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JR Smith– Gurkha F5

22 Celebrity Car Enthusiasts and their Favorite Rides

These are Some of the Hottest Celebrity Cars Out There

Updated November 1, 2017

Who can blame these celebs for making their childhood dreams come true? You would probably do the same if you had the opportunity. Buying an expensive super car, or a historical vintage model is on the bucket list of many people. The problem is that not everyone has enough money to do that. Luckily for these people, they had the funds. Here are 22 incredible celebrity cars.

#1. David Beckham – McLaren 12C Spider

David Beckham – McLaren 12C Spider

Another soccer player is on our list, this time on the top spot. Before Cristiano Ronaldo, there was David Beckham, dubbed the soccer’s first celebrity. The husband of a former Spice Girl, Victoria, is the owner of McLaren 12C Spider. The price of this sport car is rather low, compared to other cars from our list, but that doesn’t mean its performances are bad. In fact, same as other cars designed by McLaren’s designer, Frank Stephenson, this car too is a piece of art.

#2. JR Smith– Gurkha F5

JR Smith– Gurkha F5

Former Cleveland Cavaliers shooting guard, JR Smith is a big fella, so he needs a large car. His choice was Gurkha F5, a true beast on the road and definitely one of the largest celebrity cars on this list. The 19,000 pound SUV looks more like a tank than a car for a reason. Apart from JR Smith, other owners of Gurkha F5 are S.W.A.T teams from the United States. This SUV is so impressive that it inspired filmmakers to use it in the 2011 film Fast Five. The animated version of this car is seen in Madagascar 3: Europe’s Most Wanted.

#3. Ralph Lauren – McLaren F1 LM

Ralph Lauren – McLaren F1 LM

Ralph Lauren, one of the most famous designers in the world is a proud owner of McLaren F1 LM – one of the fastest celebrity cars on this list. The model was designed to be used on racing tracks. Because of that, a special permit is needed to make a road car. The top speed of this model is 225 mph, but what makes it stand out is the acceleration, which is 3.9 seconds from 0 to 60 mph. With impressive performances comes a high price. It is reported that the designer hat to cash out nearly 10 million dollars. That’s a lot of polo shirts.

#4. John Lennon – Rolls Royce Phantom V

Celebrity Cars – John Lennon – Rolls Royce Phantom V

This car is now owned by the Canadian billionaire, Jim Pattison, but in the mid-1960’s its owner was the biggest rockstar of the time, John Lennon. The Beatles member pained it in “hippy” colors to perfectly suit his life philosophy. The whole world got to know about this car, when all of the Beatles showed up in it at the premiere of their movie, “Help!”

#5. Jay Leno – 1909 Baker Electric

Jay Leno – 1909 Baker Electric

Here’s Jay Leno again on our list and again with an eccentric ride. He owns a two-door electric car like many American celebs. However, the thing that separates this model from the rest is that it was built in the 19th century! In that period, the car price was less than a thousand dollars as its performances were not that good. In fact, it couldn’t compete even with a horse carriage. However, because of its historical significance, this car is nowadays virtually priceless.

#6. Mike Tyson – Lamborghini Diablo VT Roadster

Mike Tyson – Lamborghini Diablo VT Roadster

Famous boxer caused a lot of controversies in his life. We’ll leave beating reporters and biting off ears besides and focus on his car taste. Prior to getting bankrupt Mike Tyson was the proud owner of a rare blue model of Lamborghini Diablo VT Roadster. Unfortunately for him, he had to offload it to the Star Cars Museum in Hollywood, where the car is permanently exhibited.

#7. Jerry Seinfeld – 1955 Porsche Spyder

Jerry Seinfeld – 1955 Porsche Spyder

The famous comedian decided to invest his money into things he cares for, which are vintage cars. Seinfeld fell in love with Porsche design, especially the one from the 1950s. Porsche Spyder is among the most recognizable models and the predecessor of the famous Porsche 911. Apart from this model, Jerry Seinfeld has nearly 50 other Porsche models in his $15 million dollars worth car collection.

#8. Justin Bieber – Fisker Karma

Celebrity Cars – Justin Bieber – Fisker Karma

The company gave this car to Justin Bieber for his 18th birthday. The Canadian singer didn’t really like the company colors of the car, so he had it repainted. Now, the car is 100% chrome. When it comes to its performances, the car is one of the greatest supercars of our era, especially among hybrids. This particular model was built in 2012 in California and after 4 years, it still is at its prime.

#9. Jay Leno – EcoJet

Jay Leno – EcoJet

It seems American celebrities really care about nature. Here’s another eco-friendly car, the EcoJet. Its owner, Jay Leno was already once on our list with a vintage Russian car. This time, the car in question is a sort of supercar that runs on bio-diesel. This car looks really amazing and apparently produces amazing performances, way superior than many models of its kind. It’s also undoubtedly one of the most obscure celebrity cars on this list.

#10. Paris Hilton – Bentley Continental

Paris Hilton – Bentley Continental

When you are an heiress of a hotel chain empire, you can get whichever car you want. Known for her unsuccessful singing career and her rather successful sex tape, Paris Hilton is the owner of a pink Bentley. Her Bentley Continental was customized by West Coast Customs, who set the price for this model at about 250k dollars.

#11. Cristiano Ronaldo – Koenigsegg CCX

Cristiano Ronaldo – Koenigsegg CCX

The Portuguese soccer player is one of the legends of this game. He’s considered to be one of the best players in history and his salary confirms it. His club, Real Madrid, pays him 17 million EUR per year, so he can afford buying supercars like Koenigsegg CCX. This supercar is considered to be one of the most advanced cars in the world and certainly one of the most expensive ones. To include it in his sport car collection, Ronaldo had to pay about 4 million US dollars.

