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10 Best Driving Gloves [Buying Guide]

Drive in Style And Maximum Control With These Top Driving Gloves

Best Overall Choice
driving gloves

Silverstone by Pratt and Hart Leather Driving Gloves

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Best Budget Choice
driving gloves

Trendoux Thermal Knit Driving Gloves

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Best Premium Choice
driving gloves

Riparo Motorsports Genuine Leather Driving Gloves

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driving gloves

Driving gloves aren’t just for looking cool and driving in style — although they absolutely get that job done. Driving gloves also give you optimal grip and keep your hands warm during cold months and ventilated during warm months. They also help maintain the condition of your steering wheel, protecting it from dirt, oil, and other contaminants from your hands. There’s a reason that race car drivers wear them, besides fire protection. They help you have a confident grip on the steering wheel and stay in control on your ride — on or off the track. Not only are they stylish, but the best driving gloves are also a functional accessory.

Types of Driving Gloves

When choosing driving gloves, it’s important to know the main types: traditional driving gloves, fingerless gloves, and cold-weather gloves. Across all types of gloves, be on the lookout for other features including lining, color, sizing, wrist straps, and touchscreen compatibility.

Traditional driving gloves are usually made of genuine leather and often have knuckle holes for maximum flexibility. These gloves generally do not have a different material for an interior lining. With that, these are great for use year-round, even in the warm summer months.

Fingerless gloves provide grip and protection for your palms while preventing your hands from feeling fully constricted. While fingerless gloves are generally associated with motorcycles, they are also great for driving cars.

Cold-weather gloves generally have some time of wool, fleece, or cashmere lining for added warmth. Along with that, they usually have some kind of outer grip. Though these gloves may be too warm for use during the summer, they certainly come in handy if you live in a cold climate.

The 10 Best Driving Gloves on The Market Today

Below, we’ve outlined the 10 best driving gloves on the market today — with a bonus pair at the bottom for all of our BMW-fanatics. Along with that, we’ve answered all of your most frequently asked questions surrounding driving gloves. Let’s get started!

Best Overall Choice

1. Silverstone by Pratt and Hart Leather Driving Gloves

driving gloves

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Driving gloves don’t get any better than the Silverstone Driving Gloves by Pratt and Heart. Just like the gloves used by professional race car drivers, these gloves feature knuckle holes that allow for maximum flexibility, durability, and comfort. Along with that, these gloves have a snap closure, an elastic wrist insert, and vented fingers all designed to give you the best fit and feel.

These driving gloves will stay securely on your hands as you navigate all the twists and turns of the road. Made of fine-grained sheepskin leather, they really have it all — quality, style, and functionality. The sizes range from small to XXXX-large. According to reviews, they run true to size. And as a bonus, you can keep these on even when you’re putting an address into your GPS or changing the tunes because these are touchscreen-compatible.

When wearing these gloves for the first few times, be aware that the leather coloring may bleed onto your hands if your hands are moist or wet.

Best Budget Choice

2. Trendoux Thermal Knit Driving Gloves

driving gloves

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Why have separate winter gloves and driving gloves when you can one set of gloves that does both? These driving gloves give you a firm grip on the steering wheel due to their triangle-pattern silicone palm design. Additionally, they are touchscreen compatible. The design includes an elastic cuff to trap in warmth. Along with that, you get a soft, wool lining to get you through the coldest days.

There are plenty of color options to choose from with 11 different colors ranging from classic black to dark red. The sizes are unisex, and you can choose medium, large, or x-large based on your hand circumference. When you’re finished driving, keep these gloves on for whatever the day brings you next — whether that’s walking your dog or heading to the mountains to hike.

When these driving gloves from Trendoux get dirty, you can spot wash them with warm water and mild detergent. Trendoux recommends that you do not put these in the dryer.

