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The Dodge Ram Runner.

The Dodge Ram Runner is finally here

2012 Ram Runner, the Snake Killer?

So, many of you out there have seen Ford’s F-150 Raptor right? And some of the real car enthusiasts also know about the 600+hp Hennessy Velociraptor too, right? So with Ford doing really well with the sales of the Raptor, Chrysler figured that they would jump on the band wagon, and try to claim some of that off-road enthusiast money. They once again joined forces with Mopar, and created a bolt-on package for all of their Ram 1500 owners. It’s called the Dodge Ram Runner. (Sounds like a porno title.)

Dodge Ram Runner Kit, 2012

Anyway, the Dodge Ram Runner kit, is like I mentioned, completely bolt on. If you’re really interested in this kit, you would first need a Ram 1500 pick-up truck, that’s in great condition. (2010 thru 2012 is preferred) Gather about $14,000 of your hard earned money, don’t tell the wife that you’re going to convert the family truck into a Baja style pre-runner, head to your local Dodge dealership, and Get ‘er Done! Here’s what $14,000 will get you. A similar shock set-up, from none other than Fox Racing, that currently helps the Ford Raptor do what it does so well. Throw in some Aluminum A-arms, and a Mighty Lift bushing set, and you’ve just raised your truck, a total of 14”. Sounds awesome doesn’t it? Well here’s the next financial kicker, because we all know there’s something else needed to make it really Bad Ass.

For an extra $5,000 Big Ones, you can also be a privy to attaching, a functioning Carbon Fiber hood, that’s connected to a new Cold Air intake. For the exterior you’ll also get Fiberglass front & rear fenders, a chintzy looking tube bumper, and rounding off the kit will be a primo sounding exhaust.

Let’s crunch some numbers for a minute.

Dodge Ram 1500 Quad Cab 6’ Bed 4×4 (Decent trim) – $30,000 Stage 2 Ram Runner Kit (Whole Shebang) – $20,000 One Lifted, & Loud Pre-runner style pickup truck – $50,000 (Minus $75 to $100 per hour installation fees) Now you take the Ram Runner’s competition the Ford SVT Raptor.The Ford SVT F-150 Raptor (All ready loaded up) – $48,000. Yeah that’s about it.

SVT Raptor, Dodge Ram Runner Kit

The 2012 Dodge Ram Runner kit is a bit of a stretch for truck owners this day and age to want to really dive in into head on. Reviews of the completed Ram Runner are mixed at best. Where the Raptor excels in handling, the Ram Runner wallows in driver uncertainty. In all honesty this kit is for the driver who, can afford to change the overall geometry of an honest Ram 1500, into something potentially greater, but the down side is that, you will quickly realize that IT IS NO LONGER a daily driver. If all else fails, buy a used 2010 Ram 1500, buy the kit, take a weekend to install yourself, and take it to the track. Just be sure that your pulling the trailer with an F-150.


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