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Gaia GPS Pairs with Android Auto for Improved Backcountry Navigation

Off-Road In-Vehicle Maps Now Possible for Android Users

Gaia GPS dashboard

If you’re looking to take the road less traveled, whether you are piloting your adventure van, SUV, or lifted off-road pickup, Gaia GPS just announced a navigation tool you’ll want to add to your repertoire.

Gaia GPS now pairs with Android Auto to allow drivers to navigate offline with turn-by-turn directions — all with ease thanks to the app’s integration into your vehicle’s dashboard screen. Gaia is the first backcountry navigation app built for Google’s in-vehicle technology.

Offline Maps and Much More

In addition to turn-by-turn guidance on backcountry roads and off-road trails not found on Google or Apple Maps, Gaia GPS allows you to download additional map layers such as Gaia Topo and Nat Geo Trails Illustrated, MVUM (motor vehicle use maps), and others. This functionality means you’ll have a complete picture of where you are on the map, even when you are off the grid.

“The Gaia GPS development team took to the trails navigating backroads to thoroughly develop and test all of Android Auto’s new features and capabilities,” said software engineer and Android Auto project lead Sasha Heinen. “We can’t wait for users to do the same.”

Gaia GPS dash

The integration with Android Auto allows drivers to more easily and safely view maps while on the go and off the pavement. Thanks to Gaia’s integration with your vehicle’s dashboard screen, there is no need to fiddle with phones or tablets. For added safety, the app will automatically switch to dark mode if you’re out after dusk.

Additional functionality includes the ability to identify landmarks, land boundaries, trailheads, restrooms, and more. All this comes in handy whether you are planning a remote camping trip or a multiday overlanding adventure.

Download Gaia GPS and Get Out Exploring

To utilize Gaia GPS with Android Auto, you will need to download the Gaia app and have a vehicle equipped with Android Auto. And if you are an Apple CarPlay user, don’t despair, as Gaia released this feature for iOS users in February 2020.

Though there is a free version of the Gaia app, if you want access to download and save various offline maps as well as access additional offline functionality, you’ll want to upgrade to the Premium Membership, which runs MSRP $40 per year for a subscription.

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