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Top 10 Badass Custom Motorcycle Helmets!

Stay Cool With These Original And Cool Motorcycle Helmets

Turtles Themed Custom Motorcycle Helmets

Custom bikes are one thing, but what about custom motorcycle helmets? You don’t have to be a professional rider to warrant your own custom helmet, and there are plenty more options out there than the tired old Predator helmet trend that doesn’t seem able to die. Sticking on a Mohawk is one thing, gluing on some cat ears is another, but if you really want to set yourself apart from the crowd you’re going to want to get yourself something truly unique – and if you’re searching around for custom badass motorcycle helmets, we’ve got a few ideas that might help point you in the right direction.

Iron Man Themed Helmet

Good custom motorcycle helmets aren’t as common as you’d think. Since helmets are made to protect you in the event of an accident, most manufacturers insist that you don’t get them custom painted, or even stick certain stickers on the shell. Even the most gentle of paints or adhesive can compromise the protective integrity of a helmets shell…so if you’re looking for a real custom helmet, you’re going to want to see a professional. We’re talking about either internationally recognized brands, or custom helmet specialists that know what kind of paints to use, what kind of sculptural materials won’t be harmful, and what won’t make you look too ridiculous.

Painted Motorcycle Helmet

So what counts as a custom motorcycle helmet? For the purposes of this list we’re going to cover pretty much everything. We’ll take a look at some fresh and original custom airbrushed, painted jobs, interesting sculptural pieces, a couple of novelty items, and of course, proper professional manufacturers with a track record for excellence. If you’re looking for Predator helmets and tacky helmet accessories, you’re in the wrong place – but don’t go just yet, because you might see something a little more original instead.

Predator Motorcycle Helmet

Besides, why opt for a Predator lid when there are so many other original ideas out there instead? Take a look, because there are so many cool motorcycle helmets available! We’ve got a Power Ranger motorcycle helmet, a LEGO motorcycle helmet, a Storm Trooper motorcycle helmet, custom painted lids, there’s a Batman motorcycle helmet for sale, and a hell of a lot more. So why settle for something standard?

And before you ask: all of these helmets are DOT certified or ECE standard unless mentioned otherwise. There are a couple that we’re not 100% sure about, but let’s not let safety regulations get in the way of a bit of fun.

Top 10 Badass Custom Painted Motorcycle Helmet Designs!

#10. – “Old Moe” Skull Custom

Skull Shaped Helmet

While skulls might not be everyone’s cup of tea, this model called “Old Moe” is a surprisingly cool little number. Unlike the most of the entries on this list, Old Moe here isn’t a full face helmet, but it’s still DOT certified and comes in with an affordable price of $169.00. While it might look like it could inhibit your vision, the Old Moe has been tested thoroughly and it has been described as a joy to wear whilst riding your Harley Davidson– even over long distances! So, if skulls are your thing and you’ve also got an outside interest in looking either like Darth Vader or The Punisher, then this cool helmet might be worth investing in. While it’s not strictly a custom motorcycle helmet, it’s definitely more unique than your standard Predator or spiked gladiator style lid. Give Iron Horse Helmets a Google for more ideas.

#09. The Batman By Mistralnesia

Batman Themed Helmet

We’re not sure if this one deserves to go on the list because it’s badass in its look or because someone has gone through the effort of creating a Batman themed custom motorcycle helmet. You see, Korean helmet manufacturer HJC have been cashing in on Marvel superhero merch over the last few years, so it only makes sense that a DC equivalent should rise. These custom built units are made by Mistralnesia, a small Etsy based outfit. What makes the Batman so unusual isn’t the fact that it’s from the DC universe, but because Batman’s lower face is usually exposed. Not on this bizarre helmet though – it comes complete with a full on Bruce Wayne jaw too. Blacked out, but still there. The whole thing flips up like other modular helmets should you want to put your Dark Knight persona away for a spell, and all in all, this interesting custom motorcycle helmet will set you back $325.00 on Etsy. Bargain Batman badass motorcycle helmets, right?

