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Custom Harleys - Rough Crafts Urban Cavalry

10 Maverick Custom Harleys That Break The Standard HD Stereotype

Scramblers, flat trackers, café racers, stretched sport bikes, and custom Harleys: you’d think that by now we’d have seen it all, but there are plenty of custom builders out there surprising us at every turn. When you think of scramblers, you think of chunky tires and long travel suspension. Flat trackers need a racing number…

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Custom Motorcycle Helmets - Ninja Turtles 1

Top 10 Badass Custom Motorcycle Helmets!

Custom bikes are one thing, but what about custom motorcycle helmets? You don’t have to be a professional rider to warrant your own custom helmet, and there are plenty more options out there than the tired old Predator helmet trend that doesn’t seem able to die. Sticking on a Mohawk is one thing, gluing on…

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Custom Scooters 3 - The Redman ’59 by AFS Taiwan

Top 10 Custom Scooters That Break The Moped Stereotype!

While there’s no shortage of custom motorcycles out there, what about custom scooters? Whenever we think of the word “motorcycle” we always think of sporty crotch rockets from Japan or effortlessly cool American cruisers, but in reality, the bulk of the world’s two wheeled machines are nothing of the sort. They’ve got two wheels, they’ve…

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Custom Trucks That Will Blow Your Mind

  There is something about our rare breed that attracts every gearhead to the line of custom trucks at any auto show. It may be the raised or lowered ride height, the tricked out bed, or the chopped each his own. The freedom and variety of choice is one of the greatest things about…

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“Sophia” A Race-Bred Suzuki GSX-R1000 By Andrew Zivic

How do you turn a bone stock 2005 Suzuki GSX-R1000 into a furious track racer? Ask Andrew Zivic, because he knows exactly how to make this one purr. The 34-year-old bar manager from Diberville, Massachusetts, managed to find himself a bargain 2005 Suzuki GSX-R1000 that he had some big plans for. The bike came to…

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Buell Blast 7

Check Out This Insane Apartment Built Buell Blast Custom!

This incredible Buell Blast custom was built in a small Chicago apartment, with limited tools, in a guy’s spare time. We’ve seen Buell’s turned into custom works of art before, but this is the first time we’ve seen the entry-level, 492cc single cylinder Buell Blast machine get turned into something that looks as exclusive as…

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1941 ford truck

1941 Ford Custom Show Truck

How often have you walked around either the local classic car club show or a huge classic car arena and drooled over some astonishingly clean retro rides? Whether your answer falls between "every single weekend" or "that's happened once or twice," there's no doubt you'll enjoy feasting your eyes on this custom 1941 Ford Pickup.…

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Bell Helmets Cover Image

Top 10: The Best Bell Helmets To Suit All Your Riding Needs!

Bell Helmets make some of the sturdiest, most reliable, and most comfortable motorcycle helmets on the market. Over the last 60 years, the brand has built tough protective helmets for street racers, track racers, dirt racers and regular riders all over the world. While Bell Helmets are easily one of the most recognizable brands out…

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The 1970 K5 Blazer We All Wish We Had

One of the sweetest K5 Blazers we've ever seen comes to us from TMI Products. We first laid eyes on the topless beauty at the 2016 SEMA Show in Las Vegas, Nevada. This 1970 K5 Blazer was restored to have a “nostalgic feel with a modern twist” as desired by Larry Ashley, the head of…

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Yamaha R6 Custom 9

The “Retro Six” Yamaha R6 Custom – By Vintage Addiction

It’s a rare thing to find something with a retro finish that also packs a punch in the performance department – and this Yamaha R6 custom from Vintage Addiction is one of those rare things. When it comes to the modern custom scene, we see some very beautiful motorcycles. They’re built to a wonderfully high…

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Vespa Custom 1

This Is Probably The Coolest Vespa Custom You’ll Ever See!

