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Extremely Rare “A” Scheme ’69 AMC Hurst SC/Rambler for Sale on eBay

Who Wants To Buy This Rare AMC Scrambler?

Every so often we get surprised by some pure and rare muscle in mint condition hitting the auctions. This 1969 Hurst Performance AMC SC/Rambler in “A” trim is among rarest muscle cars on the planet. Only 1,512 SC/Ramblers have been produced during that fateful 1969, and large part of them came in “B” scheme recognized by a thin red and blue stripes below the waist. “A” pattern, on the other hand, features much more paint as you can see from the images below.

AMC Scrambler For Sale

Every SC/Rambler came with strongest available engine for the nameplate at the time. 390 ci 6.4L V8 is what beats under this muscle car’s scoop-adorned hood, and it produces no less than 315 horses and 425 pound-feet of torque. Being made in collaboration with Hurst Performance, this rare Rambler came with close gear ratios 4-speed manual transmission in Hurst’s recognizable T-shaped demeanor. Thanks to these specs, SC/Ramblers were able to compete with much more prolific nameplates. After all, they were intended for NHRA F/Stock drag racing class.

Rambler Scrambler

If you’re interested at looking into this fully restored Hurst AMC S/Rambler this here is the place to go. It has only 39,040 miles on its odometer and its price tag has been arranged in a way that every mile it’s passed warrants $1.6 or thereabouts. In other words, this rare AMC’s muscle is available for $64,900. If that seems a bit too much, consider this as well. It’s number 3 of the first 10 produced models initially used for testing. That’s got to be worth some extra cash, don’t you think? Oh, and did I mention it has fully restored interior as well? All in all, this is as mint as it goes for 45-year old car – especially for AMC. Be quick for the clock is ticking.

UPDATE: Car is now available here for $59,900.

AMC Scrambler 2

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