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10 Badass Polaris Slingshot Customs

These Custom Polaris Slingshot Projects Make Side By Sides Look Awesome

Spitire's Revenge SSV Works Polaris Slingshot Customs2

This is what happens when some of the coolest custom garages get their hands on the Polaris Slingshot – it might have more wheels than most motorcyclists are used to, and one less than a conventional car, but the badass Slingshot is one hell of a weapon, and here are our favorite custom builds. If you’re not already familiar with the Polaris Slingshot, here’s some quick information…

The Legendary Polaris Slingshot

Front View Of A Custom Slingshot

Described as either a “three wheeled motorcycle” or an “open air roadster” the Polaris Slingshot is an unconventional vehicle that has been impressing audiences and wildly dividing opinions ever since it rolled onto the scene in 2014. Essentially, it’s a sports car with motorcycle ergonomics…or is at a motorcycle with sports car tendencies? It’s a mixture of both, really, that features a steering wheel, side-by-side bucket seats, but no roof or doors…and to make things extra weird, most jurisdictions require riders and passengers to wear motorcycle helmets whilst in motion. And since it comes powered by a beastly 2,400cc inline four engine that produces 173 horsepower, 166 lb-ft of peak torque, and can hit 60 mph in 4.6 seconds, and the Polaris Slingshot top speed? A respectable 130 mph, so wearing a helmet is a wise option. With performance specs like that and such a unique drive/ride experience, it’s not hard to see why the Polaris Slingshot garners so much interest.

The Slingshot In Motion

You’d think that a machine as popular as the Polaris Slingshot would already have a couple of lists dedicated to it, but amazingly, there aren’t any out there. We also tried looking around for cool custom pages or sites devoted to Polaris Slingshot customs, but there wasn’t a lot of information to be found. These days, conventional motorcycle custom sites are a dime a dozen, but we thought there would be more love for the Slingshot…but apparently not. With that in mind, we’re going to try and right that wrong by putting together a quick list of the best Polaris Slingshot customs that we’ve found.

Slingshot Rear Quarter

Since the Slingshot isn’t as versatile a machine as a motorcycle, most customs don’t appear to be that wild – but while the bodywork may seem unchanged and you may not see any extended swing arms nearby, these three-wheelers are packing some awesome mods. Turbochargers? Some have got them. Convertible roofs? It’s not unheard of. Carbon fiber bodies? Oh yeah, they’ve got them. Crazy sound systems? You bet. A fourth wheel? At least one of them has one.

Slingshot Front Quarter

We’ve managed to find 10 Polaris Slingshot customs that we think are worthy of this list, but we’re sure that there are plenty more that we’ve missed. It’s such a crazy vehicle and we’re sure there are loads out there that aren’t getting the exposure that they deserve. We’d love to see more, so let us know of any that you think are worthy of inclusion! So, without further ado, let’s take a look at 10 badass Polaris Slingshot customs!

10 Badass Slingshot Customs!

#10. The Yoenis Céspedes Custom by Auto Firm

Yoenis Céspedes Custom by Auto Firm

Miami’s Auto Firm is responsible for plenty of jaw-dropping custom rides, but when the company turned their attention to a Polaris Slingshot owned by New York Mets outfielder Yoenis Céspedes, things got serious. As you can see, they’ve taken the Slingshot to entirely new levels. Featuring a front splitter and refined aerodynamics, and entirely new paint scheme, you’d think that that would be enough. However, the team at Auto Firm didn’t stop there. After giving the engine a professional tune, they installed a hydraulic suspension system, to keep that ride height nice and adjustable, added an Avorza sound system, full LED lighting package, and just to make things nice and crazy, Auto Firm treated it with a turbo kit too. It might seem a little excessive, but when you’ve just signed a new contract with the New York Mets underlined with a figure of around $22.5 million a year, you can spend your money on as many $75k custom Slingshots as you want. Here’s some TMZ footage of it in action!

