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The 1000-hp Bisimoto Honda Odyssey Will Be Available At Mecum’s Monterey Auction

This Bisimoto Honda Odyssey Packs 1000 Horsepower!

As soon as we mention Bisimoto and the company owner Bisi Ezerioha, you will suddenly realize that we never made a typo in the title. Yep, that’s right, a Honda Odyssey has had a mega modification seeing the family van soar with a massive 1000hp. Bisimoto has yet again impressed us with another fast and furious front-wheel drive. This hot Honda is just the latest in a long line of vehicles that Bisi has revamped. You surely remember his impressive modification of the Elantra GT delivering 600hp, and of course the 708hp Hyundai Sonata.

Say Hello The 1000hp Honda Odyssey

1000hp honda odyssey

This honorable Honda has been captured by the media engaging in some wild and wonderful wheel-spins. Literally with rubber burning, this stunning machine highlights the sheer power and force of the Odyssey. It’s actually overwhelming!

bisimoto honda odyssey

Bet you are wishing you could get your hands on this bad boy, ruling the road in the rapid and ravishing revamp. Well, your wish may be about to come true! This very month, the mean machine will be sold at the Mecum’s Monterey auction to one lucky bidder. While of course you are purely thinking of practicality with this purchase, the power and performance are an added bonus.

bisimoto odyssey

bisimoto honda

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