#08. The Stormtrooper by Mistralnesia

Star Wars Stormtrooper Motorcycle Helmet

It might seem like lazy research to have two entries in a row from the same manufacturer, but this Mistralnesia character makes some impressive custom motorcycle helmets. Again, it seems like they’ve been paying close attention to the likes of HJC who have also jumped on the Star Wars bandwagon in recent years, delivering us some top quality Star Wars themed helmets. While HJC have already indulged Star Wars fans with Rebel Pilot, Boba Fett, and Kylo Ren models, they haven’t yet given us what we really want: a Stormtrooper motorcycle helmet. Each of Mistralnesia’s helmets are handmade on top of DOT certified composite shell helmets, with each model taking about three weeks to craft. The Stormtrooper model comes with cool LED lights next to the eyes, and costs $325.00. If you’re in need of some unusual Star Wars merchandise, then these Stormtrooper custom motorcycle helmets should be high on your priorities list.

#07. Unexpected Custom Versailles Helmet

Baroque Themed Motorcycle Helmet

If you’re in the market for incredibly expensive custom motorcycle helmets then you might want to give Unexpected Customs a call. The Italian brand has been designing exclusive custom motorcycle helmets since 2010, and they’ve made helmets for the likes of Versace, Berkel and Jeffrey Levinson to name but a few. While you can buy helmets from their website for a little as $200, expect to pay around $2000 for one of their custom beauties. You can lose hours looking at their extensive portfolio, but if we had to choose our favorite, it would be their Versailles themed helmet. Taking inspiration from France’s King Louis XIV and his incredible Versailles palace near Paris, this Versailles themed helmet comes complete with the opulence that you’d expect from the Bourbon monarch. Silver leaf fleur de lys motifs adorn the shell, accented with Swarovski studs and a subtle but somehow still over-the-top finish. It’s a bit out of our price range, but we can still appreciate this king of open face helmets from afar.

#06. The Lego Custom Approach

Lego Themed Helmet

Now, if you want something that sets you apart from the crowd and definitely makes people turn their heads, but you don’t want to spend too much in the way of money, then you could always take a different approach. While custom motorcycle helmets tend to be expensive, you could always invest in a small novelty item that totally transforms your look. We’re not talking about stick on mohawks, or glue on cat ears, or even fancy helmet covers that make you look like Elmo. Oh no, we’re going to a new realm of cool: the Lego helmet. For as little as $25 you can buy yourself a cool Lego smiling face visor decal that makes you look like a regular citizen of Lego City. While it’s not the most sophisticated custom helmet idea, it’s definitely a cool original one that is worth the money. After all, if you’re in the market for a custom helmet, the goal is to get noticed – and this is one of the coolest and cheapest ways of doing it. These are easily procurable for full-face helmets on eBay.

#05. The “Skinner” By CarnageFX

Human Skin Themed Motorcycle Helmet

This one is pretty appropriately named. Both the helmet and the company that makes it, that is. This crazy looking helmet is built on top a Fuel FF-series helmet, and despite the fact that it looks like the go-to helmet for a mass murderer, it’s actually DOT approved and it will actually protect you…if you’re insane enough to wear it. Now, there’s no doubt that it is a badass lookin’ custom motorcycle helmet, but do we recommend anyone ever wear it? Probably not. While it may have been DOT approved, we’re not convinced that it would still pass the test given that it obscures the visor. And even if it did, we wouldn’t recommend it for the sake of public decency. We live in a time where everyone is offended and hurt by everything, and to be fair, we could see these novelty helmets scaring a kid or two. We’re not in the business of scaring kids…but if you’re looking for a cool Halloween lid, then look no further. It’s on Etsy, and you can snag it for a mere $300.