#12. Jay Leno – GAZ-21 Volga

Jay Leno – GAZ-21 Volga

Jay Leno is the owner of one of the biggest collections of cars on the planet. You would think that most of the items from his collection are supercars, but you would be wrong. The famous late night show host prefers vintage cars. He doesn’t discriminate, so his collection contains cars from all parts of the world, including Soviet Russia.

This particular model was built back in the 1950’s when the Cold War was at its peak. At the time, the car wasn’t an expensive one and a lot of working-class families from Russia owned it. However, no one in the USA was able to get it. In fact, even today, there are only a couple of them in the whole of North America, making this car a true gem.

#13. Will I Am – Custom DeLorean

Will I Am – Custom DeLorean

Will I Am is another rapper on our list, but unlike Wyclef Jean, Will I Am doesn’t care too much about supercars. Apart from owning a custom Beetle, the rapper also owns a custom DeLorean, which has to be one of the funkiest looking celebrity cars on this list. The car was in production for only a couple of years and is best remembered as the car Doc and Marty use to go back to the future in the movie of the same name. The car was originally built in the 1980s, while the customized version owned by Will I Am is from the 21st Century. Reportedly, the rapper spent about 700k US dollars to get this car.

#14. Justin Bieber – Custom Cadillac CTS-V

Justin Bieber – Custom Cadillac CTS-V

Ryan Friedlinghaus from West Coast Customs is the man behind the project of transforming a Cadillac into one of the most impressive rides ever. This car seems like it came straight from the world of DC Comics. It’s powerful both in performances and the looks.  On top of that, the car is pretty safe, which is one of the concerns the Canadian singer had in mind.

#15. Will I Am – Custom 1958 VW Beetle

Celebrity Cars – Will I Am – Custom 1958 VW Beetle

Will I Am is once again on our list. This member of Black Eyed Peas obviously has a thing for vintage cars, but at the same time wants to enjoy the high-performance of modern-day sport cars. His favorite car is a customized Beetle from 1958, in which not only the engine is new, but also some features of the shell. The impressive design of this car certainly justifies its cost, which is reckoned to be around one million dollars.

#16. Wyclef Jean – Pagani Zonda

Wyclef Jean – Pagani Zonda

Born in Haiti, Wyclef Jean moved to the United States at a young age and became one of the most influential rappers. He also appeared in a few movies and wrote songs for several other singers. In the meantime, he found time to explore his favorite hobby – collecting supercars. Probably the most valuable item in his collection is a red Pagani Zonda. Designed by an Italian company, with the engine developed by Mercedes, this car is one of the most powerful of its kind. That is why its high price is not a big surprise. It is reported that Wyclef Jean had to cash out about 300k dollars to become the owner of this ride.

#17. Flo Rida – Tramontana XTR

Flo Rida – Tramontana XTR

American rapper Flo Rida, known for his flashy lifestyle shocked everyone when he was seen driving this beast. Tramontana XTR is a Spanish supercar, known for a peculiar design which is a mixture of a racing car and a rocket. It allows it to develop an impressive speed, making it one of the fastest cars in the world. Speaking of impressive things about this model is its price. This particular model is speculated to cost about half a million dollars.

#18. George Clooney – Tango

George Clooney – Tango

George Clooney is another celebrity who has been promoting eco-friendly attitude. To show the world that electric cars can be very useful, the actor purchased a Tango electric car. This particular model is very narrow as it was designed for commuting one person. The reason why this car ended on our list is that it is pretty exclusive. Since 2005, less than hundred cars per year have been manufactured, so not many have the pleasure to own it. One of the lucky ones is George Clooney while Larry Page and Sergey Brin, the founders of Google, bought it as an April fool’s day joke.

#19. Nicolas Cage – Lamborghini Miura SVJ

Nicolas Cage – Lamborghini Miura SVJ

This red model of Lamborghini Miura SVJ has an impressive history. It was constructed in late 1960’s and sold to Iran, where the Shah owned it for more than two decades. In that period, the car wasn’t used as you might think. In fact, the mileage was strangely low when the actor Nicolas Cage bought it in 1997. The reason for that was that Shah had three thousand other vehicles, so he didn’t much appreciate this Italian work of art.

#20. Patrick Dempsey – Jaguar XK120

Patrick Dempsey – Jaguar XK120

You might know Patrick Dempsey’s from Grey’s Anatomy, but this actor is a professional racing driver in his spare time. Dempsey owns a huge collection of cars, which is worth a couple of millions of dollars. Car collecting is an expensive hobby and the most valuable piece of his collection is certainly Jaguar XK120 from late 1940’s. The racing car was expensive, even in the times of its production, while today is one of the most precious collector items in the world.

#21. Brad Pitt & Angelina Jolie – BMW Hydrogen 7

Brangelina – BMW Hydrogen 7

The most famous Hollywood couple of our era, Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt are proud owners of BMW Hydrogen 7. The couple is famous for being eco conscious and thus it’s no surprise they bought this car as soon as it was made. This model is first of its kind. BMW Hydrogen 7 is the first commercial car in the world to be powered by hydrogen fuel. Some would think that eco-friendly means lacking performances, but this model proves otherwise. With a powerful 12V engine, BMW Hydrogen 7 is the king of the road.

#22. Benji Madden – Ford Shoebox

Benji Madden – Ford Shoebox

The husband of a Hollywood superstar, Cameron Diaz, Benji Madden has been known for his exciting and rather extravagant way of life. The former guitarists of the band called Good Charlotte is known as a person with a love for vintage cars, so it wasn’t a surprise when the news appeared about him buying a Ford Shoebox from 1950’s.

What makes this car different from other American cars from the after-WWII era is that there are not many models of this car in the world. Not only was the production of this car halted after just two years, but also not many of them survived the test of time.


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