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A Cool $5.7-Million Will Buy You The DB5 Vantage Icons Collection

James Bond Would Even be Drooling at This Aston Martin DB5 Vantage Collection: A Coupe, A Convertible, and THE Shooting Brake

Aston Martin DB5 Vantage Icons Collection

Forget about having one Aston Martin DB5 Vantage in your garage to play out those James Bond or British country lane fantasies. This is what you really want: three of the ultra-rare Aston model including a coupe, convertible, and the only DB5 Vantage Shooting Brake in the world. They’re for sale in one amazing lot at a classic Aston Martin dealer in Hertfordshire, England. This is the DB5 Vantage Icons Collection and it will set you back $5.7-Million to have it grace your garage.

Bond’s Ride Is The ‘Common’ Car in This Lot

DB5 Vantage Coupe

When the “common” car in your trio is a DB5 Vantage coupe, you know you have something quite special. This one is finished in Silver Birch with black hide, just like Bond’s, making it one of the most iconic automobiles ever created. As a Vantage-spec car, it has a revised version of the 4.0L inline-6 that makes an extra 40 hp for a total of 325.

Just 65 DB5 Vantage coupes were built in total, which would be, in normal company, rare as a hen’s tooth.

DB5 Vantage Convertible Gives Us the Blues

DB5 Vantage Convertible

Except that 1 of 65 is utterly pedestrian when compared with the next on the list, a DB5 Vantage Convertible that is 1 of just 5 ever made (or maybe a couple more depending on who you ask). Better than that, the car is not the usual dull silver or even the common racing green. Instead, the Carrozzeria Touring Superleggera-penned and stamped body is finished in a stunning period combination of Caribbean Pearl Blue over White Gold leather interior and roof.

If you can think of a better-looking way to cruise the coast this summer, we’re all ears. And eyes.

One of One DB5 Shooting Brake

DB5 Vantage Convertible

Last on the list is the DB5 Vantage Shooting Brake. Yes, not a, but THE Vantage Shooting Brake. Aston Martin is said to have built the original long roof DB5 to fit DB (David Brown)’s gun dog and other sports gear. Eleven customers asked for one of their own, and this was the only one built to Vantage spec.

The aluminium body was hand-formed by coachbuilders Harold Radford & Sons and is finished in California Sage over red interior hides.

Collection Comes Loaded With History

DB5 Vantage Shooting Brake

All three of these ultra-rare Astons have been completely restored, the selling dealer says, with it taking 12 years to bring them all into the same collection. Beyond the restoration, each one comes with a fully-loaded file that has their original production details, British Motor Industry Heritage Trust documents that confirm original specification and engine and body numbers, as well as a full-stack of maintenance records and the story of each car from the time it left the factory in Newport Pagnell until now.

“In the 40 or more years I have been dealing in Aston Martin cars, I have never been more excited than to offer this fabulous collection of Iconic DB5 Vantages. Each one of them extremely rare, they are all in a beautifully restored condition” said Nicholas Mee, Founder and namesake of the dealer selling the collection.

DB5 Vantage Icons Collection, Ultimate Cost?

Nicholas Mee & Company has been trading and servicing in Aston Martins for more than 28-years with its founder in the marque even longer, so the statement really means something. Mee calls this the Vantage Icons Collection and is asking £4 million ($5.7m) for the trio.

Is that a reasonable price for this collection? With 3-models this unusual, two with single-digit production, and one that is the only one in existence, it would seem the sky is the limit for any collector trying to catch them all.

For more on the history of these, as well as the 70 years of Aston Martin Vantage, check this out.

One for your weekly commute, one for the weekend, and one when it’s time for a trip to the shops? Hard to beat this trio, even if your insurer would cringe at the possibilities. What we know for sure is that we would love to drive one. Especially the convertible, but we’re not fussy.

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