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Ultimate Aero & Luxury Highlight New 2022 Mercedes EQS Electric Flagship

An Automotive Dinosaur Has Awoken, Mercedes Aims For The Top of The EV Food-Chain

2022 Mercedes EQS

The world’s oldest automaker is writing a new chapter with the birth of the 2022 Mercedes EQS. The EQS is the first all-electric modern Mercedes, and will be the first to wear the “EQ” badge, which will be found on all future full-electric vehicles from the silver star. Mercedes has no fewer than 10 EQ models hitting showrooms before 2022, and the EQS is the star of the show.

Like all top-spec luxury Mercs, the EQS pulls out all the stops. Are you a road-tripper that demands 480 miles between fill-ups? The EQS is for you. Are you a theater junkie and enjoy a massive display and immersive audio? Yup, the EQS is for you. Maybe you just want a relaxing place to take a nap? EQS has a mode for that. Massage? You bet. You might never want the ride to end!

2022 Mercedes EQS

Benz is an old giant and late to the modern EV game, but when they come to play they come swinging. So how does a veteran German compete against youngsters like the Tesla-S and Lucid Air? With classic Mercedes elegance, luxury, and richness. It welcomes you with doors that open as you approach, enchants your ears with a customizable driving “soundtrack,” and brings the farfegnugen with 516 hp and AWD. The EQS is not a focus on German sensibility, but extravagance that plays to all of your senses.

2022 Mercedes EQS

EQS Efficiency

Tesla isn’t a success just because Elon sells flamethrowers. They’ve been leading with outright efficiency and impressive performance. That’s about to change, as the Mercedes EQS will be the most efficient and lowest drag production vehicle on the planet. A smashing 0.20 drag coefficient will beat even the upcoming Lucid Air in slipperiness.

The 2022 Mercedes EQS will claim the highest driving efficiency at 4.03 mi/kWh (though the Tesla is arguably equivalent at 4.02 mi/kWh). The Lucid Air might quickly take that crown though, as it has a projected 4.5 mi/kWh when it also debuts later this year.

All automakers are following a similar formula here, and the luxury EV sedan profiles are becoming eerily similar, as aesthetics yield to physics. Similar as they are, the Mercedes has some of the worst proportions, in our eyes.

2022 Mercedes EQS Exterior Design

The form of the EQS is a break from classic Benz styling. While the Mercedes PR team calls it “beautiful” and “extraordinary,” the Twitterverse was quick to call it “dodge intrepid-y.”

The proportions are undeniably odd for a Merc, the nose is short and sloping with a front fascia that looks more Honda than S-Class. The two-tone paint seems like an odd choice, as if they wanted to distract from the raw form.

2022 Mercedes EQS door handles

To keep the form svelte, the door handles pop out when the driver approaches (a feature copied straight from Tesla). Mercedes takes it one step forward by popping the door ajar as you reach the vehicle.

EQS Interior Design

2022 Mercedes EQS interior

The interior, by comparison, is just stunning, as with most Mercs. The MBUX Hyperscreen display is a curved panorama of infotainment that is over 56-inches wide. If you’re in the passenger seat, you can queue up your favorite movie while exploring the 10 different massage functions in the NEOTEX seats. Ambient lighting throughout the dash and doors can change to compliment your music or mood.

For an EV, sound is one area where Mercedes has spent big development dollars. The EQS is effectively a high-caliber rolling soundstage featuring Burmester surround sound. Listening to music is just the beginning, Mercedes has selectable driving “sound tracks”. This isn’t limited to combustion engine sounds, Mercedes hired sound designers and hosted hackathons to get creative and think up what an EV should sound like. At least one track will be a sci-fi techno (oontz oontz?!) mix, but personally, I’d take a recording of the 1954 300 SL straight-six.

2022 Mercedes EQS interiorWhen you’re tired of hugging corners and rocking out it’s time to engage the “ENERGIZING COACH,” which uses intelligent AI to help you relax by changing the lighting and ambient sounds. There’s even a “power nap” mode and other experiences to help you find your inner zen – just say “Hey Mercedes, I am stressed” and your electric hyper-sedan transforms into your personal happy space.

Power In Numbers

Mercedes is playing to win on the spec sheet as well. A WLTP range of 770 km (about 480 miles) will match or beat Tesla and Lucid. When you need to recharge (if you can find the right charger) 15 minutes plugged in will net you 180 miles of range. To their credit, Mercedes tried and failed to actually use public chargers on a road trip – but at least owned up to this in their PR videos.

There will be two flavors of the EQS at launch. The 450+ RWD version sports 245 kW and 0-100 km/h in 6.2-seconds while the 580 4Matic AWD version sports 385kW and 0-100 km/h in 4.3-seconds. A higher performance EQS is in the queue, but for now, the Tesla Model-S Plaid is the winner at the drag-strip.

The interior volume is the largest of any other electric luxury saloon, making the most of its 17-feet in length.  That’s not a short bus to turn, so Mercedes offers an optional rear-axle steering mechanism.

With up to 107.8 kWh of battery and more features that a star destroyer it’s no surprise that this whale tips the scales at over 2.5 tons.

The Luxury EV Sedan Wars Have Just Begun

2022 Mercedes EQS

The electrification of automobiles is just now getting exciting. The dinosaurs of the industry are waking up from petrol-induced hibernation. They are big and they are very hungry. Their stats meet or beat most of the competition, but that’s a minimum requirement to play. Mercedes knows how to build the finest automobiles on the planet – but the playing field has flattened.

Electric sedan form and function have become formulaic. At a glance, they all look about the same, go the same distance, and have face warping instant acceleration. There’s not much new with the EQ. The differentiator is in execution, design, and experience. Mercedes hopes its design language speaks your language whether you are a yogi, a discotech junkie, or you’re just driving to church on Sundays. I can’t quite forgive the exterior lines and two-tone disjointed paint job but will hold off final judgment until I see it in the flesh, as many times these EVs look better in person.

2022 Mercedes EQS

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