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Digital Nomads Rejoice: The Nissan Office Pod Concept Slays The Lockdown Blues

Nissan’s Office Pod Concept Goes Off The Beaten Path To Redefine The Modern Workplace

Nissan Office Pod Concept van

The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has forced the world to rapidly change the way we approached many of the things that we once took for granted. This includes how we do our jobs, with many workers being forced to work from home as a result of lockdowns and corporate policies. With the high amounts of cabin fever that this setup inevitably produces, many have resorted to hitting the road to satiate their thirst for adventure, with the pandemic creating a surge in the demand for RVs and other adventure-ready vehicles. Nissan has seized the opportunity of these trends to create quite possibly the ultimate rolling off space. The Nissan Office Pod Concept takes #vanlife to the next level of productivity.

Productivity & Relaxation In A Compact Mobile Package

Nissan Office Pod Concept van

‘Office Pod’ might sound like the name of a fancy workstation, but Nissan designers went to great lengths to ensure that the concept went far beyond what’s usually seen in the boring and sadly typical workplace cubicle. This unique rolling office is based on the Japanese market NV350 Caravan. It comes equipped with everything you might need for a day at the office. A built-in office chair, desk, and computer all can be extended out the rear of the van thanks to an expanding slide-out pod. This helps achieve an open-air working environment, but the contraption can be quickly stowed away when the weather turns nasty or the mosquitos start to attack.

A set of portable steps helps improve entry and exit into the van, which is also the way to access the lounge deck. As is the case with some RVs (especially sky deck equipped fifth wheels,) the Nissan Office Pod Concept comes equipped with a roof-mounted deck that can be accessed via a small ladder from inside the van. Make your way up there and you will find a large lounge space equipped with a sleek patio style recliner and a large umbrella to help keep the sun at bay on warm summer afternoons. 

Style For The City & Wilderness

Nissan Office Pod Concept van

The exterior styling of the Office Pod Concept doesn’t stray too far from its NV350 roots, but the concept does feature a scalloped design pattern on the sides, as well as fender extensions to help provide clearance for the knobby all-terrain tires. The dark green contrast paint further enhances the rugged undertones and helps make the Office Pod feel right at home in tight urban centers, or even out in the furthest reaches of the wilderness away from the ever-watchful eye of the boss. 

Will The Nissan Office Pod Concept See Production?

Nissan Office Pod Concept van

For the moment, the Nissan Office Pod is a one-off concept that makes its debut at the 2021 Tokyo Motor Salon. As mentioned, camper vans are seeing a resurgence in popularity, and the Office Pod Concept does do a good job of taking many of the core attributes that define a proper go-anywhere recreational vehicle and packages them in a very unique way. The NV350 Caravan is not for sale in the U.S. but it can be found in Mexico where it’s sold there under the Urvan moniker.

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