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10 Top Roof Top Tent And Adventure Trailer Setups

Roof Top tents that will help you travel anywhere you want

Freedom To Roam

There is an amazing freedom bestowed upon your travels when you don’t have to be anywhere at any given time. No hotel check-in/check-out, no awkward B&B breakfast, no frantic shuffle for a vacancy. With these incredible roof top tent and trailer packages, you can stay anywhere at anytime. You are only limited by the abilities of your vehicle and how scared your passengers are. You can wake up to views and seclusion more impressive than what any fancy hotel has to offer.

Pros & Cons

There are pros and cons to having either the roof top tent or the trailer but I have compromised with getting a non-sleeper trailer and placing a roof top tent on it. This way you can either place the tent on the car or trailer depending on your adventure. The main problem with roof top tents is that you have to break down the tent to go wheeling or simply go into town for beers. With a trailer you can set up basecamp then make the beer run. Yet a trailer can be stolen by dickheads when left out and adventure trailers will scramble everything that isn’t insanely secured when you take it on a 4×4 trail. Plus the price, tents are far less expensive than the trailers.

Adventure Trailers

Horizon-and-Chaser Adventure Trailer Top Tents

A company that simply goes by Adventure Trailers out of Prescott Arizona designs and builds in-house. With over a decade of experience the company has managed to fine tune their products and can certainly work with you to build your perfect expedition rig.

Extreme Off Road Trailers

Trailer Top Tent

To Extreme Off Road Trailers makes a utilitarian based trailer that is tough yet half the price of most other trailers. All though these trailers don’t have all the near gizmos and storage compartments, they make up for it by pure ruggedness. Besides you are going to beat the crap out of it, so might at well spend less.

Mombasa Overland Plus


The Overland Plus by Mombasa is like an RV pull out for any vehicle with a roofrack. Able to give you plenty of room for sleeping quarters for you and at least one other. Plus with the drop down walls, you can use it as storage, mud room, changing room or simply a safe haven from swarms of asshole mosquitos.

Colorado Teardrops – Summit Teardrop

Summit Teardrop Adventure Camper Colorado

The Summit Teardrop camper by Colorado Teardrops comes loaded with 35″ BFG’s, skid plates and a host of goodies that make this a versatile camper that has enough cutsie charisma that the Mrs. will love it just as much as you do. Problem is that it costs almost as much as a used RV is which you could just tow your off-road rig with. $21k price tag means this goes onto my lottery winning list.

Smittybuilt Overlander

Smitty Built Overlander Rooftop Tent

On the opposite side of the spectrum you have the Smittybuilt Overlander roof top tent. Weighing just over 100 pounds doesn’t make the tent seem like your center-of-gravity is dangerous during evasive maneuvers as well as heavily articulated climbs and descents. The price is also more reasonable at around $800-$900 usd.

Go Camp Sylvan

Go Camp Adventure Trailer Top Tent

The Go Camp Sylvan adventure trailer is built to be the most versatile trailer without breaking the bank. Construction comes from aluminium which drops the total weight to around 850 lbs and with the ability to raise/lower and store/attach gear means that you can prep for almost any adventure with ease.

Go Camp Trailer Top Tent

The only issue is that with the construction and tiny tire combo and lighter rated axles means that this rig won’t be doing any heavy off-roading with you. Unless you wish to turn it into a sled. Est. $7-9k usd

Base Camp

Base Camp Adventure Trailers

Built by Base Camp, this trailer is for those that snap from the corporate minutia and sell it all in hopes of adventure. This is a rig built for long term expeditions and can handle your multi-state trips all the way to your global expedition. Made with usability in mind this is a trailer you live out of down by the river when your wife and kids pack up and leave you. Everything from a rollout kitchen to water filtration, gun vault and a 3,500 lb rated axle and spring suspension setup. Not cheap, but worth it.

TC Teardrops

TC TearDrop Adventure Campers Trailer Tent

TC Teardrops produces these adventure campers and offers more reasonable prices than some starting around $7k. With a large list of options, you can customize the build to fit your needs. Although it may not have the interior space of a pop-up tent, the walls will slow the grizzly bear down until you have time to grab your gun and poop the bed.

ARB Kakadu


The ARB Kakadu roof top tent is made by folks that know the outdoors and the Outback. This is a tent designed for summer climates as it incorporates many design features in order to pass airflow through the tent keeping the inhabitants cooler than most other tents. Designed with an outer ladder entry also means that you can exit the tent easily during midnight beer pisses. Those aussies think of everything! Est. $1,500 usd.



Weighing in at just over 600lbs and gobs of ground clearance means that this mighty trailer built by Tentrax is ready to go anywhere with you.

tentrax ORAT3

Built with a foldable tent and multiple options means that you can have a lighter trailer that you customise. Some owners have added the 6″ lift in order to tuck 38″ tires on it! Est. $4-6k usd.









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