#04. Veldt Design – The Helmet Configurator

Veldt Designs Custom Helmet

What about something a little more official? For proper, custom motorcycle helmets, you want to give Veldt Design a look. In short, they’ve got you covered. We’re not talking novelties or gimmicks, but genuine built to last helmets that are totally customized and tailored to fit your needs. With helmets starting from around $450, you can build your own helmet using the company’s online “Helmet Configurator” tool, allowing you to play with the size, shape, shell material, lining, riveting, trim, clasp, padding…you name it. Carbon fiber shell? No problem. Suede interior? Sorted. Chinguard? You want it, you got it. ECE or DOT certified? Whichever you want. Custom paint? It’s all there. Oh, and what’s more, they deliver it directly to your door. There aren’t many truly custom motorcycle helmet platforms out there that are so easily accessible…and cheap. So, we recommend you go and have a play on their Helmet Configurator and see what you come up with. Getting a real custom helmet has never been so easy.

#03. Ninja Turtles Helmet By Freshcoat Custom Paint

Ninja Turtles Custom Helmet

This is another classic Etsy find, and you’ve got to admit that this Ninja Turtles themed helmet is far superior in every way to the usual dreadlocked Predator lids that do the rounds. And before you ask, yes, this is a fully DOT approved helmet. These themed helmets are produced by Freshcoat Custom Paint, and they’re built on top of the already successful HJC CS-R3 helmets. Since we’re dealing with professional painters, the paintwork doesn’t affect the helmet’s integrity. If anything, a Ninja Turtles theme only makes it stronger, surely? The company’s Turtles custom motorcycle helmets all come with a see through visor, even though it’s painted, just in case you were wondering. If you want in on the Turtles action, get in touch with Freshcoat Custom Paint on Etsy, send them your head measurements, and throw $375 at them. They’ll even paint your existing full face motorcycle helmet if you’re not quite ready for a new one. How cool is that?

#02. Power Rangers By Custom Helmet 2014

Power Rangers Motorcycle Helmet

If you’re too young to appreciate the true value of the Ninja Turtles, then perhaps the Power Rangers are more your thing? Since our racing suits are already dubbed “Power Ranger” suits by those who don’t know better, why not turn their veiled insult into a compliment by buying a proper Power Ranger themed custom helmet? If you check out Custom Helmet 2014’s Etsy shop, you can buy yourself a cool Power Ranger themed helmet. With the five original helmets to choose from, and the bonus Green Ranger lid, you’ve got plenty of variety. While the design is one of the coolest, in our opinion, we can’t vouch for the actual quality of the helmet. It’s noted to be DOT and ECE approved, but with no actual manufacturer or model to go on, it’s buyer beware. That being said, there are worse things that you could spend $249 on – shipping not included though. Who wouldn’t want a Power Ranger motorcycle helmet!?

#01. Anything From Helmade

Helmade Custom Helmets

Helmade are a lot like Veldt Designs, but there are some fundamental differences – and it’s these differences that put Helmade firmly in our number one spot. They don’t specialize in novelties, they build top class helmets that you would want to wear on a top tier track day, off-roading over hard trails, or crossing continents. The company works with established brands such as Bell, Arai, X-Lite, and Bandit, the company builds helmets for racers. Similar to Veldt Designs, the company website features a “build your own” kind of interface, with selectable color schemes, signatures, visor and comfort options, and other cool things. We prefer this one to Veldt purely because Helmade work with brands that we already know and trust to help deliver truly excellent custom motorcycle helmets that conform to the highest standards. And of course, this kind of thing ain’t cheap. If you want a fully custom motorcycle helmet from them, expect to pay in excess of over $1500 for something truly unique. It’s all great value for money though – though not as sexy as a Power Ranger themed lid, a custom motorcycle helmet from Helmade would be our number one choice.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How to custom paint a motorcycle helmet?

A: Unless you really know what you’re doing, then don’t. Helmet’s are made from chemically engineered materials to provide the best impact protection possible, and the application of a paint could cause a chemical imbalance, damaging the overall integrity of the helmet. While that might seem far-fetched, it can happen. Using the wrong paint on a helmet can harm it, so unless you’re a professional helmet painter, leave your lid alone.

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