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Ranking The Best Motorcycle Riding Jeans On The Market

The Top Riding Jeans For Stylish Protection

Best Budget Choice
Scorpion Covert Motorcycle Jeans

Scorpion Covert Motorcycle Jeans

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Best Overall Choice
Bull-it SP120 Lite Heritage Straight Fit Jeans

Bull-it SP120 Lite Heritage Straight Fit Jeans

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Best Premium Choice
Rokker Revolution Waterproof Jeans

Rokker Revolution Waterproof Jeans

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Bull-it SP120 Lite Heritage Straight Fit Jeans

Riding wearing a cool pair of motorcycle jeans is the perfect way to look stylish whilst keeping your lower half nice and protected at the same time. While these awesome products aren’t a replacement for hardcore leathers, they’re perfect for the casual rider who wants to keep their legs safe and sound but also needs the practicality of normal-looking trousers at the same time.

These threads offer high levels of defense against abrasive asphalt, with all the necessary padding and reinforcement to ensure a safe ride experience. They’re also comfortable, breathable, and stylish too. But there are so many different brands and types on the market, so which one do you choose? We’ve decided to do the legwork for you and put together a list of the best motorcycle jeans on the market! This is the list we came up with:

Best Budget Choice

1. Scorpion Covert Motorcycle Jeans

Scorpion Covert Motorcycle Jeans

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High-quality protection rarely comes with a low price tag, but the folks at Scorpion have managed to find a compromise. The Covert riding pants are a versatile pair of riding jeans that feature supreme protection, everyday practicality, and a sharp look for a very low price.

The Scorpion Covert motorcycle jeans are made from durable 14 oz denim, with additional 165GSM DuPont Kevlar lining that protects from the waist to the knees. There’s also a very useful mesh liner that promotes positive airflow to stop you from sweating and chafing right where you don’t want to be.

Additional protection can be installed using special pockets that are woven into the design. These jeans can accommodate SAS-TEC knee and hip armor, but they’re sold separately. Though, we highly recommend that you splash out on them.

While the jeans offer great motorcycle riding protection, they also have all of the practical features of regular jeans, such as a standard 5 pocket shape, with a stylish dark indigo wash look too. If you’re looking for a casual look and serious protection on a budget, then these are the jeans for you.

However, if you want to spend more for a few extra features, the Covert Pro jeans feature high-viz material and a Cordura abrasion resistant covering.


Relaxed Fit

5 useful pockets

Available in blue or black

Space for heavier duty armor

2. Street & Steel Sunset Selvedge Jeans

Street & Steel Sunset Selvedge Jeans

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Next, we have another pair of motorcycle jeans that come with a budget price tag. Street & Steel have a number of interesting jeans for riders on the market, but the brand’s Sunset Selvedge jeans are our favorites.

These riding jeans are manufacturers from a 12 oz stretch denim material, with 99% cotton and 1% elastane. The result is a tight but comfortable fit that’s comfortable to wear on two legs or on two wheels. Each pant leg features a seamless knee design for maximum comfort.

In terms of protection, these jeans feature heat and tear resistant panels made from reinforced aramid that protect the seat, knees, and hips. The aramid is abrasion resistant, tough, and strong. Removable and adjustable C.E-approved knee pads are also included. There isn’t any heavy protection around the waist and hips though.

Each pant leg can be cuffed and rolled if necessary, depending on the rider’s style. The cuffed inseam measures 32 inches, with the uncuffed inseam measuring 35 inches. Like normal jeans, these also come with five regular pockets.

These Street & Steel Sunset Selvedge motorcycle riding jeans are available in a raw denim finish only.


Stretch fit for a comfortable ride

Knee pads included for additional protection

Casual, fashionable style

Tear and heat resistant aramid

Best Overall Choice

3. Bull-it SP120 Lite Heritage Straight Fit Jeans

Bull-it SP120 Lite Heritage Straight Fit Jeans

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Very few riding jeans can boast the same protection ratings as these pants. Not for the price tag anyway. Most value style over strength, but these cool bike jeans from Bull-it look the part and boast incredibly high-levels of protection too. These aren’t budget jeans, but they’re not premium units either. They’re mid-range jeans with premium features.

These Bull-it SP120 jeans have been manufactured from a clever 5-layer laminate Covec material. Covec is a technological textile made from a natural and synthetic fabric blend that has impressive abrasion resistance. In fact, the Covec exterior of these jeans boasts an AAA abrasion resistance rating, confirmed by advance CE EN17092 testing.