#09. The Four Wheeler by Bullet Speed & Design

The Four Wheeler by Bullet Speed & Design

“The Quad conversion doesn’t turn heads, it snaps necks” says Florida based Bullet Speed & Design, and boy do we believe them. A 4 wheel slingshot might seem like sacrilege, but adding that extra wheel brings it one step (or one wheel) closer to the likes of modern supercars instead. Maybe not modern supercars, but maybe like the KTM X-Bow instead – and that’s a damn cool machine. Anyway, the good folks at Bullet Speed & Design have engineered a remarkable quad conversion kit that requires no drilling, cutting, or fabrication of any kind – it’s a total bolt-on setup, and the coolest of Slingshot mods out there.

Featuring F1 inspired Push Rod/Rocker IRS suspension, a rear differential from Infinity, an in-house engineered drive system, Yamaha R1 shocks with piggyback reservoirs or the more upmarket Billet Hyperpro 461 shock option, and more billet aluminum parts that you could ever possibly imagine. If you’ve ever wanted a 4 wheel Slingshot with a little more traction, you know who to call: the guys down at Bullet Speed & Design, that’s who. I wonder if they’d try making a 4 seater Slingshot someday…?

#08. The Turbo LS3 Engined Polaris Slingshot by Alpha Powersports

Turbo LS3 Engine Custom by Alpha Powersports

What do you do if you like the ride experience of your Polaris Slingshot but want a touch more power? You call Wisconsin’s Alpha Powersports, and they’ll rip out the existing engine and fill the void with a Chevrolet LS3 crate engine. And then they’ll turbocharge it. Yeah, that’s right. While the existing Slingshot engine is already a beastly 2,400cc, apparently it has room to hold a 6.2 liter engine instead – 6.2 liters translating as 6,200cc for those who don’t know – which is capable of delivering a monstrous 430 horsepower. Nice, right? But with the simple addition of a Precision Turbo, billet ball-bearing 76mm turbocharger, that same engine now delivers and ungodly 750 hp instead. Of course, there’s more going on to, with a new automatic transmission, an automatic shifter system, custom engine mounts, custom bodywork, new shocks, new brakes, adjustable hydraulic ride height suspension, and more. Unfortunately, you need to be a wealthy oil baron to afford one of these. Or afford it and enjoy it, rather.

#07.The Kid Rock SS-R Concept by Bob Fehan Motorsports

The Kid Rock SS-R Concept by Bob Fehan Motorsports

This offering is the product of a legitimate partnership between Polaris and Detroit’s Bob Fehan Motorsports, and rather unusually, it has been built as a tribute to Detroit’s very own bad-boy musician Kid Rock…for some reason. To pay homage to the rocket, Bob Fehan Motorsports decided to give this Polaris Slingshot a fancy turbocharger and some other awesome mods. The turbocharger system on the “SS-R” is an inter-cooled unit that now allows the Slingshot’s stock 2.4 liter motor to deliver a staggering 400 horsepower to the rear wheel. Naturally, that kind of power boost requires some extra engineering, and to keep things rolling smoothly, the team at Bob Fehan Motorsports added road-race suspension upgrades to ensure a thrilling ride-experience. To complement the awesome power, the team also produced a unique, custom-built carbon fiber body, an awesome wing spoiler, and installed a baller lighting system. There are also a few extra surprises thrown in for good measure, like two racing seats, a flat-bottoms steering wheel, a short-throw shifter, and more! Polaris chief Steve Menneto described it at its unveiling: Standing out from the crowd and delivering an on-road experience like no other is what Slingshot is all about.  With its distinctive style to its turbocharged performance, the Kid Rock SS-R concept is as bold as the rocker himself.”

#06. The Iron Man Polaris Slingshot by Gatorwraps

Iron Man Slingshot by Gatorwraps

Not all customs have to be performance oriented, and while we love to see crazy power figures and innovative charging systems, sometimes a simple aesthetic overhaul is all that’s required. The Polaris Slingshot is already a head-turning vehicle, and even when parked next to Maseratis and Ferarris that come with a far higher price tag, the Slingshot usually gets more than its fair share of attention. So, it doesn’t really need massive power specs to keep people interested, and it’s already an unusual enough looking machine…so what do you do to give it a bit more edge? You add a wrap of course. Now, this particular one comes from Gatorwraps, a cool wrap company based out of Ontario, California. Based on Marvel’s Iron Man, we think they’ve managed to transform the Slingshot into an awesome superhero vehicle. For something like this, it would be easy to go full Batman and Batmobile it to death, so we’re glad they’ve taken it down a different route. This truly looks like something that Tony Stark would have in his garage. Except his would probably be jet powered or something.

