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5 Mystery Muscle Motors of the 1960s that Detroit Never Sold in a Car

Overhead camshaft engines are commonplace today, but Detroit has been tinkering with OHC V8s since the '60s. While some of the most iconic engines of all time were those that made their way into production cars of the '60s, it's highly likely that you've never heard of any of these high-horsepower beasts. From experimental designs…

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1988 Pontiac Fiero

This 30-Year-Old, 3,000-mile 1988 Pontiac Fiero Has Never Seen a Drop of Rain

After that incredible McLaren F1 and astounding Pontiac Trans Am, we have yet another meticulously preserved car: A 1988 Pontiac Fiero. Ok, I know that this is not exactly the best imaginable car to preserve, yet we find it strangely soothing in all its yellowness. Purchased back in 1988 in Kansas, the Fiero has only…

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1979 Pontiac Trans Am

$159,900 “Brand new” 1979 Pontiac Trans Am For Sale With 65 Miles On The Clock

Seeing an old car in a meticulous condition is strangely satisfying. I don't know why but I feel a strange sensation of happiness. It’s like watching Proper Tasty videos and drooling over your smartphone. Well, only with cars instead of chicken wings. And boy did I droll over this. It is a 1979 Pontiac Trans…

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10 Forgotten Classic Pontiac Models You Probably Never Knew Existed

Simple mention of the Pontiac brand forces tears into the eyes of many American car aficionados. One of the most beloved GM divisions served Americans for almost 85 years before becoming collateral in company's bailout a few years ago. Although Pontiac disappeared abruptly, its arrival in 1926 was much more gradual. It was introduced as…

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1980 Pontiac Firebird Trans Am Bandit Special Edition to Cross the Barrett-Jackson Auction Block

There's just that something special about a Trans Am Firebird and I'm not talking about golden screaming phoenix upon its pitch black hood. Although choked by emissions regulations and catalytic converters - if there was a single muscle car present during the late seventies and early eighties - it would have to be this one.…

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This One-Off Custom-Built Pontiac Vibe Camper Could be Yours for $9,999

Need  a custom-made RV that fits in a compact car spot and won't break a bank? Then this silly little Pontiac Vibe camper is the one for you. It's compact all right, and it can be yours for just $9,999. Before you start laughing, though (just like I did), read it out. It actually has…

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Pontiac Trans Am Rendering – A Screaming Chicken

Why A Pontiac Trans Am Rendering? Yes, it is a rendering. No there are no plans for this that we know of. Why do we post these photos of a Pontiac Trans Am? Because guess what chicken butt? Innovations and lowered production costs in injection molding and even carbon fiber means that some company could seriously produce…

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10 American Cars With the Worst MPG of All Time

Back in the 1960s a gallon of gas was as low as 35 cents. No wonder that was the decade of the muscle cars like the Mustang, Camaro, the Challenger, and Charger, all listed below as one of the 10 worst American gas-guzzlers of all time. Scroll down to view the entire list:    …

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8 Breakthrough Engine Designs that Created the Modern Automobile Engine

Today’s highly-efficient engines combine many different technologies. Let’s look at the engines in which each of these key concepts were first introduced.

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Buick GNX Grand National

9 of the Fastest Cars From the 1980s

Cars from the 1980s sucked. Well, for the most part, anyway. They were slow pieces of junk that could barely reach the stated 55 mph speed limit. There were, however, a few cars that made it through the cracks; able to achieve performance numbers that are still respectable by today's standards. Of course, the way…

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Tri-Power ’61 Pontiac Bubble Top Important Step in Muscle Car Evolution

There's no consensus as to the which was the true first muscle car, however we can trace its evolution. Manufacturers had been upping horsepower since the mid-1950s, so the exact moment or model is hard to define (though lots of folks point to the 1964 GTO). The '61 Pontiac Ventura Tri-Power is an important stop…

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69 Pontiac GTO Resto-Mod

This isn't a  judge nor a public defender, this GTO ladies and gentleman is a Goat all by itself. When we look at modernized customs or really just any customs, it is easy to think that someone of wealth has paid to get everything done and just got the keys and is snagging all the credit; and…

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A Gearhead’s Look At Some Great Ebay Finds.

Hey, let me ask a quick question if you don't mind. How often do you come across some cool cars on Ebay, and wish that you had the money to buy them, and then drive along being happier than a pig in slop? Well, I know how you feel, and sometimes I wish for the…

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tauro auto V8

2014 Tauro Auto Sport V8 Spider Built On The Back Of The Pontiac Solstice

There is a fledgling carmaker called Tauro Auto Sport out of Spain. They have vision and smarts about them many automakers lack. Their logo is the silhoette of a bull. Similar to Lamborghini except the bull for Tauro Auto Sport holds its head up high. And they’ve recently dropped the veil of their first production…

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pontiac solstice concept

2010 Pontiac Solstice Targa Coupe

The Solstice was a massive redemption for Pontiac. They had just come reeling off the horrible failure otherwise known as the Aztek. It was 2005 and Pontiac dropped the veil on the Solstice and received an overwhelmingly positive response. The Automobile Journalists Association of Canada crowned the Pontiac Solstice with both Car of the Year…

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2005 pontiac aztek

What The @?#&! Were They Thinking? The Pontiac Aztek

There have been a lot of ugly and just plain stupid ideas for cars over the past hundred years or so. And they all belong in the What The @?#&! Were They Thinking category. But as far as recent catastrophes on wheels we simply have to start with the Pontiac Aztek. Somehow this car went…

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