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7 Uses for Your Old Used Tires

There Are More Uses For Old Tires Than You’d Think!

Updated September 24, 2018

Everyone seems to have a least a few used tires lying around. You don’t want to pay to dispose of them. Instead, save money by reusing them in other ways. Here are seven great ideas of how to reuse your used tires…

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Flowers ~ Used tires make great instant outside planters for your flowers. My can transfer potted plants into them, or you can plant seeds. Just lay the tire on the ground, and fill in the middles fill potting soil and mulch to support your flowers.

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Swings ~ Surely the most classic use for used tires is making a tire swing. Just a add a rope and a tree, and you’re in business. Even if you don’t have kids, put up a tire swing for yourself. You’ll be surprised at how much you’ll come to enjoy it once you have one. Go swing into the sunset; it’s an amazing experience!

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Walls ~ Used tires can be used to make wing walls, or decorative garden partitions. This a perfect project for someone who have a lot of used tires to make use of. Line up a row of tires along the ground where you want your wall to be. Then add a second row with each tire laying across two tires from the first row. Keep adding rows until your wall is as high as you want it.

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House/Shed/Playhouse ~ Lie your used tires up as described above fir ‘walls’, but arrange the first row in a square or rectangle instead of a straight line. Used tires are naturally weather resistant, so they make great building walls. You’ll still have to add a roof, but you’ll have saved a bundle in material costs by using used tires for most of your structure.

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Edging ~ You can create a nice edge border to you driveway or garden with used tires. Cut each tire in half, so that you have two half-circles. Dig a shallow trench as wide as a tire, and line up your tire half-pieces with their cut ends downward in the trench. Fill in enough dirt to keep them stable, and tamp it down firmly. You can even paint them in a color to match your home and landscaping.

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Raised Bed Garden ~ If you’ve ever thought about making a raised bed garden, you should consider using used tires to make your beds. Raised bad are perfect for rocky soil, because you don’t have to dig at all. Just lay out something to be your boundary and fill it in with quality soil. Used tires are perfect for this. No nailing together boards. Nothing to measure or cut. Just lay them out, fill them up with soil, and start planting.

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Tireman Sculpture ~ Here’s a whimsical idea for your used tires. Make yourself an all-weather snowman. Stack up different sizes of tires to form a tire-man like you see in the tire advertisements, and pose him waving to passing drivers. If you have enough tires, you can man an entire tireman family!

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