10 Utterly Ridiculous Lifted Vehicles

Published May 1, 2016

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Modifying the suspension on a car or truck is a pretty common practice, and in most cases, looks pretty cool. However, there are some lifted rides that make about as much sense as lifted roller skates. These weird mods make you think anything from “why lift that car?” to “well, that’s just excessive.” Click next to take a look at ten of the craziest lifted vehicles on the internet.



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10. Really? A Neon?

Some intrepid internet user discovered this beauty while out and about, making the wise decision to photograph it and post it online. Who lifts a Neon? It just doesn’t go, you know what I mean? The addition of a large spoiler doesn’t make it look any cooler, either.



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9. Tower of Terror

I just don’t even get this. It’s one thing to raise a truck a few inches, maybe even up to a foot. But this is just nonsense. How do you get in it? How do you even drive this thing? Not to mention that it seems like the wheels are just not sufficient to support this Erector Set.

Goofy lift


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8. Polishing a Turd

This is a lot of work and expense to put into something that looks like it was pooped out by a bigger, nicer car. I can only hope that the owner of this ride plans to use it as some kind of dirt-track race car and not a daily driver.



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7. A Hearse is a Hearse

Ugh. Why? So many whys! First off, I could never understand why anyone would want to drive a decommissioned hearse, but raising it on giant tires? What? It’s not even a nice looking hearse. I’m so confused!



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6. PGA Tour Special

This is probably the funniest lifted ride on this list. It’s completely ridiculous, totally impractical, and may or may not be street legal. Though, it’s probably perfect for traversing bunkers and finding your ball in the rough. At least this might make golf interesting.



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5. Lack of Luxury

Whoever did this should be arrested. I mean, seriously. Who does this? The tires are bigger than the car! Look at the size of that driveshaft! I can’t make out the logo on the side of the door, but to me it almost looks like it’s some kind of official government vehicle, which would make this whole thing even weirder.



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4. Fiberglass Nightmare

How dare you take this awesome ‘Vette and treat it like some 4×4 mudder!! The thing that surprised me the most was that this is not an isolated incident. There are people all over lifting their Corvettes. It makes me want to cry.



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3. Hot Wheels

Okay, this one might actually be funnier than the lifted golf cart. A Smart Car with enormous tires would certainly be a sight to behold in person. But really, what’s the point? This is, basically, a lifted roller skate.



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2. Um. What?

I don’t understand this at all. Like, not even a little bit. What in the world is happening here? Not only are these wheels just insanely huge, they have no tires. It’s like giant bike wheels. How the heck do those things support the weight of the car? And why on earth would you want your car to look this ridiculous?



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1. We Don’t Need Roads

I do realize that this DeLorean hasn’t been tricked out to look like the time traveling version from Back to the Future (that would have made even less sense than it does as is). This poor winged machine has been turned into some kind of Mad Max style off-roader, and I don’t like it. There should be a law that all DeLoreans must be kept original, or given the Doc Brown treatment, and leave it at that. This is just nuts. Stop it, people!





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