You might not guess it straight away, but this is a Vespa custom – and it’s a hell of a lot more impressive than having a few extra mirrors bolted on to the front and giving it a "we are the mods" inspired paint job. This one is a scrambler…and unlike a lot of modern…

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Indian Scout Custom 3

The 185 HP “Miracle Mike” Indian Scout Custom – Young Guns Speed Shop

NOS. 185 HP. And no forward controls: this ain’t no cruiser. It might be carrying Indian DNA, but this absolute beast is probably the sportiest Indian Scout custom you’re gonna see. While the Indian Scout is a remarkable machine, words like “edgy,” or “exciting” will probably never be used to describe it. The Victory Octane…

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ZIFE Design Go Futuristic And Re-invent The Honda CBR600RR!

Got a Honda CBR600RR that needs a bit of excitement injected into it? Look no further, because ZIFE Design have got you covered. This bike isn’t for sale, and there won’t be any parts or a kit on offer, but for pure unadulterated inspiration, we’ve got a stunning gallery of this bad boy for you…

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The Indian Chieftain Custom Contest: The Winners!

Here we have the winning entrees from the Indian Chieftain custom contest. Ten Indian dealerships across North America took part, and the winners have just been announced. The competition began back in October 2016, with a completion deadline for January 2017. The ten dealerships were tasked with building the most formidable Indian Chieftain baggers that…

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Revival Cycles “Revive” A Crashed Confederate Hellcat!

Revival Cycles give a crash damaged Confederate Hellcat a complete custom makeover, and the result is pretty interesting. If you ever wondered what you would do with a crashed Confederate motorcycle then here’s your answer: you take it to one of the country’s best custom garages and get them to go to town on it.…

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1979 Yamaha XS1100 “Eleven” Goes Steampunk – Seoz Bikes

To some people, the 1979 Yamaha XS1100 was a bit plain. Sure, it was Yamaha’s first four-cylinder, four-stroke engine, it had a respectable power output of 94 hp, and a fierce top speed at the 129.4 mph marker. Rocksteady and reliable. Though, it was somewhat lacking in the “interest” department. Given the choice of the…

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Old Empire Customs: The Ducati 900SS “Typhoon”

Take a look at this awesome build from UK custom garage Old Empire Motorcycles. Based around a Ducati 900SS Supersport, this isn’t your average custom machine. There’s no shoddy workmanship going on here, just fine fabrication and an abundance of ideas. It might seem a little on the steampunk side, and it might be considered…

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The EVA “Midnight Runner” by Apache Customs And Energica

You’re either going to love this one, or you’re going to hate it. And that’s before we even mention that it’s electric… This strange motorcycle is the result of a collaboration between Energica and Apache Custom Motorcycles, and is the fusion of two very different ideals: modern technology, with old school styling. In this case,…

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Turbo BMW S1000RR by Motokouture Motorcycles

Belgium based garage Motokouture Motorcycles have taken the already incredible BMW S1000RR to the ultimate extreme: they’ve turbo charged one. Now, you’re not going to find many people who’ll argue with you if you insist that the S1000RR is an insanely quick and furious motorcycle in stock form. But when you throw a turbo charger…

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Forget The Superlight Motorcycle…This One Is Made Of Stone!

Yeah, all the bodywork from this motorcycle is made of stone. It's an actual stone motorcycle. Thanks to an awesome competition from Custombike magazine from Germany, and transmitted across the internet by bikeexif, we’ve now had a glimpse at a Honda CX500 that features some seriously heavy bodywork. 60 kilos of it, in fact. Forget…

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The Lamborghini Espada V12 Motorcycle – by Chuck Beck

We’ve seen all kinds of weird car-engined motorcycles in the past, but this awesome Lamborghini Espada V12 motorcycle from Chuck Beck is fast becoming our favorite. From what we can gather, it seems like Chuck is a meticulous car mechanic by day, who decided to build a motorcycle to accommodate a Lamborghini engine that he’d…

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