In short, that means that they’ve proven their abrasion resistance at speed tests of up to 75 mph.

The exterior is impressive, but the interior also has some interesting features. For example, the Bull-it SP120 Lite Heritage jeans have a special moisture-wicking liner to keep you dry and comfortable, pockets for additional armor, and strong, triple stitched seams

These jeans are available in a straight cut with a blue denim finish, in a wide range of sizes. All Bull-it SP120 jeans have five traditional jean pockets.


Covec SP120 LITE liner

Crash tested to 75 mph

Low thermal conductivity reduces friction burn

Armor pockets (armor sold separately)

4. Dainese Charger Jeans

Dainese Charger Jeans

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Dainese is one of the most famous producers of high-quality motorcycle apparel in the business. When it comes to riding protection, Dainese is more or less the industry leader, outfitting and protecting the biggest names in the racing scene, such as Valentino Rossi and Danilo Petrucci, to name but a few. Dainese has brought their racing experience to the streets—this time in casual riding jean form.

Dainese has utilized a number of top notch materials to make these jeans as protective as possible. Rather than rely on armored panels, these jeans have hardwearing denim and aramid woven together throughout the entire garment. On the inside, there’s a DuPont Kevlar lining for extra reinforcement. They also use S1 bielastic fabric for added mobility and comfort.

These armored jeans pack some serious armor. The knees come equipped with adjustable Kit J E1 pads, with removable knee protectors with EN 1621.1 certification, held in place with zipped pockets. For the waist and hips, there’s EN 1621.1 standard Pro-Shape soft armor.

Other cool features include useful reflective inserts, belt loops, zippered pockets, and a fashionable black stone wash finish. The Dainese Charger jeans have a regular cut, with a low rise waistline and a baggier, looser fit than many other jean types on the market.


Race-proven protective features

Armored sections included

Strong denim aramid weave

Reinforced Kevlar sections

5. REV'IT Philly 2 Jeans

REV'IT Philly 2 Jeans

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Next, we’ve some cool motorcycle jeans from another premium motorcycle apparel manufacturer. This time, it’s REV’IT. These Philly 2 jeans are designed to promote safety as well as comfort, with an advanced material weave, excellent air flow, and a looser and more casual fit for the everyday motorcyclist.

These comfortable motorcycle pants are made from a tough 12.5 oz Cordura denim with CoolMax features, with a polyester and cotton lining, and protective layer of 100% polyamide. The result is a strong and durable product with a high abrasion resistance and a comfortable feel.

In terms of protective gear, the Philly 2 bikers jeans feature Seesmart CE-Level 1 protection at the knee, a double-layered lining of PWR|shield material across the knees and seat, with safety stitching at the inseam. There are additional pockets for more armor, but all additional protection must be bought separately.

Like most motorcycle riding jeans, these motorcycle pants have triple stitching in all the relevant places, 5 conventional storage pockets, and wide cuffs to accommodate larger riding boots. These jeans are available in three color options, medium blue, dark blue, and dark grey, and in a wide range of sizes.

These loose fit jeans do run a bit large though, so if you’re in doubt it might be best to size down.


Positive air flow, perfect for hot weather

Adjustable and removable armor

Advanced Cordura and CoolMax blend

Loose fitting, casual look

Best Premium Choice

6. Rokker Revolution Waterproof Jeans

Rokker Revolution Waterproof Jeans

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The Rokker Revolution Waterproof Jeans are some of the best motorcycle riding jeans out there. They do come with a premium price tag, but the extra dollar is spent on extra protection, enhanced comfort, and overall high quality bike wear. These are the most expensive jeans that we’ve featured but if you want the best, you have to pay for it.

Made from an advanced new blend of Schoeller Dynatec and denim that has been engineered to provide improved resistance to abrasion, and paired with a sophisticated c_change membrane that adjusts to the climate and your body heat, you’re guaranteed a safe and comfortable ride. The c_change membrane is both windproof and waterproof that opens and closes to regular your body heat.

While the Schoeller Dynatec fabric provides good protection, Rokker has also included dual-layered sections in high-risk areas, along with CE certified D30 knee and hip protectors. These pads protect your joints in the event of an accident, deflecting impacts and preventing serious damage.

In terms of style and fit, these jeans are designed like Levi 501s rather than your average Kevlar jeans, with a genuine-looking denim finish. They have a smart fit with a straight cut and a high waist with wide leg cuffs for boots. What’s more, these pants are 100% machine washable.

These jeans size a little larger than you’d expect, so going a size up may be a wiser idea for men who are in between sizes.