Best Premium Choice

3. Riparo Motorsports Genuine Leather Driving Gloves

driving gloves

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Our premium pick coming from Riparo Genuine Leather is the genuine (see what we did there?) real deal. These driving gloves have a full-finger design with knuckle holes, finger ventilation, a button closure, and a wrist strap with a snap button. Needless to say, these top-notch driving gloves are made of real, imported leather. With that, you can expect to get a high-quality and durable glove.

With the multiple color options, you can choose your own adventure with these gloves. If you’re feeling flashy, go for the bright red. If you want simple yet sophisticated, go with black. And if you’re looking to channel your inner pilot or racecar driver, go with the tan.  These gloves fit true to size according to reviews, and you have your pick of sizes ranging from XX-small to XX-large.

It is important to note that these gloves are unlined. With that, these will probably not give you the warmth you need for use in freezing temperatures. But they will surely give you incredible grip on the wheel to take on any road.

4. OZERO Winter Thermal Driving Gloves

winter driving gloves

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Made of windproof polyester and lined with cotton, these waterproof gloves are ideal driving gloves, especially in the winter months. They work great with touchscreens, so there is no need to take them off throughout your drive. And though they are very warm, they are not bulky ensuring you still get a good grip on the wheel. The OZERO gloves have a sleek design with an elastic wrist strap to keep them secure and warm.

The non-slip silica gel particles on the palm, index, and middle finger help give you optimal grip on the steering wheel when you hug those turns. Choose from M, L, or XL for an ideal fit. On the product page, you’ll find a chart to help you get a perfect size. OZERO recommends choosing the larger size if you are between sizes. When they get dirty, simply throw them in the wash with the rest of your laundry.

Along with being excellent driving gloves, cyclists also rave about these gloves. With the water-resistance and wind-proof features, these gloves are designed to keep your hands protected and comfortable in a wide range of conditions.

5. ELMA Cashmere/Fleece-Lined Leather Driving Gloves

best driving gloves

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Slip your hands into these luxurious driving gloves, and you’ll want to drive all day. Made of hairsheep leather, these gloves are highly durable, flexible, and comfortable. Along with the exterior leather, the lining is 100% cashmere. During cold weather, these gloves will keep your hands very warm.

While they don’t look it, these gloves are actually touchscreen compatible. Along with that, these gloves from Elma are designed to be anti-slip which gives you an amazing grip on the steering wheel. Along with driving, these are great for cycling, hiking, and other uses as well.

For size, they offer options ranging from sizes 8-10. Since these are not normal sizes, be sure to refer to their glove size chart on the product page to find the best fit for you. In terms of color, you can choose from black, brown, or red.

6. VBG VBIGER Anti-Slip Driving Gloves

driving gloves

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Looking for something affordable, extremely comfortable, and warm? These gloves from VBG VBIGER are a great option when it comes to finding the best pair of driving gloves. The outside is made of durable fabric, and the inside is lined with soft fleece. With that, you get a flexible driving glove with plenty of warmth. On the palm side, the anti-skid silicone gives you optimal grip when driving.

These gloves are also touchscreen compatible. Choose from sizes small, medium, or large. VBG VBIGER recommends purchasing a size larger if you are between measurements.

Along with being great for driving, you can also take these with you on hikes, runs, or when working outdoors. The wrist cuff helps keep your hands warm even on the coldest days.

7. SANKUU Fleece-Lined Driving Gloves

best driving gloves

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These Sankuu driving gloves are the ideal match if you want a driving glove that looks sleek and will help keep your hands warm. They have a snap-closure to lock in the warmth and an inner fleece lining for comfort. You can choose from the three different color options of gray, black, or brown.

With these windproof, water-resistant, and touchscreen-compatible gloves, you can drive happily with these on and then take them literally everywhere you go. The stylish design makes these gloves more versatile if you are looking for not only a driving glove but also a fashion accessory.

Made of artificial polyurethane leather, these gloves are easy to spot clean should they ever get dirty. With that being said, it’s important to note that Sankuu says that you should not dry clean them.


