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Top 10 Ultimate Mini Motorcycle Models To Suit All Budgets!

Racing A Mini Motorcycle Is Awesome Fun – So Go Buy One!

Mini Motorcycles - Blata Ultima W40 1

Minimoto or Midimoto, the mini motorcycle world is fun one to explore and anyone wanting to take motorcycle racing seriously should definitely own one of their own. Most of the world’s greatest racers were throwing pocket bikes around corners before they could read, and many of them continue to push these little machines to the absolute limit as part of their regular training routine. Why? Because you can learn a lot more about riding a motorcycle on a 40cc mini motorcycle than you can from and all singing, all dancing, liter-class bike. But aren’t pocket bike things illegal? Aren’t they the weapon of choice for neighborhood nuisances? They’re just cheap Chinese crap, right?

Blata Elite Mini Pocket Bike

The answer to those questions are no, no, and no. Providing that your new mini motorcycle comes with a VIN number, then technically you could make it road legal if you wanted to – but why would you? These little bikes are best enjoyed off of public roads and in designated racing circuits, so it doesn’t matter about legality anyway. And while some people do misuse mini pocket bikes and ride them on public roads and wreak havoc on them, most owners and riders generally try and keep to secluded areas, keep disturbances to a minimum, and ride them properly. As for the Chinese remark…well, yeah, there are a lot of Chinese motors out there, but they’re not all bad, and if you really want to get into the realm of pocket bike, you’ll want to pay a little more for better quality. Be prepared though, while Chinese mini motorcycles retail for less than a couple of hundred bucks, high-quality European made racers can cost well into the thousands and beyond.

Is It A Midi Or Mini Motorcycle?

Blata Elite Mini Bike

But before drop two grand on a pocket sized racer, which one do you buy? You’ve heard the term “minimoto” before, but you’ve also heard “midimoto” being thrown around too. It’s not just a matter of miss pronunciation, oh no. You see, a minimoto is a smaller sized motorcycle generally better suited to junior riders. A midimoto is essentially the same thing, however, the component and frame dimensions are increased by around 10% to make it better suited for adult riders, for superior comfort and handling. If you’re an adult then midimoto machines are the mini motorcycles for you.

FunBikes DP4 Mini Bike

Of course, if you’re completely new to the world of mini motorcycle riding and racing, we don’t recommend spending much money at all on your first machine. This list here is more of a graduation chart rather than a top list, and we’re ranking the best bang for your buck depending on your budget. Naturally, there are a few Chinese made cheap mini motorcycle gas pocket bike bone shakers, but the couple we’ve mentioned are the best of the worst, but spending a couple of hundred dollars on something bad that you enjoy riding is much friendlier on the wallet than buying something of fantastic quality for four grand that you lose interest in over the course of a weekend. So without further ado, here are our favorite mini motorcycles to suit all budgets.

Top 10 Mini Motorcycles Worth Taking A Look At!

#10. The Cagglari Daytona Pocket Bike – $239.00

Cagglari Daytona Pocket Bike

Cheap, cheerful, and most probably Chinese in origin, the Cagllari Daytona is a cool little 47cc two-stroke mini motorcycle which offers the bare bones and nothing more. It’s not particularly sophisticated, but that’s one of the strengths of this little no frills ride. Constructed from a lightweight durable alloy, the simple Cagllari Daytona boasts a cool 5 hp and performance that can match other mini motorcycles that command much higher price tags. One of the best features of the Daytona is that it comes with a higher ground clearance than a lot of the bikes on the market, allowing for some extreme cornering. Naturally, everything important is more or less adjustable such as the throttle and front and rear disc brakes, the speed regulator (since it can hit speeds of up to 47 mph…apparently), and foot peg positioning. The adjustment can all be done with simple tooling, and it’s for that reason that we rate this one higher than similarly priced bargain pocket racers.

