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Jaguar To Hand Build Limited Edition C-Type Continuation Racecars

Jaguar Classic Brings Back the C-type, the Race Car That Brought Disc Brakes to the Mainstream

Jaguar C-type continuation
It’s been 70 years since the first Jaguar C-type won the Le Mans 24 hour race. To celebrate the anniversary, Jaguar Classic announces it will reproduce the iconic racecar. The hand-built C-Type Continuation will consist of a limited-edition run.
This weekend the car makes its debut at Concours of Elegance at Hampton Court Palace in the UK. Then, in 2022, a racing-inspired event will celebrate the first of these continuation cars built.

Jaguar C-type continuation

Jaguar C-Type History

Jaguar built the original iconic C-type racing sports cars between 1951 and 1953. The total production line included 53 vehicles, 43 of which were sold to private owners. 
In 1951, it brought an aerospace-inspired design to racing. Then in 1952, the C-type became the first vehicle to use disc brakes in racing. In 1953, with upgrades to the suspension and engine, it was the first race car to average over 100 mph at the event. This win contributed to the popularization of disc brakes for racing and road use.

Jaguar C-Type Continuation

C-Type Continuation Process

The new Jaguar Classic C-type Continuation builds on the design of the winning 1953 model.
“The C-type is one of the most iconic cars in Jaguar’s illustrious racing history, driven by some of the most admired drivers in history. The C-type Continuation keeps Malcolm Sayers’ iconic and advanced design alive,” said Jaguar Classic Director Dan Pink.
The road to releasing the C-type Continuation dove deep into Jaguar history. The Jaguar Classic team scoured drawings, pictures, and documents to reach authenticity. They also consulted Norman Dewis OBE (1920–2019), a former test driver for Jaguar Cars. Building an authentic C-type reproduction line remained the goal.
The 3.4L straight-6 engine takes nine months to construct by hand. The Weber carburetors will match the originals exactly. Other matching highlights include peculiarities like the brake fluid reservoir. The original reservoir featured brackets that served no purpose at all. But to maintain authenticity, the C-type Continuation will preserve even the useless specificities.
Every detail of Continuation cars matches that of the antique model. Even down to the ignition switch and upholstery. The only difference is that the new components are reliable and modern, blending old with new.

Jaguar C-Type Continuation cockpit

Ready to Race

All Jaguar Classic C-type Continuations are FIA approved. They are eligible to take part in historical race championships or to race for fun. The vehicles include an FIA-approved Harness Retention System and rollover protection.
If you want to try to get your hands on one of these very special, very limited, and no doubt very expensive cars, reach out to [email protected].

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