8. Riparo Motorsports Fingerless Driving Gloves

best driving gloves

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You can’t have a list of the best driving gloves without including an incredible pair of fingerless gloves! Though fingerless gloves are traditionally associated with motorcycles, these are also just plain fun to wear and also perfectly functional for driving a car. They also give you great grip so you really will feel like a racer no matter where your drive takes you.

If you’re looking for excellent workmanship, Riparo is the brand for you. They also give you plenty of options for color including black, blue, tan, red, white, bright orange, and light pink so you can pick the pair that best suits your personal style.

These gloves are made from perforated leather and are unlined. The design features a wrist strap with a snap button to keep the gloves secure and comfortable during your whole drive.

9. Alepo Genuine Leather Driving Gloves

driving gloves

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These Alepo driving gloves are meant for optimal grip and comfort. With a pull-on design and elastic wrist cuff closure, you can expect these to stay on your hands with no slipping.

The gloves are made from genuine leather and lined with Italian cashmere so you are getting high quality for a relatively inexpensive price. They are touchscreen compatible, come in five different sizes, and have an anti-slip function with a firm grip.

In terms of sizing, you can choose from sizes ranging from small to XX-large. With these gloves, you’ll have grip that gives you the best wheel control in the game.

10. BMW M Driving Gloves

best driving gloves

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If you own a BMW yourself or you’re looking for the perfect gift for a friend who loves their Bimmer, these are the best driving gloves you can get! Made by BMW, these pristine black leather are made of 95% Cabretta leather and 5% neoprene. On the wrist, you’ll find the BMW M logo with a pull-on closure.

The glove design features a convenient and comfortable side zip closure for a snug fit. You can purchase these gloves in sizes ranging from small to XX-large. These great gloves offer optimal grip while driving. With these performance driving gloves alongside your BMW, you’ll truly feel like a race car driver everywhere you go.

Drive in Comfort And Style With These Amazing Driving Gloves

Who says you have to be a race car driver to wear driving gloves? And, who knows, maybe owning a pair will inspire you to become one! Regardless of where you drive (or how fast), driving gloves provide comfort, warmth, and control. They are a great investment, and there are plenty of budget-friendly options out there.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you measure your hand for gloves?

When it comes to measuring your hand, many products have sizing guides that include your middle finger length, palm girth, and palm width. With that being said, you can generally figure out the correct fit by measuring your hand circumference or the widest section of your hand above your thumb. Generally, instead of rounding down, you will want to round up to the closest half-inch.

Which size should I get if I am in between two sizes?

Gloves tend to stretch out slightly the more you use them, just like shoes and socks. With that being said, we recommend going a size down (unless the product manufacturer recommend otherwise). If they feel a little snug at first, just keep wearing them and they will soon stretch out.

What is the best driving gloves material for winter?

If you’re looking for winter gloves, fleece-lined or cashmere-lined is your best bet for added warmth. When a glove is insulated, it traps in the heat which is exactly what you want during the really cold months. You may also want to look for a water-resistant or wind-proof outer layer for added protection from the elements.

Can I use driving gloves and a steering wheel cover at the same time?

Yes, you can use both! Especially if you’re looking for added warmth in the winter, a steering wheel cover will provide further insulation to protect your hands from the cold. In addition, they both work to provide added grip and comfort when driving.

You can check out our extensive buying guide on the 10 best steering wheel covers on the market today.

Why do some driving gloves have holes on the knuckles?

Driving gloves with open knuckles allow for maximum flexibility, ventilation, and a really comfortable fit. These driving gloves are generally made of leather.

Are driving gloves waterproof?

Not all driving gloves are waterproof. Most driving gloves, however, are water-resistant.

Do driving gloves make a difference?

Whether you’re a race car driver or not, driving gloves give you more control on the road because they provide optimal grip on the steering wheel. Along with that, they’re comfortable, keep your hands warm, and help maintain the condition of your steering wheel.

How can I look cool when driving?

It’s simple really … wear driving gloves!

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