#09. The GP RS-R – $329.00

GP RS-R Pocket Bike

After a small price bump, the quality of mini motorcycles rises considerably…but the sales patter on a lot of websites that sell them needs a bit of work. The facts are off most of the time, with outrageous speed and power claims. That being said, the GP RS-R generally gets a pretty accurate write up. Powered by a four-stroke 40cc engine, most sellers think this little weapon produces 5.5 hp and can hit speeds of 50 mph, but that seems ambitious. However, we still like this little mover. It comes with a nice and long wheelbase for the bigger rider, a lightweight racing frame, treaded tires, and most importantly: a suspension system that kind of does its job – and it’s adjustable too, if you feel the need. If you’ve got a budget of round $400, then you can do a lot worse than the GP RS-R – and if you’ve got change, you can also invest in some choice performance parts upgrades to really get the most out of it.

#08. FunBikes DP4 50cc Midi Moto Race Bike – $800.00

FunBikes DP4 50cc Midi Moto Race Bike

For a couple of hundred dollars more you could get yourself this rather impressive mini motorcycle. The 50cc DP4 racer from FunBikes is very fine bike, and it’s a very versatile ride that surpasses everything else in the sub $1000 bracket. The engine is responsive and fun to ride, it comes with a handy electric start, can hit 30 mph, has a tough, durable gas tank, and boasts LED lights and a functioning speedo. What makes this particularly special is the fact that the overall fit and finish is similar to what you’d expect from a full-size Japanese sportsbike, with every nut and bolt as it should be, and without the rattle and jiggle usually found on budget mini motorcycles. The DP4 comes complete with alloy wheels, Bridgestone replica BT010 rubbers, a very durable chain drive and a cool MotoGP inspired underslung exhaust. This gas powered mini bike motorcycle is worth every cent.

#07. The Blata Elite Series – $1,600.00

Blata Elite Series

If you’re really into your mini bikes and want to splash out even more money, then you’re going to start hearing of some specialist manufacturers, such as Bianchi, Polini, Pasini, GRC Moto and others. One of the most prominent mini motorcycle manufacturers is an outfit called Blata, and their Elite 14 Series. The Elite 14 models are designed for real racing at a proper competitive level. Powered by an air cooled, 40cc, four-stroke engine that’s capable of producing 10.2 hp at 10,500 rpm that’s held in place with a lightweight tubular steel frame, and wrapped in sporty bodywork, the Elite 14 series is one of the best starter mini motorcycles for those looking to graduate into serious racing. Blata offer all kinds of customizable options and upgrades, so the Elite Series is definitely worth your time.

#06. Polini 910 Carena S – $1,700.00

Polini 910 Carena S

Similarly, Polini have a series of quality racing machines that are roughly the same price. The Polini 910 Carena “S” class racers have the edge over the Blata Elite purely because they feel a little better to ride – and they’re two stroke, which is undoubtedly more fun than four. In terms of performance specifications, the Polini is actually behind the Blata. The 910 Carena S class offers three different versions: two air-cooled units with a power output of 4.2 hp or 6.2 hp, and a liquid-cooled offering that also promises 6.2 hp. These single-cylinder machines are wrapped in lightweight die cast frame, come with modern suspension, disc brakes and race inspired bodywork. If you’re getting into the mini motorcycles scene then you’re going to hear a lot of debates raging over the likes of the Blata Elite and the Polini 910 Carena and what model is superior…but since they’re both in the same price bracket, you can’t go wrong with either of them.

#05. Polini 911 GP4 Racer – $2,900.00

Polini 911 GP4 Racer

Following on from the Polini 910 Carena, we have the Polini 911 GP4 Racer. While there are GP5 and even GP6 models out there, the GP4 is probably one of the easier models to find. Boasting a strong 36.69cc air-cooled engine that offers a maximum power output of 6.2 hp, this little pocket rocket is aimed towards racers who really want to squeeze the most out of their little engines. The major difference between the 911 and the 910 is the slightly more complex engine, which relies on a different carburetor and offers more tuning options. Disc brakes come as standard, and some models come with electric ignition – although most of the ones we’ve found online only advertise a good old fashioned pull start. The prices for these vary but they can be found second hand for much cheaper than we’ve listed it above.

