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AD Koncept’s Awesome Yamaha MT-10 Concepts

How About Some Custom FZ-10 Renderings From AD Koncept?

The Yamaha MT-10 (formerly FZ-10) is one of the coolest naked street bikes out there, so how do you got about making it look better? Try any one of these awesome concept ideas for AD Koncept. Working with what can only be described as a naked YZF-R1, the design house have done the impossible, by making the MT-10 look more aggressive, more brutal and more fun than we’ve ever seen before.

Remember a little while back, when we showed off a huge gallery of BMW R nineT concepts? If not, check it out, because we’re doing the same thing here: taking a basic idea, and developing it in a wide range of angles.

Who Wants A Custom FZ-10 Like This?!

ad koncept custom FZ-10 2

AD Koncept’s ideas are all strictly aesthetic, but that doesn’t mean that the options are dull and boring. Take the Valentino Rossi inspired machine here: it plays with color in a way that’s rarely seen on bikes like this – sure, only Valentino can really pull it off, but the idea is definitely sound and is something that Yamaha should definitely explore. Think about it – a Vale “46” inspired aftermarket kit (lose those awful bug eyes at the font though), we can think of more than a few canary wearers that would snap that up in a heartbeat. Then again, they’d by anything as long as it’s got Valentino’s logo on it.

ad koncept custom FZ-10 3

Anyway, moving on from the celebrity merchandise, take a look at the rest of the gallery. It really is interesting how a few changes can make the world of difference. The old school round headlight set up is definitely something worth looking in to, if you’re an MT-10 owner, and so are carbon fiber fenders and the rear tail section too.

Take a look and let us know what you think!

ad koncept custom FZ-10 4

ad koncept custom FZ-10 5   ad koncept custom FZ-10 6  ad koncept custom FZ-10 7

ad koncept custom FZ-10 8

ad koncept custom FZ-10 9

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