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Watch Subaru Launch Control Season Nine’s Speedy, Snowy Start

Travis Pastrana and Friends Look to Reclaim Subi’s Rally Supremacy

subaru launch control
Subaru Launch Control season 9, episode 1 features the 2021 Sno*Drift Rally.

Subaru Launch Control season nine starts with a “gloves off, absolute knock-down-drag-out fight.” The new series, which marks the first full run of episodes since 2019 after a pandemic-shortened 2020 rally season, kicks off at Michigan’s Sno*Drift Rally.

Watch Travis Pastrana, Scott Speed, and Brandon Semenuk take the slippery route through the trees at speeds that would be wildly unsafe for the vast majority of drivers.

Subaru Launch Control: The Rebound

The team has a reason for mashing the throttle; Subaru fell off the top of the rally racing world in 2020 for the first time in nearly a decade.

As Subaru Launch Control returns, the rally team posts massive goals: win the ARA driver’s title, secure Subaru Motorsports USA’s first-ever rallycross driver’s championship, repeat as rallycross team champions, and establish a benchmark at the Mt. Washington Hillclimb with the monstrous 862-horsepower Airslayer STI (from Gymkhana 2020).

While we already know the outcomes of all those lofty goals, it’s really fun and interesting to see behind-the-scenes of how it all went down.

Launch Control Season 9

Subaru Launch Control season nine chronicles it all. The drivers’ individual storylines also promise to be rich. Speed returns to rallycross for the first time since a 2019 back injury sidelined him; Pastrana seeks his sixth rally title, and Semenuk looks to improve on a successful 2020 debut.

Keep track of all the action on YouTube, as a hungry Subaru team looks to climb back to the top of the rally racing podium.

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