Sophisticated Schoeller Dynatec material

No rivets that could scratch your paintwork

Removable CE certified armor

Waterproof membrane

All About Motorcycle Jeans: A Buying Guide

What Are Motorcycle Riding Jeans?

Motorcycle jeans are advanced motorcycle riding pants that have been developed to look like casual denim jeans, but using advanced fibers and materials to really protect riders in the event of an accident. While they’re not as protective as leather pants, these motorcycle jeans offer substantial protection. They’re a great compromise for riders who are looking for a more casual and comfortable look, without having to slip into heavy, bulky, and uncomfortable leather trousers.

Over the years, many riders have taken to wearing regular jeans when riding their motorcycles. Unfortunately, old school jeans just don’t offer the right kind of protection, but motorcyclists like the way that they look. So, clever apparel manufacturers decided to develop special jeans that offer the style of regular denim jeans but with the protective features of serious motorcycle riding trousers.

Are Jeans Good For Motorcycle Riding?

In short: no they’re not. However, motorcycle riding jeans are. There’s a difference between regular denim jeans that you can buy from any clothing store and real riding jeans. Regular denim jeans are nice and comfortable to wear, but they lack the fiber density and strength to hold up in the event of an accident. They’re too thin, and will come apart very quickly. Granted, they’re stronger than other regular casual wear that you can buy from the shop, but if you’re traveling (and crashing) at speeds of over 15 miles per hour, they’re not going to help. Great for skateboarding, not great for motorcycling.

Jeans are comfortable to wear, and while they’re not great for motorcycling, they have some notable qualities that motorcycle apparel designers have cleverly amplified and built upon. For example, the weave of denim fibers are quite strong. To make them better for riding, these designers have enhance these fibers with super strong materials, such as Kevlar and other aramid fabrics. When combined with these awesome fabrics, these new jeans can definitely be worn for riding.

Still, it should be noted that motorcycle riding jeans do not offer the same level of protection as real leather motorcycle pants. However, if you want a cool, casual look without compromising on protection, consider wearing a pair of motorcycle jeans over the top of under-armor. That way, you can look cool and have the ultimate leg protection.

What Kind Of Jeans Do Bikers Wear?

While there are many riders who are happy to take a chance wearing regular denim jeans, it’s not an ideal fabric to wear unless it has been enhance with some extra strong fibers. If you’re unlucky enough to find yourself sliding along an asphalt road at speed, you’re going to want some protective gear on to protect your skin. Otherwise, you’ll learn that skin doesn’t last very long.

That’s why it’s important that motorcyclists wear jeans that have been specifically developed to offer the best protection possible. These special jeans offer improved abrasion resistance, reinforced back, seat, and knee parts, and innovative fiber blends that will protect your lower half against every kind of accident-related damage.

What Are The Best Kevlar Jeans?

Not all motorcycle jeans use Kevlar in them, but if you’re specifically looking for a pair that features the legendary DuPont Kevlar material then a set of Dainese Charger Jeans will put you in good stead. However, there are a lot of jeans available that don’t have Kevlar in them.

Important Things To Consider When Buying Riding Jeans


When it comes to shopping for new riding jeans, always take a look at the level of protection offered. A good pair of jeans will be made of a top notch fabric that can withstand abrasions, protect your legs, and won’t disintegrate on contact with the road.

Always look out for jeans with pockets that can accommodate armor, or for jeans with CE-approved armor already included. Protection should be your number one priority when shopping around.


The fit is something you should take into careful consideration. These jeans probably won’t fit like regular pants. They may need to have a higher waist to keep your lower torso adequately protected, or they may have longer legs than usual to make sure that your ankles are protected when you’re actually up and riding. While manufacturers try their best to make their sizing as obvious as possible, it’s always worth reading the reviews to see just how a pair of jeans fit, and if certain brands run a little larger or smaller.

Take into account the rest of your riding gear before pulling the trigger on a purchase. If you like to wear large boots, make sure that they fit under the jeans. If you prefer to wear under-armor, make sure you take that into account when sizing your purchase. Don’t get caught out with odd sizing!


While it’s easy to believe that the most expensive has to be the best, it’s not always true. In fact, there are plenty of premium priced products that aren’t as good as some of the budget-priced units. Don’t discount a product just because it has a low price tag. However, don’t assume that a cheap product is necessarily a good one. If you buy from reputable online shops and dealers, you’ll learn that most won’t sell an unsafe product. Always read the reviews and do your research before committing to a purchase!

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