#04. The Blata Origami B1 – $3,200.00

Blata Origami B1

Specifically designed and built for racing on closed circuits, the Blata Origami B1 is for qualified riders and those who really take their racing seriously. While the riding experience is simple and easy, you don’t want to let anyone ride it…because they’re not cheap. This lightweight mini motorcycle features a lightweight chassis, a strong single cylinder two-stroke engine which promises 14 hp. Whether it delivers that or not is up to you to decide. That being said, the new versions of the Origami B1 are tried and tested by mini motorcycle racers and heavily relied upon. If you can grab a second hand one, try and get a newer model – the older ones (pre-2012) were known to suffer from leaks and the occasional bit of bad machining in the engine…The riding position is a little different to the others listed here and can take some getting used to, but given time you’ll learn to love it. And at that price you haven’t got much choice.

#03. The DM Telai Midi GP Racer – $3,875.00

DM Telai Midi GP Racer

Expensive, but totally worth it. The brand DM Telai isn’t as well known in the mini motorcycles scene as the likes of Blata and Polini, but their bikes are fantastic. For the DM Telai Midi GP racer, you might get plenty of bang for your buck. Coming in either 40cc or 50cc, these stunning little racers are capable of some incredible feats. With roughly 11 horsepower on tap, in a frame alloy frame that weighs less than 3 pounds, you’re looking at some serious racing potential. Hydraulic disc brakes, lightweight rims, racing rubber, and adjustable suspension, make this one of the most advanced minibike racers on the market. The looks alone are striking and sporty, as you’d expect, and for the price you really are buying a proper race machine. This is not a toy. As for the price, we’ve seen the DM Telai Midi GP listed online from $3,875 to as high as a frightening $5,500…so do your research before you commit.

#02. The GRC Moto RRZ – $4,342.00


GRC Moto have been specializing in building top quality mini motorcycles since 1991 – and they really know their business – and one of the few mini motorcycle manufacturers that actually keeps an updated website! Coming with different engine options including gas power, water-cooled 40cc and 50cc units or an air-cooled 40cc, the RRZ is quite a versatile platform. The highest spec model offers the same kind of specs as you’d find on a 50cc two-stroke like on the models listed above, but the real strength in the GRC Moto lies in its handling. It comes with a flexible frame that gives a superior front end feel – which is unusual on a mini motorcycle considering that they rarely come with any front suspension. The overall build quality is superb – and most importantly, OEM parts are easily sourced in the USA without having to jump through too many hoops or trawl through dead websites…The price is high, but when you’re dealing with one of the best mini motorcycles in the industry, it’s appropriate.

#01. The Blata Ultima W50 S – $4,400.00

Blata Ultima W50 S

And then there was the number one slot, and that goes to the Blata Ultima W50. Powered by a water cooled 49.7cc two-stroke engine that boasts a pretty wild power output of somewhere between 10 hp and 14 hp (depending on what source you’re looking at) the Blata Ultima is easily the most attractive looking package on the mini motorcycle scene. Weighing in at a mere 44 lbs in total, this lightweight rocket is the tool you need if you’ve got your eyes set on the top step of the podium. Fortunately, it comes in different engine sizes to suit different racing categories, and with a wide range of options to suit any type of rider. Fiberglass bodywork comes as standard, but full carbon is available if you really feel like spending your money, and there is no end to the amount of aftermarket options for the Ultima. Disc brakes come as standard – as you’d hope for that kind of money. Talking of which, the price listed here is a little old, and you can find these for much cheaper but if you’re looking for the official MSRP, you’re looking at it.

So if you’re looking for a pocket bike mini motorcycle type of thing, but want something a little more pro, these are what we consider to be your best options. If you’re looking for a mini dirt bike, or a pit bike, a mini chopper,or even something with an electric motor instead, check here for more specific information!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How much is a mini motorcycle?

A: Mini motorcycles start as cheap as $200 or lower but these models are generally poorly engineered and more like glorified toys than real motorcycles. Race-specification mini motorcycles can cost upwards of $3,000 and these are for serious racers, because the quality of these premium models is superb.

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