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VOTE: Which Ride Are You Going To Take To The Polls? [Video]

Camp 4 Collective Chicken Run 2020 Short Film

chicken run 2020

Camp4 Collective provides us with this fun little video, as a reminder to get out and vote. What’s important is that we all step up and help each other get to the polls and make our voices heard.

We love the fun automotive adventure portrayed in this goofy short film with a big message. Would you rather have been in the pickup, crossover, sportscar, or e-bike? Each would be fun in its own right, as the video shows. But, we must admit only the pickup gets the hard work done of getting everyone to their destination.

Also, we know it’s 2020, but why is the dog wearing a teeshirt? A talking dog sure, but why the teeshirt in the desert?

PS: Why did the chicken cross the road? A true question for the ages!

Bryon Dorr
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