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Bond Dreams Realized: Limited Edition Aston Martin DB5 2/3rds Replica Has All The Gadgets

The Limited Run of Replicas, Built by The Little Car Company, Launches Today

aston martin little car company bond car

Do you and/or your child have a penchant for international espionage? Do you fantasize about the exhilaration of driving through the open countryside or tight city streets, a half step ahead of mysterious assailants in hot pursuit?

Do you like convertibles? If you answered “yes” to all three, your dreams have come true: in conjunction with the new Bond caper, No Time To Die, Aston Martin releases a limited run of the spy’s iconic DB5 today — in miniature, so you and your kids can enjoy them. Even better, the electric cars will possess secret gadgets.

aston martin little car company bond car

Aston Martin partnered with The Little Car Company to pull off the operation, which sought to rebuild the original DB5 at ⅔ scale. From there, the companies would need a consultation with a gadgets expert — someone capable of loading down the car with hidden spy gear, a la Agent Q. So they sought out the real-life Agent Q to make sure the kit-out was true to form.

Chris Corbould has worked on 15 Bond movies since the 1980s, winning Oscars in special effects along the way. His additions to the new offering, officially called the Aston Martin DB5 Junior No Time To Die, pay faithful homage to the films — imitation machine guns, smoke screen capability, and a special skid mode are all on board.

“When I saw the DB5 Junior in the flesh, I was amazed at how identical it is to the full-size car – it’s stunning. It’s an amazing feat of engineering.”

aston martin little car company bond car

Aston Martin Bond Car: How and What?

No, the DB5 Junior No Time To Die will not be road legal. However, that concession and its diminutive size did open the door for some novel platform changes, including an electric power conversion. The ⅔ scale car is suitable for an adult and child to sit side by side. The electric motor’s range is 80 miles, and drivers can opt between multiple driving modes.

A quick-release steering wheel allows for a speedy entry and exit for the driver, along with a drop-top, versus the hardtop featured in the films. Regenerative braking technology complements brakes from Brembo to help the little roadster stop on a dime. And Bilstein dampers and coil-over springs help the diminutive suspension handle the car’s power.

To produce the most accurate replica possible, designers 3D-scanned the original Aston Martin DB for reference. The DB5 Junior No Time To Die keeps most of the decorative elements identical to the original, like the Smiths instruments on the dashboard, but gets changes that reflect its electric power. Instead of petrol level, the fuel gauge monitors battery charge. And the oil temp gauge monitors motor temperature.

aston martin little car company bond car

A switch panel hidden inside the driver’s door activates the special functions: flames from the exhaust (though we’re not sure how they executed that safely), fake guns from the headlights, smoke from the rear, and the signature rotating license plates join the signature skid ability.

aston martin miniture bond car

Availability, Pricing, and What You Can Do With It

The Little Car Company will make 125 examples of the Aston Martin DB5 Junior No Time To Die. MSRP is £90,000, or about $123,000.

Which brings us to the $123K question: what exactly are you supposed to do with this thing? It’s a little too big and capable to tool around in the backyard, and it’s unwelcome elsewhere.

The Little Car Company says its mission is “to create beautiful vehicles that allow the joy of driving to be shared across generations.” The DB5 Junior project facilitates a couple of different channels for doing that. Even though it’s not road legal, every owner will become a member of the Aston Martin Owners Club. In addition, all clients will receive complimentary membership in The Little Car Club, which will give them access to exclusive events where they can fire up their DB5 Juniors on what the company calls “the most prestigious racetracks.”

Feel like giving a very expensive gift to a pint-sized Bond fan this fall? Your evidence so far lines up — check out 007junior.com for all the details.

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