movies (including Wrong Turn) if you ask me.

Street sign Major Wood

Maybe he was in the Army? Or maybe, just maybe (conducts a quick search on an adult website of an undisclosed name)… No, nothing there.

Street sign Church - Gay St. connector is the funnies road sign you’ll ever see

I thought the State wasn’t to get involved in Church issues.

Street sign Broomrape

Check it out: They named a street after an episode of “Oz.”

Street sign Charles - Manson St is the scariest road sign of them all

You bet your ass it’s a Neighborhood Watch Area.

Softwood or Morningwood?


Which one are you?

Hiscock boulevard is one of many funny road signs in the U.S.

Who’s cock?

Street sign Katie's crotch

At first Katherine C. Rotch was very excited that a road was being named after her.

Those Darn Republicans will ruin America

Another treat from Wisconsin. History says that the owner deeded this already named street to the city of Chetek with one condition – for them to retain the name. Whom does it depict best nowadays, I wonder?

Big Beaver Rd. is another one of funny road signs

The Big Beaver Road Exit 69 sign is seemly part of Michigan culture. You can buy t-shirts, sweatshirts, coffee mugs, luggage tags, tote bags, truckers’ hats, neck ties, aprons, and other mementos with the an image of the famous highway sign so embedded in Michigan folklore . Thanks to Kelly Dougherty for the suggestion (Kelly, how many Big Beaver key chains do you own?).

Needmore Rd. road sign

Who doesn’t?!

Arlene does what?

Her family must be so proud that there’s a street named after her, but maybe she should have asked they use just her married name.

It's not official but it's still funny as hell

Sadly, this street in Fountain, Colorado doesn’t show on official maps, but if the road takes you there, the sign will be there too.

Funny street sign indeed



I’d like to stop here if you’ll allow me.

Here are a couple of interesting Google maps screenshots instead.

Map depicting Hooker St and Pleasure Dr crossing

With so many of these signs, you have to think that the people who planned and installed them were either extremely oblivious or knew damn well what they were doing? In ever-so-cautious Madison, Wisconsin they’ve separated the signs for Hooker Ave and Pleasure Dr. at opposite corners of the intersection. But since our pal Robin Kempfer was so kind as to tip us off, we’re including this lame map just for her.


Canadian no name streets

Some Canadians apparently suffer from utter lack of creativity when it comes to giving names to streets. At least This St., That St., and The Other St. trio near Porters Lake in Nova Scotia turned up quite funny. Just don’t ask for directions if you find yourself there. It could get confusing.

And here’s some international funny stuff.

Wan King Path

It’s a good thing that they marked the path with a sign. It makes it more convenient for those interested and less embarrassing for those who’d prefer to avoid it

Wong way indeed

It’s actually a street after someone named Wong which makes sense considering this road sign comes from New Zealand, but still…

Badfart street sign

Dude, there’s no way you’re getting out of taking the blame for that one.

Speaking of funny street signs

Wait, what?

Kiek in de what?

I was really, really hoping this means something different in Dutch than it sounds like in English before googling it out. Apparently, it translates to Peep into the Kitchen which is a Low German term for medieval towers which stood high above outlying villages and gave their occupants ability to see into villagers’ kitchens. That’s a load of my mind.

Butts close

The Cambridge Online Discretionary defines the use of the noun Close as “a road that can only be entered from one end.” Butt means the same as in the U.S. You figure it out.

A few more funny road signs:

Funny road signs at their finest

This was an actual detour sign in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

Drunken people crossing

I know some people who should post this sign in their driveway.

Bong recreational area

How nice they set aside an area for this. I hear that there’s plenty of pure spring water available but the place is completely overrun on April 20th.

Satan's Kingdom

Believe it or not, this is a small park alongside the Farmington River in Connecticut. It’s a popular launch point for tubing, where people lay on inner tubes and drift slowly and peaceably down the slow moving stream until they drop to the center of the Earth and enter the gates of Hell (they don’t really advertise that last part).

Let’s move to misspelled street signs which can be equally hilarious.


You had one jbo!

Drinking and driving is lot of fun

Or when you’re painting signs, apparently.

Hilarious street signs

I’m going to guess that this was an “intentional mistake” so the incorrect word order would capture drivers’ attention. Or not.


Slow down… or I’ll tag you with my lazer gun.

funny street signs

The author must have been from Brooklyn.


Must have been painted by a drop-out.


Hey, we really liked your work on those Sotp sign and Shcool Crossing.


Indepednence from the tyranny of spelling!


The fact that there’s a dead rubber chicken hanging from the post should be evidence enough that it’s dangerous.

Proof that road signs can also be confusing

Quick honey, check the tickets. Which airport are we flying out of?

Jonse Beach funny road sign

And I was just Jonse’n to go to the beach.

Vehical... really?

This is where spelling phonetically gets you in trouble.


I believe this sign is in Georgia and is intended to confuse tourists so they remain in the Peach State for the length of their vacation. Since we’re here, why not fuse Georgia and Florida into one state so that the sign makes perfect sense?


Isn’t Aquaririum the recently-discovered 119th element on the Periodic Table?


I’m out of ideas for this one.

I hope these funny street signs made you laugh. If you have a funny sign of your own that we’ve missed, be sure to share it with us.

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