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2023 MINI Cooper Special Editions: Close to Bespoke at an Affordable Price

The Resolute, Untamed, and Untold Special Editions Coming Spring 2022

2023 MINI Cooper Special Editions: Resolute, Untamed, Untold

MINI has produced a litany of hot hatches over the years, many of which were quite brilliant. A prime example was the Anniversary Edition John Cooper Works Hardtop that celebrated 60 years of race history with the Cooper family.

Recently, the automaker announced the launch of three more 2023 MINI Cooper special editions for the latest model year: the Resolute, Untamed, and Untold Editions. Let’s dive into what these special cars are all about.

Resolute Edition

The distinctive Rebel Green paint will turn heads and prompt many unsolicited thumbs-ups on any given day. The hardtops get a Pepper White roof and mirror caps, while the convertible Resolute Edition has a black soft top and mirror caps. Warm metallic colors offset the bold paint colors selected for the Special Editions.

In the case of the Resolute, bronze accents the headlight surrounds, air intakes, radiator grille, door and tailgate handles, rear lights, and fuel filler cap. Pulse Spoke Black 18-inch alloy wheels are fitted to the gas-powered Coopers, while the all-electric MINI Cooper SE rolls with 17-inch alloys in Electric Collection Spoke design. 

Complementing the Rebel Green, the Resolute Edition is outfitted with sport seats in Black Pearl and Light Chequered fabric/leatherette combination. A Nappa leather steering wheel features a Resolute edition emblem at the 6 o’clock position.

Light gold pin-stripes on a black background are integrated into the cabin design; this color scheme continues for the exterior bonnet stripes. The centerpiece of the dash is a laser-engraved ring that encircles the 8.8-inch touchscreen infotainment display. 

The Resolute Edition is available to order with the 2023 MINI Cooper S Hardtop 2-door and 4-door models, the Cooper S Convertible, and the Cooper SE BEV (battery electric) models. The price of the package is a mere $1,000 on top of the model’s MSRP, which gets you lots of sporting accents, MINI Driving Modes, and exclusive design features. 

Untamed Edition

The Mini Untamed Edition captivates the eye using Momentum Grey metallic paint, a brand new color for MINI. This invigorating color is applied to specific trim pieces such as the lower intake surround, front corner intake inserts, side skirts, and the lower insert of the rear apron. Fittingly, the background of the MINI badges is also painted in body color. The 18-inch alloy wheels feature an Untamed two-tone design developed exclusively for the Edition vehicles. 

If anyone is curious as to which trim you chose, the “Untamed” inscription, which was inspired by a mountain landscape, adorns the door sills, rear side windows, and accent dash trim above the glovebox. The accent strips in the cockpit and center console are painted in Frozen Blue metallic, which is related to the four diagonal door stripes which come in a Frozen Bluestone hue.  

The Untamed is cool on the outside and warm on the inside. The MINI Yours Leather heated seats are wrapped in an exclusive Highland Green with blue and green contrast stitching. The “Untamed” lettering that appears on the bottom spoke of the Nappa leather-wrapped steering wheel is also on the seats.

Priced at $1,500, the Untamed Edition package comprises the exclusive design features mentioned above along with the Light Package, the MINI Excitement Package, and the MINI Driving Modes. The Untamed Edition is available for the MINI Cooper S Countryman which is available in front-wheel drive, ALL4, and plug-in hybrid drivetrains.

Considering all the added touches you get, $1,500 for the Untamed Edition is a great value package since it carries a lot of exquisite details. It’s a nice complement to the ruggedness of the Countryman that drivers can enjoy whether they are roaming the city streets or venturing far away from home. 

Untold Edition

Distinctive style and premium-level equipment define the Mini Untold Edition package. The Sage Green metallic paintwork enriches the Clubman’s shooting-brake profile, plus the front and rear aprons which are inspired by the JCW aero kit.

This bold body color extends to the surrounds of the lower bodywork, which is a first for MINI. Instead of black cladding for the bumpers and wheel wells, those pieces are dyed to color match the body paint.

A Refined Brass accent color further hones the look and brings attention to the trim pieces for the front grille, wheels, and door sills. Piano Black, which contrasts marvelously with the Sage Green, is used on the door handles, MINI logos, and exhaust pipes. 

The Untold Spoke design of the 18-inch alloy wheels features two-tone surfaces in Jet Black and Refined Brass — a combination designed exclusively for the 2023 MINI Cooper special edition vehicles. 

The Refined Brass color is shared with the interior trim pieces and applied to the door sills, air vents, and steering wheel. The cabin features illuminated accent pieces in Sage Green and interior surfaces with a subtle striped pattern and green color that are unique to the edition package.

Passengers are invited to get comfortable in the sport seats wrapped in MINI Yours Leather Lounge Sage Green with light-colored seams and piping. If Sage Green upholstery isn’t for you, a Carbon Black option is available. 

The Untold Edition, offering exclusive design features and superb equipment, is available to MINI Cooper S Clubman, MINI Cooper S Clubman All4, and the John Cooper Works Clubman models. The package combines bold style with an anthracite-colored roof lining, Interior Light Package, as well as adaptive LED headlights, the MINI Excitement Package, and the MINI Driving Modes.

Find the MINI Tailored for You

New owners often order their MINI with specific options that go into much more detail than exterior color, interior palette, and wheel design. Details such as roof color, choice of mirror caps, and the addition of Union Jack logos are barely the beginning.

By the time you’ve chosen all the options that reflect your personal identity, something really close to bespoke will be coming your way — and the 2023 MINI Cooper special edition packages do it all for a reasonable price. 

Production is slated to begin in March and the first 2023 MINI Cooper special editions will arrive in showrooms toward the end of the month for the East Coast and as early as April for the West Coast dealerships. The destination and handling charge is $850 for all models.

2023 MINI Cooper Special Editions Pricing

 Model  Iconic Trim MSRP  Edition package price  Edition MSRP price
 Cooper S Hardtop 2-Door Resolute  $34,900  $1,000  $35,900
 Cooper SE Hardtop 2-Door Resolute  $36,900  $1,000  $37,900
 Cooper S Hardtop 4-Door Resolute  $35,900  $1,000  $36,900
 Cooper S Convertible Resolute  $39,400  $1,000  $37,900
 Cooper S Clubman Untold  $39,400  $2,250  $41,650
 Cooper S Clubman ALL4 Untold  $41,400  $2,250  $43,650
 John Cooper Works Clubman ALL4 Untold  $47,400  $2,250  $49,650
 Cooper S Countryman Untamed  $40,400  $1,500  $41,900
 Cooper S Countryman ALL4 Untamed  $42,400  $1,500  $43,900
 Cooper SE Countryman ALL4 Untamed   $45,400  $1,500  $46,900

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