#05. The Silver Surfer by SSV Works

Silver Surfer by SSV Works

This absolute stunner goes by the name of the “Silver Surfer” and it was lovingly crafted by the good folks at SSV Works. SSV Works, or Side By Side Vehicle Works, is a company that specializes in manufacturing quality parts and products specifically for side-by-side vehicles, out of a small workshop in Oxnard, California – and they know a thing or two about Slingshot mods. This model here boasts more than just a stunning exterior. While the bodywork is what gets onlookers all hot under the collar, there’s so much more going on. Thanks to a load of custom fiberglass panels, this Slingshot hides a load of speakers, including two badass 6.5” speakers and dual “behind the seat” 10” subwoofers – all controlled by a tidy Bluetooth Media Controller. On top of that, the Silver Surfer boasts TBM racing brakes, custom PRP seats, Motegi MR120 wheels, Michelin Pilot tires, a steering wheel and hub from Assault Industries, loads of blue powder coating, and of course, that awesome chrome wrap from Proline Wraps. It might not have the wildest performance going, but it has a seriously distinctive look.

#04. The “Vellano” by MC Customs

The “Vellano” by MC Customs

MC Customs of Miami, Florida, are one of the country’s most prestigious custom car garages, and they’re usually more at home working on four-wheeled luxury vehicles than on the likes of the Polaris Slingshot, but they’ve got a couple of beasts in their portfolio, and this one is particularly special. Aesthetically, it’s an absolute work of art that elevates the Slingshot into the realm of the luxury supercar, but at a fraction of the price. Now wrapped in an understated, minimalist styling, it looks like it should belong in an A-list celebrity’s garage. But what really makes this build special, and a lot more exclusive, is the use of Vellano Forged Wheels. For this Slingshot, MC Customs decided to install a set of VM31 Monoblock wheels from Vellano, three 22” units treated with a gorgeous gloss black and color-matched white finish. Is it the most outlandish custom on the list? Absolutely not- but is it the sexiest? Oh yes.

#03. The “Orlando Magic” Polaris Slingshot by Next Level Inc.

The “Orlando Magic” Custom by Next Level Inc.

By now, you might have noticed that most Polaris Slingshot enthusiasts and custom garages seem to be based in Florida, and this next entry is the perfect example of a Floridian fan-work. Built by Next Level Inc, an automotive customization shop based out of Orlando, this custom takes a love for the Orlando Magic basketball team to the literal next level. Taking inspiration directly from team’s logo, Next Level Inc began by wrapping the Slingshot in a classic Orlando Magic blue color. To complement the color, the guys installed new custom stitched seats emblazoned with the sports team’s logo. But that’s not all. To really set this Slingshot apart from the crowd, Next Level Inc treated the three-wheeler to a new set of custom wheels and bedazzled them with a custom LED lighting kit, topped with a set of cool custom Orlando Magic puddle projector lights to show off the team logo. This takes a love for your team to the next level, and that’s why we dig it.

#02. The Slingshot X For Tanner Foust by Sling Street

Slingshot X For Tanner Foust by Sling Street

This awesome custom was built specifically for Daytona Bike Week, and took no less than two performance tuners to complete – Slingshot X and Slingstreet. Since this was built with performance in mind, the original engine was pulled out and given a complete overhaul, with upgraded internals and the addition of a custom-built and completely bespoke turbocharger system. The newly upgraded “Slingshot X” now produces in excess of 400 horsepower, but that’s not all. To help deliver that power, the builders installed a four-speed automatic transmission twinned with paddle shifters, sport tuned suspension, Willwood brakes, Sparco Seats and a set of awesome HRE wheels fitted with Continental tires. The most significant performance update would be the addition of Tanner Foust in the driving seat…Watch him in action in the video below. Here’s what Craig Scanlon, the Slingshot VP, had to say:  “Slingshot X is pure exhilaration, testing the limits of both driver and machine. Tanner Foust, Mad Media, and all involved have created an incredible testament to the capability of this one-of-a-kind vehicle.”

