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2017 Toyota 86 Is Just A Redesigned Scion FR-S With A Shameful Power Up

Scheduled for revealing at the New York Auto Show, the redesigned Toyota GT86, or as we better know it, the Scion FR-S, has surfaced the web. Toyota wants to tease us a bit as they have only released two pictures, but perhaps these pictures are all we need to assess the gravity of changes in…

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The Toyota GT86 GRMN Finally Got More Power But For An Insane Price

It is happening. Finally, it is happening - the Toyota GT86, better known as the Scion FRS or the Subaru BRZ is getting a more powerful engine - at least in Japan. Releasing the car called the 86 GRMN, Toyota finally demonstrated the will to improve the Subaru-built two-liter boxer engine and offered it with…

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10 Most Likely Car Companies to Fail Within a Decade

Automakers come and go, and we saw huge examples of this in recent years with the elimination of a ton of big-name brands. Some of the brands we’ve seen go away in the last 20 years include giants like Plymouth, Mercury, Oldsmobile, and Pontiac. It is inevitable that we’ll see many more automakers come and…

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The 7 Best New Cars That Nobody’s Buying

In a market loaded with mediocre cars there are real gems that customer don't seem to think of when trade-in time comes around. We're here to correct that. Here are 7 cars that, in our opinion, deserve more attention from prospective buyers. They offer either better value and performance than other models in their class,…

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The Scion iA Is A Toyota That Is Actually A Mazda

How to be serious about Scion?! They came onto the scene a while ago and kicked the market’s ass with trendy nice-looking boxy cars. However, they've somehow lost their ground on the market; from makers of cars loved by teens they’ve turned into a boring company. Yes, they have the FR-S, which is astonishing, but…

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Creating A Drifting Monster With The Scion 2JZ FRS.

   With Spring finally clawing it's way into the East Coast, we all know that the car shows will be popping off pretty soon, and with the shows comes drifting. Now this segment isn't going to be about the history of drifting, or how sliding around cones, and clipping points, all started in Osaka Japan.…

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