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“Tinker” – The Open Source Motorcycle Kit

Want Some Free Motorcycle Blueprints?

Got an engine in need of a frame? This is your answer. It’s called “Tinker” and the free, downloadable CAD or CAM plans could be exactly what you need. Simply print it off, get your local engineering firm to punch in the numbers, and take it home. Invented by Scottish product designer Jack Lennie, the whole idea behind it all is simple: it’s “a downloadable, no weld, motorcycle kit designed to breathe a new lease of life into damaged or non-road-worthy motorcycles by reframing the existing or purchased engine and running gear.”

It’s the perfect solution to that crash-damaged bike that you’ve been staring at for years in your garage. It’s a simple way to get it back on the road, and in no time at all. Simply take the plans to your local engineering shop that’s got a CAD water-jet setup, and walk away with your new frame. The plans have been designed to accommodate almost every type of engine, they’re compliant in the UK and the European Union and can withstand speeds of up to 140 mph. Not bad for free motorcycle frame plans, eh?

free motorcycle frame plans 2

And it looks cool too – you can clearly see Jack’s café racer inspiration shining through, and it shows that there is still room for innovation in the motorcycle engineering department. But that’s not even the best thing about the Tinker…the best thing is this: providing you’ve got a physically sound engine, then you can have your new bike assembled in just under an hour and ten minutes. Take a look at the video below if you don’t believe us!

Naturally, the tank and tail unit need to be fabricated separately, to match your own tastes and riding position, but it’s a great and versatile platform to build on, and we hope to see more Tinker-inspired bikes rolling around in the future! In fact, many new designers have been working on a similar design principle and have been working with companies like Fictiv, and built some crazy Fictiv motorcycles. But do check out Jack’s website for more details about these amazing free motorcycle frame plans, and get inspired!

For more information on Fictiv, go here.

free motorcycle frame plans 3

Joe Appleton
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