#01. The Spitfire’s Revenge by SSV Works

Spitfire’s Revenge by SSV Works

Despite the impressiveness of the above mentioned Polaris Slingshot custom, there’s another one that we like a little bit more. This is another offering from the illustrious SSV Works, and it’s a cut above their last build. This one is called the “Spitfire’s Revenge” and it’s one of the most amazing Polaris Slingshot customs that we have ever seen. Specially commissioned by Polaris, the Spitfire’s Revenge takes its inspiration from the air force, and while it looks the part, there’s more to it than a sexy paint job and some exposed rivets. Every inch of this Slingshot has been fully customized, including the steering system, the gear shifter, the dash board and instrumentation, the seats, the new roll bars and even more.

Slingshot Next To Airplane

Since SSV Works specialize in top tier audio systems, they couldn’t resist giving the Spitfire’s Revenge a boost in the audio department too. They installed kick panel speakers, side speakers, behind the headrest speakers and a set of 10” subwoofers behind the seats too. Working with the likes of PRP Seats, Assault Industries and JRI Shocks too, you can bet that this custom Polaris Slingshot is the hottest one out there. You don’t even have to like these odd three-wheel motorcycle machines to appreciate the quality of this awesome build, right?

Spitire's Revenge SSV Works 2

The Stock Polaris Slingshot: The Specs

Now that you’ve seen some of the coolest Slingshot customs, why not take a look at the regular, stock Polaris Slingshot?

If you’re not familiar with the Slingshot, it’s a three-wheeled motorcycle with side-by-side seating, controlled by a tilt-adjustable steering wheel. It’s a machine that blurs the line between motorcycle and automobile, with the open air freedom of a motorcycle but with the safety and comfort of a car.

The “autocycle” (as it’s often classified) motor vehicle has a strong frame with dual front wheels and a single rear wheel configuration. The base level model features 17” rims, with a single tire of 18” at the rear, while the more advanced models offer 18” forged aluminum rims at the front, with a 20” rim at the back with a wider profile rear tire. There are different levels of trim depending on which model of Polaris Slingshot motorcycles you’ve chosen, however, in terms of performance they all have similar statistics.

The Polaris Slingshot SLR comes equipped with a GM Ecotec 2.4 liter inline four-engine. This is the same four-cylinder engine that you used to find on the Pontiac Solstice and Saturn Sky cars. Power is delivered from the Slingshot engine using a synchromesh 5-speed manual transmission. In total, the Slingshot can produce 173 horsepower at 6,200 rpm, 166 lb-ft of torque at 4,700 rpm, and hit a top speed of 130 mph.

More advanced models, such as the Grand Touring option, come with stunning special features. For example, your ride experience is controlled by the Slingshot’s advanced Ride Command multi-touch display Infotainment system which allows for turn by turn navigation, Rockford Fosgate powered audio, and full accessibility to your vehicle’s information.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much is a Polaris Slingshot?

How much does a Polaris Slingshot cost? The base level Slingshot S starts at just below $20k. The Slingshot SL is priced from $25,499, the Slingshot SLR at $28,999, and the range topping SLR Grand Tourer is priced at $29,500.

Does Polaris Slingshot require motorcycle license?

The laws vary from state to state. Most states only require a driving license since, but New York, Massachusetts, Wisconsin, and Alaska require motorcycle endorsements for the operation of a Polaris Slingshot.

How long is a Polaris Slingshot?

The overall length of a stock Polaris Slingshot is 12’ 6” or 3.8 meters long.

How fast does a Polaris Slingshot go?

The top speed of the Polaris Slingshot is approximately 130 mph.

Where are Polaris Slingshots made?

The Polaris Slingshot is manufactured at the company’s plant in Alabama. Though Polaris has a number of plants, the Slingshot models are only made in Alabama.

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