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Citroen appoints Ed Hickin as new head of business sales

Citroen, a French automobile manufacturer, has hired Ed Hickin as its new UK head of business sales. Mr Hickin was previously appointed the head of commercial action back in October 2017. In his new role, Hickin would have to increase the sales of Citroen vans and cars via the Citroen Business Centre network. Mr. Hickin…

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Indian government exempts all permits for  electric and alternative fuel vehicles

The Indian government is rising up its efforts to push eco-friendly transportation in the country. The transport ministry has decided to do away with permits for electric vehicles and automobiles that run on alternative fuels. On Friday 7th September, Nitin Gadkari, the transport minister of India said in a statement,  “India has decided to exempt…

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Daimler CEO outlines its electric car plans at the Mercedes EQC unveil

On Tuesday 4th September, Daimler AG, a German auto giant, aimed to have 10 electric vehicles by 2022, the automakers CEO reiterated. This came at the same time when the auto giant unveiled its all-new Mercedes electric SUV. Dieter Zetsche spoke to the media in Stockholm right after the launch of the Mercedes EQC, the…

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Yamaha Dealerships

Yamaha recalls 3,493 units of the MT-07 And XSR700 in the US

3,493 units of the 2018 version of the Yamaha MT-07 and XSR700 models have been recalled because of the Loose Chain Guard in the US. The company stated that the chain guards attached to the swingarms would become loose over time. Yamaha has not yet recalled the MT-07’s predecessor and the FZ-07 despite it having…

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Ford launches an entry-level SUV for the Chinese market to revive its growth

On Wednesday, Ford stated that it would launch an entry-level SUV for China in early 2019. Ford would develop the SUV jointly with a local partner and the company plans to grow its business in the world biggest automobile market. Ford Motors and Jiangling Motors Corp. would develop the Ford Territory which would be available…

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The new face-lifted variant of the Hyundai Tucson SUV launched in S.Korea

To meet the growing customer demand in South Korea, Hyundai Motor Co. launched a facelifted version of its Tucson sports utility vehicle(SUV), the automaker said on Tuesday. The automaker said in a statement, the Tucson facelift comes in three variants, one with a gasoline motor and two with a diesel motor. The gas variant comes…

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Daimler and Smart

Daimler announces plans to manufacture small electric cars in China

Earlier in the previous week, Daimler AG announced that it has begun preparations to manufacture battery-powered Smart cars in China along with a local partner. Sources close to the matter say that the German luxury-car maker has announced this move in a bid to boost sales of the tiny-car brand in cities all over the world…

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Tata Harrier

Tata Motors to launch Range Rover Evoque look-alike for the global market in 2019

Indian auto giant Tata Motors, the owners of Jaguar Land Rover (JLR) is looking to launch a new global-market SUV under the Tata brand name in 2019. The automaker would call the new SUV the Harrier and would be same as the Range Rover Evoque. The Harrier would not only boost its sales in India…

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Hyundai EV

Hyundai plans to launch an EV in 2019 in India

Hyundai, a South Korean auto giant plans to launch an electric SUV for the India market in the second half 2019 Hyundai is a wholly owned subsidiary in India and the company plans to leverage its electric technology in India to get an appropriate Electric Vehicle to India. YK Koo, the Managing Director and CEO…

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Car Assembly line

A Chinese Automobile company invests heavily in South Africa 

With several Chinese car brands already winning the trust and gaining popularity among domestic customers, China now looks to expand globally into the automobile sector as it has announced plans of strengthening its manufacturing abilities to export better automobile products to Africa. Beijing Automobile Works (BAW), in particular, is one of the major Chinese automobile…

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Kia Niro EV

Kia launches an electric car that can travel up to 385km on a single charge in South Korea

The Niro EV has hit the market with lot more power than any combustion engine in the same segment and has a driving range of up to 385 km on a single charge. On July 19th Kia motors announced the launch of the Niro EV, an electric version of the Niro model. The Niro EV…

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suzuki burgman street

Suzuki Motorcycle India to launch its first e-scooter by 2020

In an attempt of reaching its target of 7 lakh unit sales by the end of this fiscal year and 10 lakh units by 2020,  Suzuki Motorcycle India has announced that it would be expanding its sales network by adding as many as 100 exclusive dealerships and 200 touchpoints by the end of this year. For…

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The Top 25 Fastest SUVs In The World

When the first SUV appeared in 1935, it was intended to be a tough utilitarian workhorse. The earliest example was the rear-wheel-drive Chrevrolet Carryall Suburban. Subsequent SUVs were all descendants of commercial and military vehicles like the World War II Jeep and Land Rover. Fast-forward to 2016 and the modern SUV has evolved into a…

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Ford 5.4 Triton Engine Cam Phaser

Seven Common Problems With the Ford 5.4 Triton Engine

The Ford 5.4 Triton engine has been produced in millions of units and has successfully propelled at least a dozen different car, van, and truck models. It was a popular option all the way from its inception in 1996 to 2010, in all of its iterations. Today, it is still one of the most alluring…

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1903 Ford emblem

7 Facts About the Ford Emblem: A Complete History Since 1903

Now that we've sufficiently covered some important facts about the Chevy emblem, it's time we turn our attention to the Ford emblem, which is easily one of the most recognizable emblems in the world - automotive or otherwise. Interestingly enough, the Blue Oval as we know it today has had quite the history, but the iconic…

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1998 Integra Type R Honda JDM

12 Most Outstanding Honda JDM Cars Ever Created

It may be that a Honda is usually considered “just another car” on our streets, but this Japanese producer has released some fantastic and unique cars over the years - especially on the Japanese domestic market. I compiled a list of 12 of the most outstanding and incredible Honda JDM cars ever produced to celebrate…

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911 dispatcher 911 quote

Some Of The Funniest 911 Calls From Around The Country

Have you ever called 911? Hopefully it wasn't a dire emergency, which is what the 911 lines should always be reserved for. Some, however, call 911 for all the wrong reasons. This 911 quote list will leave you with seven hilarious examples of exactly what not to do when calling emergency services. Enjoy! Woman Trapped…

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Volkswagen Atlas Best Family SUV

The Best Family SUV: 20 Picks Across 20 years

Today, we're trying to identify the best family SUV of all time. With a list of 20 of the most famous SUVs and 4x4s with clear family ties, I am sure one of them can be considered the best. The final choice is yours, of course. Let’s start. 2012- Subaru Forester SJ What to say about…

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Subaru Forester best used SUV under 10000

15 of the Best Used SUVs Under $10k

How to choose the best used SUV under 10000? You could say that it is an impossible task, given the size and breadth of the used auto market. However, we've managed to pin down 15 used SUVs that, if found in good condition, will be absolutely solid and suit all of your needs. We've found…

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Chevy Emblem original

7 Facts You Didn’t Know About the Chevy Emblem

As one of the biggest names in the business, Chevrolet has been known for its trustworthy and dependable vehicles since the very dawn of the car industry. For this reputation, the Chevy emblem has become a token of recognition, rather than just a branding and marketing tool. The story behind the famed Chevrolet Logo is…

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Coe Trucks Peterbilt

Seven Reasons COE Trucks Disappeared from American Roads

COE is short for Cabin Over Engine, and it is a common colloquial designation for trucks with such architecture. They are not exactly an everyday sight on the roads but for some of us, non-trucker people mostly, the roads seem to be missing something without them. Some time ago - especially in the Seventies -…

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