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Ram Launches Amazon Store as Bezos’ Space Flight Grabs Headlines

Store to Sell Licensed Gear and Merch; Bezos Returns from Space to Chagrin of Some

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We have liftoff. On Monday, Ram Truck announced its brand-curated Amazon store. Today, billionaire Jeff Bezos took a brief voyage to suborbital space for — what else? — purely promotional reasons.

Coincidence? We think not.

The Ram Truck Store by Amazon will sell various Ram branded items, from T-shirts to tumblers. Do you want Ram branded beer pong balls? You got ’em. Black ping pong table featuring robust Ram logos? You bet.

ram logo

If only by a coincidence of timing, the memorabilia stunt does seem like an appropriate way to coronate the company founder’s most recent, and arguably most noteworthy, display of extravagant wealth.

The Ram Store opened a day before Bezos’ nakedly capitalistic space flight. The billionaire and three others visited space early this morning aboard his company Blue Origin’s New Shepard rocket and capsule system. Blue Origin’s evident purpose is suborbital space tourism. The flight generated a media flurry, but many are nonplussed. A petition on change.org titled “Do not allow Jeff Bezos to return to Earth” has accrued 165,000+ signatures and counting.

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While many anticipated Bezos’ Blue Origin mission with bated breath, we were more interested in the new Ram gear. Here’s a first look at what’s available.

Amazon Ram Truck Store Utility

Stellantis, Ram’s parent company and PR firm, drapes its new Amazon Ram Store (Ramazon Store?) with the laurels of customer engagement.

“Opening our dedicated Ram Truck store on Amazon provides an opportunity for our owners and followers in the U.S. to shop for their favorite gear across multiple categories and to encounter a seamless online experience,” said Marissa Hunter, Stellantis’ Vice President of Marketing – North America. “The Ram Truck brand featured collections give our devoted followers and Ram truck owners the chance to shop a variety of products from apparel to outdoor gear.”

ram truck t shirt woman

Never mind that you can buy many of the same things directly from Ram Truck’s merch website or, in many cases, via a rudimentary Google search. I can report, for instance, that the branded ping pong table and associated beer pong balls are not Amazon exclusive items.

However, gathering the whole kit and kaboodle into its own Amazon store gives Ram an edge over class competitors. Although some competitor brands like Chevy and Ford do sell parts and accessories via the online retailer, neither have brand-consolidated Amazon stores as of yet. The Ram Truck Store places Ram alongside fellow Stellantis brands Jeep and Bronco, which also have their own stores.

Through Amazon, Anything Under the Sun

Blast off to the Ram Truck Store by Amazon to find men’s and women’s gear and apparel, drinkware, bags, and a galaxy of “etc.” category memorabilia. Spatula with Ram logo cutouts? Ram tape measure? Recycled Ram tire coaster set?

Why not. It’s the era of space tourism, after all — here on terra firma, you should clearly be able to get anything you want. Check out the Ram Truck Store by Amazon here, and keep an eye on the New Arrivals tab for the latest updates.



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